Mina's XP Log

Session 1

  • Failed a knowledge roll with Queen Aruna
  • Failed a parley roll with Go’Zal
  • My Bond with Ajax changed
  • Upheld alignment by performing my song in battle
  • Learned new and interesting things about the world
  • Overcame a significant foe (Go’Zal)

Total xp: 6
Level: 1

Session 2

  • Hit off guard by a ball of fire due to failed Spout Lore check
  • Learned new and interesting things about the world
  • Upheld alignment by playing healing songs.

Total xp: 9
Level: 1

Session 3

  • Minus 8 xp for Level Up. (Charisma: 17, Healing Song)
  • Loaned sword to Triscan (Optimism)
  • Failed a Discern Realities roll while trying to identify the guards
  • +2xp for failed Strength check
  • +3xp for bonds
  • Made Go’Zal happy with my story, and played my songs in battle.
  • We learned new things about the church of the Phoenix King.
  • Overcame the scarabs in battle.
  • Looted Cornelius Inc. gun.

Total xp: 12
Level: 2

Session 4

  • Strength check to grab the priest
  • Failed to shoot the priest
  • Freed party from mind control with my song. (Alignment)
  • Learned about the mind control orb, that Mina was the important person in the ritual.
  • Defeated the demon boar
  • Found the talking box
  • 2 bonds resolved (+1 xp)
  • Minus 9 xp for Level Up. (Charisma: 18, Vicious Cacophony)

Total xp: 10
Level: 3

Session 5

  • Failed quartermaster roll.
  • Learned about what’s going on behind the scene, our current situation, some things about the Chronos Civilization.
  • Resolved 3 Bonds (+2 xp)
  • Minus 10 xp for Level Up (Dexterity: 16, Eldritch Tones)

Total xp: 4
Level: 4

Session 6

  • Upheld my alignment with many performances
  • Learned a lot about the world
  • Overcame the shadow wolves
  • Bond with Kumari changed

Total xp: 8
Level: 4

Session 7

  • Used my Constitution to try to endure the waves.
  • Reckless attempt to rescue Tiny Box Tim
  • Learned about the forest elves and the Timbermare corruption

Total xp: 11
Level: 4

Session 8

  • Minus 11 xp for Level Up. (Dexterity: 17, It Goes To Eleven)
  • Failure to persuade Eleforah.
  • Used strength to cling to the tree.
  • Upheld my alignment by performing a play and throwing a great party.
  • Ogrecame the ogres.
  • Learned about the Roving Ravers.
  • Found a memorable treasure (the chest).
  • Bond with Ajax changed.

Total xp: 7
Level: 5

Session 9

  • Failed Spout Lore roll
  • Learned quite a bit about the world
  • Used my art to heal Lucia

Total xp: 10
Level: 5

Session 10

  • Overcame terrible zombies
  • Found silver rings
  • Used my art to stop the bleeding from Lucia’s arm
  • Bond with Lucia changed

Total xp: 14
Level: 5

Session 11

  • Protected Mechano using the new song.
  • Defeated the fire priestess.
  • Learned about the cult of the priestess.
  • Looted the Sacred Flame Orb, and the fire priestess’s ring.

Total xp: 18
Level: 5

Session 12

  • Failed Constitution check
  • Couldn’t remember the song’s lyrics
  • Minus 12 xp for Level Up. (Dexterity: 18, Eldritch Chord)
  • Defeated the pyromancer… after a fashion
  • Looted a bunch of treasure— books, scales, hydraulics system…
  • Learned a lot about the cult of the Fire Priestess
  • Healed Lucia with my art when she was in danger

Total xp: 12
Level: 6

Session 13

  • Failed Quartermaster roll
  • Contributed to the Raquelle backstory
  • Bond with Mechano changed
  • Learned about the shadow demon’s release
  • Defeated the ghouls (with cake!)
  • Got a ton of great treasure— five magic items!
  • Used my art to heal Lucia and restore some of Mechano’s memories

Total xp: 19
Level: 6

Session 14

- Learned about the shadow demon’s release
- Defeated the ghouls with cake!
- Lots of magic items.
- Performances with Lucia and Mechano.

Total xp: 23
Level: 6

Session 15
- Failed Bag of Holding roll
- Failed another Bag of Holding roll
- Got confused in the Bag of Holding
- Learned what it’s like inside the Bag of Holding
- Found the Alicorn Spear

Total xp: 28
Level: 6

Mina's XP Log

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