Mina's Songs

Mina can perform a variety of songs that will grant her allies boons in battle. As she travels through the world, she can learn more songs— as well as other bardic arts, such as poems and stories. The current list and their effects are as follows:

Song of Battle – You Are My Hope

  • Effect: +1d4 forward to damage, additional 1d4 for Vicious Cacophony
  • Description: Mina sings an invigorating song that reminds her allies of all the people relying on them, including herself. The song inspires them to fight harder.

Song of Healing – The Hearth and the Fire

  • Effect: Heal 1d8 damage, additional 1d8 for Healing Song
  • Description: Mina sings a soothing song that evokes images of home. It is a reminder that the world isn’t all battle and bloodshed, and its magic soothes the target, healing their wounds.

Song of Clarity – Baby Bird

  • Effect: The target’s mind is shaken free of one enchantment.
  • Description: Mina sings an inspiring song reminding the target of their place in the world. It has lyrics about how, even in a world of greys, we must walk down the path we truly believe in. This allows the target to shake off mind-affecting magic.

Song of Aid – A True, True Friend

  • Effect: The next time someone successfully assists the target with aid, they get +2 instead of +1
  • Description: Mina sings a song of friendship. It has lyrics about friends coming together in times of trouble to help each other. The target is reminded of their bonds, allowing them to work together better.

Song of Invigoration – Floating Cloud

  • Effect: The target gets +1 to any roll, at any time he or she chooses. The effect lasts for the remainder of the scene.
  • Description: A mysterious faerie jig Mina picked up from a traveler in a tavern. This isn’t exactly the original— it’s a version she cobbled together from her memories. Its mysterious power invigorates the target.

Mina's Songs

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