Mysterious elf who knows the song to soothe the Timbermare


A thin, mysterious elven woman with short hair. She has supernatural singing abilities, and knows a mysterious and ancient song. She appears to be an expert thief as well.

While traveling through the Wilde Woods in search of the Timbermare, the party encountered an enormous monster that attacked with terrifying force. To their horror, they soon realized it was the Timbermare they had sought, corrupted by dark forces. The party was then rescued by an elf who sang a song, soothing the Timbermare and allowing them to escape.

The elf introduced herself as Elora, and, realizing that Mina was descended from the Sakura elves, invited them to stay at her home in the elven city of Shaar-nel’ton. As well, she told them how to reforge Ajax’s axe, which had been broken in the attempt to summon the Timbermare.

Some time later, the party was banished from the city. Furthermore, they had inadvertently exposed Elora to danger, by bringing ghouls (whom they had thought they would be able to keep pacified) into her home. They rescued Elora and explained that the ghouls had cursed themselves so that they could keep the Fire Priestess sealed away by chanting indefinitely, and that they thought putting them to the task of singing for the Timbermare would be a way to prevent them from going wild without killing them. Elora was impressed with the idea, and said that she could teach the ghouls the song.

Feeling gratitude to the party, she then stole several magical items from the elven museum, saying that they would better serve the world in hands of heroes than collecting dust. She explained that she would likely be banished from Shaar-nel’ton as well, but was willing to accept that price— and in fact seemed eager to get on with her life, now that she was free of her duties to the Timbermare. She then departed, expressing hope to meet the party again in the future.



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