Legends of Eris

Session 14

Return to Sun's Peak

Session 14 – 12/3/2015
Logged by: Ishnt

- As we enter Elora’s house, Lucia is being accosted by the ghouls. All three of them are piling onto her. Lucia tries to fight back, but she’s being overwhelmed… It takes a moment for Mina to realize what’s going on, but when she does, she tries to parley with the ghouls using the cake she bought as leverage. She shoves a slice into one of the ghoul’s mouths just as it’s about to bite Lucia! It’s enough to distract them, and Mina divides the cake among them. The ghouls are enamored with the cake, and focus on it instead. Ultimately, it’s enough to pacify them.

- Ajax tries to explain the situation to Elora, who is both horrified and impressed that we went to such lengths to save the ghouls. We ask if she can teach the ghouls the song to restrain the wild Timbermare, and she speaks to them in elvish. After the conversation, Elora confirms that she can indeed put them to this new task.

- Elora asks if the party needs any help, and Ajax explains how we were banished from the village. Elora says we need to leave immediately, but she’ll offer whatever help she can. She says that she’ll meet us outside town in an hour.

- We head out of town and wait for Elora until she arrives, sweating profusely and carrying a large sack. She pulls several magical items from the sack…

- She gives us a bag of holding, but warns us that it can be difficult to retrieve items from it. She says that there are probably lost items in it, and if we need something we can search in the bag. Mina takes it.

- She also gives us a Cloak of Silent Stars, which can bend time and fate. We can “break the rules” by invoking the magic of the cloak, and use it to defy danger using unusual stats. However, if we use its magic, it will grow weaker until it no longer works. Mechano takes it. (Mechanically, the cloak allows the wearer to defy danger with any stat— but each stat will only work one time. It is possible to trade it to another party member, but the used up stats won’t return.)

- She gives us an empty wine bottle with a cork stopper in it. She says that once the bottle is unstopped, we will hear whispers from another plane that will tell us of a great danger and give advice on how to avoid it. The magic is known as The Echo. Lucia takes it. (Mechanically, it allows us to force a reroll. It works identically to the human Fighter racial ability, except that it can be used outside of battle and is a one-time only use.)

- She gives us a copper-like metal rod, about two and a half feet long, with an archaic-looking symbol— an obsidian cross. Set in the center of the cross is a button. When you press the button, the rod will freeze in place, even to the point that it will be suspended in midair. While it’s frozen, it’s sturdy enough that Elora can even stand on it. It’s called an Immovable Rod. Ajax takes it.

- She gives us one last item— the Lodestone Shield. It has magnetic properties, drawing swords and arrows to it. By using it, you can disarm enemies who use metallic weapons. Ajax takes it, but plans on giving it to Lucia as soon as she can use shields again.

- Elora explains to us that she stole the items from the museum. She says she may be banished for it, but she is grateful enough to us for helping ease her responsibilities to the Timbermare that she’s willing to accept that. Furthermore, she recognizes our heroism, and says that with the world in a time of crisis, they don’t belong in a museum gathering dust. Mechano protests, but the rest of the party thinks that it’s worth taking these items to aid in our quest (and leaving Shaar-nel’ton on bad terms also may have influenced the decision…). Even Lucia is hard pressed to feel bad about taking the items. Elora then leaves, saying she hopes we’ll meet again.

- It’s extremely dark and cold, so Ajax brings out her candle. It feels like it’s about to snow. We decide to head for Wilde’s Haven, and from there to Sun’s Peak. We head onward, Mina as quartermaster, Mechano as trailblazer, and Ajax as scout. Ajax sees nothing amiss while scouting, and our way is clear.

- As we travel, Mina sees that Lucia and Ajax are feeling down, and decides to sing a song to try to lighten the mood. She gives an incredibly inspiring performance, which at least cheers Lucia up, and empowers her for the coming battles. But something goes slightly wrong with the magic, though we can’t immediately tell what it is…

- Mechano is able to find the way to Wilde’s Haven. However, when Mina goes to prepare our meals, all of our rations are gone!

- Someone starts laughing in the darkness. Mina starts to laugh at the out of place display of mirth, but Ajax draws her weapon in anger. Ajax recognizes that it’s the shadow demon from the Fire Priestess’s temple. It taunts us, saying that we are young and naive, and really know nothing of demons. It explains that it is the one who stole our food. When we woke it up, it had been asleep for a very long time, and was extremely annoyed… So, to even the score, it decided to annoy us.

- Mina asks if we can at least have a little of our food back, but the demon refuses, and shouts “No!” Its yelling is enough to destroy an enormous tree. Though it refuses to give us our food back, it says that it has since calmed down from its annoyance at its sleep being disturbed, and is grateful to us for waking it up now— the world is in a time of great chaos, and the demon is glad to be here. So, it leaves, claiming it has done us a favor by sparing our lives. Ajax is frustrated that such a creature is loose in the world, and mutters that it’s her fault.

