Legends of Eris

Session 5
Triumphant Return

Session 5 – January 14, 2015
(Logged by: Ishnt)

Bonus attributes:
Mechano: Str
Ajax: Cha
Mina: Con
Lucia: Int

- Mina finds an artifact while the party is exiting the mountain. It’s a small golden gear, flecked with silver. It looks like it’d be part of a bigger machine.

- The party camps out. Mina and Ajax are low on rations, so Mechano and Lucia share with Triscan and Kumari. Mina is watching over Kumari while waiting for her to wake up. Triscan “owes us a huge favor.” Triscan gives sword back to Mina. Go’Zal takes the child from Mechano and coos over him.

- Mechano talks to the box, asks what it is. The box is confused by the question. “My name is Tiny Box Tim!” He’s very grateful to Ajax for his name. Mechano asks for info about his creator, but Tim gives a vague answer about it being a long time ago. When pressed for information, Tim becomes very serious. He was created 2000 years ago by a man named Jankorra of the Chronos Civilization. “Bad things” happened to the Chronos, and now they’re gone. Tim doesn’t want to talk about it. When asked what his function is, Tim claims he’s a friend. He knows nothing about the baby, but thinks he’s cute. He knows nothing about time travel, saying that he wouldn’t have spent 2000 years in the ruins if he had.

Mechano: Well, I suppose that makes sense…
Tim: Tiny Box Tim makes sense!

- Triscan thinks the baby is strange, and asks where he came from. Mina explains he came from the orb that was illuminating the city, to everyone’s confusion. Mechano mentions that the orb was attempting to control their minds, and Mina says she felt like it was alive. Kumari, just waking up, overhears this and says the orb is alive— Goomie told her so.

- Mina hugs Kumari, relieved that her sister is all right. Kumari asks where Goomie is, and Mina hands her the bear. She then notices that Mina’s hair is pink, which Goomie also told her would be true.

- Kumari tries to explain what happened. They were trying to use her to resurrect the god, the Phoenix King, but she knew they had the wrong person, and tried to tell them as much. Regardless, after Mina’s blood was spilled on the ground, the baby appeared, so Goomie and Kumari both think it might be A’Shamasa incarnate. Mina ponders about this— Garin said that the girl with pink hair was to be sacrificed, but only blood was taken, not her life. Mina wonders if the ritual was incomplete, leading to the Phoenix King emerging as an infant.

- Kumari says that Goomie told her since she was a child that she had a sister, and she’s pleased to finally meet her. Mina takes the bear and tries to talk to it. It doesn’t talk back. Just seems to be a regular stuffed bear. Nothing weird about it. Kumari says the bear will warm up to Mina and get less shy over time.

- After we’ve set up the camp, Mina approaches Mechano. She tells him he was very brave.

Mechano: Courage and valor are my middle name!
Mina: Alfred Courage Valor Mechano? That’s an awesome name!

- Mina says she’s happy to have Mechano as a friend, and gives him a hug. Mechano is very confused— not used to hugging.

- Ajax also wants to thank Mechano. He’s at first sarcastic about the mushiness of the situation, but notes that he was impressed by her tearing the boar apart. Ajax admits that she was wrong about him, and they shake hands.

- Mina talks to Lucia and asks how she’s doing. Says she was really cool back there. She also asks about the tattoo, but Lucia doesn’t know anything about it. Lucia is preoccupied. She’s been thinking about her grandfather, and wondering if she’s been trying too hard to follow in his footsteps. Her mind has turned to thinking about the gods, and is considering seeking one out to follow, but she knows so little about them. She resolves to find out more when we get back to town.

- Mechano approaches the princess. She says that Goomie thinks Mechano is a friend, so she trusts him. Mechano is very interested in the idea that the child might be the Phoenix King. He thinks that impressing upon the baby that we’re parental figures might lead to great favors later on. Kumari wonders what we’ll do with the baby— Mechano doesn’t seem like much of a father. He talks about building a nanny-bot, but he’s the only one who seems to think that’s a good idea.

Mechano: Change of plans! We aren’t going to abandon the baby!
Mina: What?! We weren’t going to abandon him!

- Mina talks to Go’Zal. Ajax impressed her by slaughtering the boar, and she’s happy with the outcome of the adventure— she saw feats of great valor, and we recovered both the princess and the baby. She’s going to head home to her people. Mina asks if she writes letters, and Go’Zal says that she never learned how. She asks if Mina could teach her, and she says she’ll try. She’ll be staying in town for the festival at least.

- We camp. The candle keeps us in comfortable warmth and melts the falling snow, though we still need to bundle up. When we awaken the next morning it’s still dark, due to the solstice.

- The party heads back to town. Lucia takes point as trailblazer, and does fine. The journey takes the expected amount of time. Ajax scouts ahead, and also does fine. We encounter nothing. Mina takes the quartermaster position, but has bad luck. We’re low on rations to begin with, and to make matters worse, something got into them while we slept, leaving us with even less. We don’t have enough for everyone. Ajax and Mina can’t eat and get sick.

- We find our way back to the city. The festival has started, and is in full swing. Fireworks are going off, including Mechano’s. Kumari is in awe of the fireworks, saying she’s never seen any this amazing in the city before. Mechano is not modest about his work in the slightest.

