Mechano's Inventions

Dr. Mechano is a genius with machines, which can aid him and his allies in their adventures. The current list of Mechano’s inventions is as follows:

monocle2.pngElectric Beam Monocle (Piercing +2, Weight +1)
Dr. Mechano’s go-to weapon; fires a beam of electrical energy that pierces enemy armor. It also corrects his vision, and makes him look rather dashing!
Debut: Session 1: Four Heroes Gather

steamglove.pngSteam Propulsion Glove (Forceful, Weight +1)
With an outstretched hand, Mechano can unleash a burst of hot steam, which can burn enemies for damage as well as knock them over for a moment. Then you can kick ‘em while they’re down; That’s the Mechano way!
Debut: Session 1: Four Heroes Gather
Retired: Session 8

flask.pngPyromatic Explosion Flasks (Element: Fire, Weight +1, Near)
These volatile chemical concoctions burst into flames as soon as they’re smashed onto the ground – or onto an enemy’s face. Dr. Mechano recommends that one the most.
Debut: Session 1: Four Heroes Gather

freezeray.pngCryogenic Beam Cannon
(Element: Ice, Weight +1)
Mechano’s freeze ray can reach temperatures as low as 100 degrees below zero. In addition to doing damage, it can immobilize enemies by encapsulating them in ice.
Debut: Session 8

Mecha_Mechano.pngMechanical Suit
(2 armor, 3 weight, Clumsy)
Dr. Mechano created this big, bulky contraption to aid him in battle. Despite its ostentatious appearance, the mechanical suit does work well enough, and can certainly withstand some intense enemy fire, so on that front it can be considered a success. However, there was a serious problem with the gyroscopic mechanism, and as such it suffers from slow speed and impaired balance. Perhaps Mechano could correct those shortcomings, if only he had the right machine parts…
Debut: Session 6: Trouble in the Wilde Woods

boots.pngMagnetic Field Boots (Alternate Movement: Hover, Weight +1)
Using a powerful magnetic field, these boots can slow Mechano’s descent from great heights, as well as allow him to traverse over treacherous terrain unharmed.
Debut: Session 1: Four Heroes Gather

ecto.pngEctoplasmic Diffusion Device
(Alternate Movement: Ethereal, Weight +1)
By attaching this device to his mechanical suit, Mechano can momentarily destabilize his atoms and phase through walls. However, it sometimes carries the unforeseen side-effect of attracting ghosts, so use it with caution!
Debut: Session 8

gunner_robot.pngMechano Gunner
Type: Jury-Rigged
After the team took out an armed cultist in the lost city of the Chronos, Mechano combined the cultist’s rifle with nearby spare parts, constructing a mobile automatic weapon. It took out three enemy priests before shorting out and exploding, filling the room with noxious smoke.
Debut: Session 3: Infiltrating the Tower

Type: Construct Companion (Research)
Main Article: Robutler

Robutler was created to be Dr. Mechano’s research assistant, as well as take on various odd jobs, chores, and grunt work that the doctor would rather not do himself. Ever loyal, Robutler prioritizes the well-being of his creator… even though he sometimes questions the logic of his decisions. In his off-time, Robutler enjoys reading, listening to music, and gardening.
Debut: Session 6: Trouble in Wilde Woods

Type: Gadget – Clockwork Field Robots (Forceful, Weight +1)

Mechano’s squad of eight robot underlings. Despite being weak individually (dealing a paltry 1 damage each), they have strength in numbers, and can even knock enemies off-balance. Good luck getting them to coordinate their attacks, though! They’re rather childish and lazy, and would rather play than fight; Expect them to goof off when Mechano isn’t paying attention.
Debut: Session 8

Mechano made these for a festival competition. He won the contest, and in so doing earned a special favor from Queen Aruna, and attracted the attention of local inventor Cornelius.
Debut: Session 1: Four Heroes Gather

Mechano's Inventions

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