- We reach Wilde’s Haven, and the guards let us in. They tell us that men have been dying in the woods, and that war is ready to break out in the east. The queen’s younger brother has begun attacking towns. Though Wilde’s Haven has wanted to send men to help with the war effort, they can’t leave due to the monsters in the woods. Ajax asks if we can carry anything along to Sun’s Peak, since we’re heading in that direction, and the guard says to send word that they need supplies. The long winter is making things extremely hard, and food is becoming more scarce. Ajax asks if anyone has heard from Eriskay, but there’s no information— they’ve sent messengers, but no one can get that far.

- Mechano buys us some new rations. They’re more expensive than usual, due to the food shortage. However, he is very generous and buys a pack of five for each of us, since he has the most money. We then go to see Elmira. She’s surprised that we’re alive, although Mina notes that there’s some confusion about Mechano. Ajax says she thought he had died, but isn’t really sure.

Mechano: It must be a divine miracle!
Ajax: Oh no… he believes in the gods now!

- Elmira is despairing, thinking that she will die soon— and possibly her whole village will turn to cannibalism and be wiped out before long. Ajax wonders if we can take her to Sun’s Peak, but she says she’s too old to handle the road.

- Thinking about the food supply crisis, Mina wonders if Mechano could whip up an artificial sun as a stopgap measure, if we could get his memories back. Ajax tries reminding Mechano of the adventure we had in the Lost City, but he can’t recall anything, in spite of racking his brain. He thinks the idea of a huge tower underground is ludicrous, and despairs again that he doesn’t know who anyone is. Lucia is worried about the prospects of getting her arm replaced with Mechano in such a state.

- Elmira offers us a meal and a place to stay for the night— and while we accept the shelter, Mechano balks at the idea of taking a meal with the food situation as it is. He instead gives a ration to her. We all sit down to a meal, and afterward, Elmira heads to sleep.

- We think about what we can do to restore Mechano’s memories, and Mina thinks that maybe she can make a performance to remind him of the adventure we had in the cavern. She tells the story while infusing magic into it, and does an incredible job. It restores Mechano’s memory partially… in particular with regard to the gadgets he used, and remembers how to use his gadget toolbelt!

(Note: Once Mechano has remembered how to use all of his moves, his memories will be fully restored.)

- Mechano says he still feels like he’s hearing about someone else in the story… and seems a little unsure of the person he once was. Ajax and Mina reassure him, saying that they both liked him back then. Mechano then focuses on what he can remember— the gadgets— and remembers that he built them in his lab, in Sun’s Peak. But even in this exciting moment, we have stayed up very late, so, overcome with exhaustion, we fall asleep on the ground where we’re sitting.

- The next “day”, we complete our journey back to Sun’s Peak. We head for Mechano’s lab, still intact, and Mechano is happy as he realizes he recognizes it. However, he frowns as he begins to think about why he built all of his inventions. He wonders if he was a bad guy, and Robutler assures him that he only had what was best for the world in mind. Ajax isn’t convinced that this is anything more than Robutler’s programming talking.

- Ajax is eager to see if there’s anything we can use in the lab, and so leads the way in. But when she opens the door, an explosion goes off! She tries to shut the door and bar it in place with her body and the Immovable Rod… and gets hit full force with the blast. She’s pretty hurt. Lucia has a vial of healing, and gives it to Ajax, restoring her.

Ajax: That was one of the stupidest things I ever did… That was worse than the time Mina and I got stuck in a cake for several hours!
Mina: I… thought we weren’t going to talk about that again…

- The lab is pretty thoroughly thrashed by the explosion, and a fire is breaking out. Mechano uses his cryogenic beam cannon to put out the fire, but even though he’s able to extinguish it, the explosion has already destroyed almost everything.

- Though Mechano immediately realizes that the bomb was meant for him, he can’t remember who could possibly want to kill him… but Robutler remembers Cornelius. He tries to remind Mechano, and gives a detailed description, which does nothing to jog Mechano’s memory. However, when Robutler mentions that Cornelius is a gnome, Ajax gets an idea— we need to go see Charlie Hooker, the armorer who hates short people. Mina is particularly unhappy with this plan.

- Before we leave, we give the lab one last examination. In the burnt-out room, Mechano finds an open drawer with a photograph in it. Mechano and Robutler are there, and some humans, elves, and a faerie standing amidst (probably ill-gotten) treasure. They’re Mechano’s old gang of ne’er-do-wells, and Mechano remembers that he used to wear disguises in their capers. He looks at his disguise kit and decides to try it out. Mechano finds a regal-looking cape and a cheap but convincing crown, and remembers a time he impersonated a prince. He laughs at the memory as it comes back to him, and remembers how to use his disguise kit.



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