The main four; The playable characters in Legends of Eris.

  • Ajax
    Class: Fighter

Nonplayable Party Members

  • Hireling – Hirelings actively fight by your side against enemies.
  • Assistant – Assistants don’t fight, but can help with tasks or provide valuable information.
  • Escort – Defenseless. Your primary objective is to safely get them to their destination.
  • Hostage – An enemy that is forced to come along with you.
  • Garin
    Type: Hostage (Noncombat)
    In party: Forcibly dragged along and released in Session 3
  • Triscan
    Type: Escort (Noncombat)
    In party: Sessions 4 5
  • Robutler
    Type: Assistant (Noncombat)
    In party: Session 6 onward

Current Party (As of Session 6)


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