Sun's Peak

Sun’s Peak is the capital city of Queen Aruna‘s realm. It is a diverse city, split between the pious and the greedy. Worship of A’Shamasa is extremely prevalent in the city, and the Festival of the Sun hosted here is always the most spectacular on the continent. In addition to being a thriving city for trade, education and technology are also at a high level.

According to legend, Sun’s Peak was the name of the mountain where A’Shamasa first perished and rose again, becoming the Phoenix King. The palace was then built into this mountain, and the town that grew up around it took its name. However, this legend is disputed, and some say that A’Shamasa actually became the Phoenix King in the Scorched Valley, somewhat further south.

Notable Locations

Queen Aruna’s Palace
An enormous and beautiful palace built into the mountain. Queen Aruna and Princess Kumari live here. It has a natural moat made from a waterfall, and the walls are inscribed with depictions of the story of A’Shamasa.

Dr. Mechano’s Lab
The laboratory where Dr. Mechano does his work.

The University
An institution of high learning. Triscan the anthropologist works here.

Temple of A’Shamasa
A temple dedicated to the worship of the Phoenix King. It later turned out that the priest Garin, and some if not all of the rest of the congregation were in fact cultists, intent on resurrecting A’Shamasa at any cost.

Bjarni’s Bazaar
A popular bazaar run by a dwarven alchemist named Bjarni. Bjarni is a respected businessman in Sun’s Peak, considered reliable and honorable, and his shop carries everything from the mundane to the exotic. The shop is sponsored by Cornelius, a fact that Bjarni seems slightly displeased with.

Sun's Peak

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