Player Races

This is a list of races that are available to player characters in this campaign. Notable NPCs of these races will also be noted.


Hardy mountain-dwellers. They’re shorter and stockier than most races, but possess a great strength.

  • Player Characters: None
  • Notable NPCs: Bjarni


Elves are faerie creatures, denizens of the woods. They’re possessed of a beauty and magic that makes them attractive to other races. However, there are also many stories of their dangerous and deceptive ways, and many fear and distrust them. Their thought processes can occasionally seem alien and incomprehensible to the other races.

  • Player Characters: None
  • Notable NPCs: Daelwyn


Gnomes are the shortest of all races, shorter even than dwarves. They are a type of faerie creature, and tend to be driven by a need to explore. They also have a penchant for machinery.

  • Player Characters: None
  • Notable NPCs: Cornelius


The offspring of a union between elves and humans. They inherit traits from both races, possessing both the mysterious powers of elves, and the ambition and charm of humans. They occasionally are outcasts, but it depends on the community. Eriskay, a predominantly human community, was a warm and welcoming home for the half-elf Mina.


The most populous race in the world. Humans have the remarkable trait of being able to excel at nearly any task they turn their hands to. As a result, humans are found in nearly every walk of life, from fighter to wizard, from dock worker to politician. They are also usually welcoming and accommodating to other races, making them well-liked by most.


In the past, orcs had violent and bloody conflicts with the other races of the world. The other races considered them to be warlike, and they often found themselves driven away or massacred. The scars of these past injustices still run deep in orcish society, and many of them to this day want revenge on those who had slaughtered them.

  • Player Characters: None
  • Notable NPCs: Go’Zal

Player Races

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