Legends of Eris

Session 9

Tomb of the Sacred Flame

Session 9 – 3/4/2015
(Logged by: Chris)

Mina – Strength
Ajax – Intelligence
Lucia – Dexterity
Mechano – Charisma

- Mina goes to Elder Brad. He is instructing some other, younger elves about something. She asks him about the engraving on her sword. He tells her that it is from the southern elves, from the Ember Forest, beyond the scorched valley. She also learns that the southern elves trade with the orcs to the north.

- Aside: Orcs are Khorzir, and largely take offense to the term “orc”.

- Brad asks what was in the box specifically. Mina tells him about the coins, and shows him one. He doesn’t recognize where the coins might have originally come from. The stamp on the coin is unfamiliar, and perhaps not even from Eris.

- Mina doesn’t know anything about the coins either. But she knows of a library to the south, deep within the desert. She reasons that perhaps it could shed some light on these coins.

- Ajax recalls the tales of her ancestor Aldrick. The region is filled with bizarre creatures; distorted travesties of wildlife that seemed somehow corrupted or twisted. He was frequently accosted by monsters that almost stole his life, and nearly pulled down into the sand over and over. One night, Aldrick awoke from a nightmare. In the nightmare, he became convinced that the sand itself may not have been sand, but rather the ground-up bones of every creature that died there. Aldrick then left in terror and became a farmer, hoping to bring more verdancy to the world.

- As Mina and Ajax head to meet up with the others, they meet an old woman. She is talking to the sky. “It has happened! What is befallen us?” She says death is coming, and that “what has not come will never come now.”

Ajax: Boy, and I thought we were done with crazy cultists…

- Mina frowns and asks Ajax how long it’s been since the eclipse started. Ajax realizes it’s been over a week. They remember that the sun is only supposed to be gone for a week. They walk past the doomsayer and continue on. As they pass, the doomsayer stares directly at them, but says nothing.

- Mechano fills Mina and Ajax in on his curse, and frantically rushes them to help find the Sacred Flame in order to prevent him from becoming a human bomb. Ajax offers Mechano reassurance that he’ll be alright.

Ajax: Take it easy, Doc. Your safety comes first.
Mechano: Of course it does! That’s always been top priority!

- Mechano dresses the party’s wounds with bandages, insisting that they have no time to sleep.

- Mina gets a new bow-string on the way out of town.

- Lucia places a hand on Mechano’s shoulder and traces the location of the Sacred Flame, to the southwest.

- Eleforah arrives and is told they might have to postpone their journey to the faerie society. He says he’ll tag along for a higher price. Mechano turns on the charm and tries to win him over with crocodile tears; It doesn’t turn.

- Mechano keels over and takes 2 damage suddenly. Eleforah is unmoved and still wants 50 more coins. Mechano reluctantly forks them over.

- They stop by the cartographer to get a map. Though they are unable to read its text, they still feel it will be useful. He warns them to watch out for fairies and monsters in the center of the woods.

- They go on a perilous journey into the forest. Lucia notices her intuition starts to feel misleading. However, she overcomes it in about eight hours, and eventually leads the party to a cave. There is a mysterious whistling sound that comes from the cave, in a great gale.

Mechano: Well, the place has nice acoustics at least.
Mina: Yeah… I could sing a song here.
Mechano: A song? Oh, yes, great! Why don’t we all grab instruments and put on a show! I can even provide the pyrotechnics when I explode!

- Lucia urges Mechano to calm down, which he reluctantly does.

- Mina sings her Healing Song and Song of Battle. It empowers Lucia.

- They go into the cave, and it gets smaller as they go into it, sloping downward. There are bats everywhere. They eventually find a door.

- On the door is a script in Elven. Eleforah translates: It says that this is the tomb of the great priestess Shamshala, the guardian of the Sacred Flame. She swore herself to protect it, beyond even death.

- Robutler chimes in. Shamshala was an ancient elven priestess who was one of the most powerful pyromancers of the elven tribes long ago. She started the curse of the pyromancer. She was from the Ember Forest, which burned down long ago. She started going on a rampage, cursing all who had the power of fire, making the sacred flame within the dungeon complex. Shamshala became obsessed with the protection of fire. She had to escape the curse of death, so that she could “save” the world. She began experimenting with necromantic powers to stop her own aging. She made herself horribly unnatural, driving herself to madness. Robutler says that Shamshala is weak to fire.

Mechano: Excellent! We have plenty of fire!
Ajax: I’ll say! We’ll just throw you at her!
Mechano: Hey!
Ajax: Just kiddin’, Doc! Simmer down. Heh, simmer.

- They go to open the door. Ajax is about to bust it down, when Eleforah offers to look over the door for traps. He disarms the door, and they head through.

- In the chamber, they see glowing, illuminated fungus. A pool is in the middle of the chamber. At the end of the chamber are three doors. On the doors are emblems of a leaf, a dragon, and a bizarre hornet-like creature. Mina discerns realities, and hears chilling moaning from one of the doorways, but she can’t tell which one. It sounds like the howl of the wind at the mouth of the cave. Unnatural entities could be inhabiting this place.

- She investigates the doors and asks Eleforah to translate the script on each one; He concludes that each door has a riddle. The center door (leaf) was the ceremonial chamber of Shamshala. Another door (dragon) is a treasure room. The last room (hornet) was an experimental chamber where she researched her spells.

- Mina notices the well, and sees that it’s illuminated from the bottom. She notices that the water doesn’t feel any different. She sticks her head in, and notices she can breathe in the pool; It isn’t water at all. They decide to search for the flame at the bottom of the well.



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