Blood Feud

The Blood Feud is the common name for the conflict that has been brewing among the royal family of the country, and the lands loyal to each of its participants. It was precipitated by the death of the old king, Raenar. While Prince Aran was meant to ascend to the throne initially, his brother and sister both insisted that they had more legitimate claims to the throne.

The feud, while leading to rising tensions, was a cold war for several months. However, during the long night caused by the failed return of the Phoenix King, King Aran began to send troops to cities in the western lands, and skirmishes broke out.

There are three participants:

Queen Aruna of the western lands. She believes that she has the most legitimate claim to the throne as she is the eldest legitimate heir. The lands under her control contain Sun’s Peak and Wilde’s Haven, but not Eriskay, which officially retains its own sovereignty. However, there are increasing rumors that the queen is seeking to put pressure on Eriskay to join her cause.

King Aran of the eastern lands. He believes that he has the most legitimate claim to the throne because he is the only legitimate male heir.

??? of the Moose Riders. Though he is an illegitimate child, he believes that he has the most legitimate claim to the throne, being the eldest of the three siblings. He leads a semi-nomadic tribe that rides moose into battle.

Blood Feud

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