- We head for the palace, and are swarmed by guards. “The princess is back!” they shout. They lead us in. “The champions have returned with the princess!” Queen Aruna is waiting for us, resplendent in regal festival garb. She runs to her daughter and hugs her. She thanks us for our efforts, and invites us not only to a feast, but also to stay in the palace. Our accommodations are extremely nice, and we get cleaned up. We’re given fancy clothing for the party.

- At the feast, we’re given seats of honor with the queen and the princess. It is utterly spectacular, with both the meal and the fireworks display being incredible. Mechano, while failing to show any grace in his eating habits, asks if we’re going to get a reward. Aruna says we’ll discuss rewards after dinner.

- Kumari says she loves the party that rescued her, and Mina says they should hang out sometime. This upsets the queen. She says Kumari mustn’t leave the city, as it’s too dangerous. Kumari grows disappointed, but Mina says they’ll visit from time to time, which cheers her up a little. Queen Aruna then asks where the baby came from, and we are unable to explain it adequately at the dinner table.

- After dinner, the queen ushers us to a private room with pastries and snacks. Mina makes a beeline for the pastries, and Ajax isn’t far behind. Aruna asks us what happened on our adventure. Mina decides to make a story out of it, putting magic into the performance. She performs extraordinarily, and all present feel as though they are truly seeing the events as they unfolded. Upon the conclusion of the story, Aruna is shocked by the revelations and says this information must not leave the room.

- Aruna is dismayed. She says that she considered A’Shamasa the one true god. She doesn’t know what to do, and this might be the last festival. If the child is truly the Phoenix King, it’s unclear what will happen next. The Phoenix King died so that the sun might rise again, but if he was reborn as a child, that might be impossible. The Phoenix King is supposed to literally be the sun.

- Talk turns to rewards. We are each awarded 300 coins for our valor. Mina asks the queen how Eriskay might have its neutrality upheld. Aruna wants people, land, food, weapons. Mina can’t provide those, and wonders instead how the war might be ended without battle. Aruna says the only way is if her brothers give up the war and swear loyalty to her.

- Aruna asks who Mina truly serves. Mina says she serves her friends, and wants Eriskay to be safe because of that. Getting an idea, she tells the queen that if Eriskay is neutral, it’ll be easier for us to move about freely, and we could attempt to make peace with the other factions. Aruna asks if we would be willing to become emissaries of her kingdom, so that we could work toward ascertaining a peace treaty. However, we would be beholden to the queen. She tells us that we can think on it, and that it’s not something we need to decide on immediately.

- Mina writes letters back home to Eriskay. She tries to phrase talk of her adventures in a way that doesn’t sound like she was in mortal peril. She also sends a letter to her father about Princess Kumari. During the night, Mina starts teaching the basics of writing to Go’Zal. She writes a basic alphabet list, things like how to write the names of the party, etc.

- The next day, Go’Zal is heading off. She apologizes for the way she treated Ajax, and says that in the future she will teach the truth of what really happened between their ancestors to her people. She tells Lucia that she taught her what it truly is to be a warrior, and thanks her for leading as an example. “Mechano, you are an interesting individual. Despite the fact that you shot me with a laser beam, I want to consider you a friend.” She thanks Mina for telling her the truth, and teaching her how to spell. She’ll tell not only the true story of Ajax’s ancestor, but also the tale of our adventure to her people in the lands to the north. With that, she departs.

- Triscan thanks us for rescuing him from that horrible place. His offer for a favor still stands. He has an office in the university, and invites us to find him any time.

- The city is in full swing, lit up and festive in spite of the lack of sunlight. We go find an alchemist to get our stuff appraised. His name is Bjarni. Bjarni’s Bazaar has advertisements all around town. The small print says “Advertised by Cornelius Incorporated.” Mechano is reminded that he needs to go see Cornelius. Bjarni, a laid-back-looking dwarf, sits behind the counter. Dreaded beard and hair— messy, yet beautiful. He’s carrying a huge stick, as big as him, almost looks like a club. It’s actually a pipe that he’s smoking, filling the building with “exotic” smoke.

- Mina asks for appraisal of the necklace she’s carrying. He says it’s worth 25 coins, but Mina asks if there might be anything magical about it. He says he can do it, but it will cost 100 coins. If his inspection reveals it’s non-magical, it will only cost 25 coins. Mina haggles him down to 80 coins, 15 if non-magical. Mina agrees to these terms and hands him the necklace. Bjarni heads to the back, chanting in dwarven.

- We look around the bazaar. It’s filled with potions, herbs and poultices, books, rugs, clothing, trinkets, toys. Lots and lots of varied stuff. Practically everything is here. Mina buys a healing potion while she waits. When Bjarni returns, he says the necklace isn’t magical, but it’s a priest’s holy symbol. It has power only for those who worship A’Shamasa. We all sell our necklaces. Mina takes out her golden gear, ready to sell it, but Mechano takes it and looks it over. He decides the only thing that’s valuable about it is the material it’s made of, so Mina trades it for another potion. We also buy rations, bandages, adventuring gear, and antitoxin.

- Mechano heads for his lab, while the rest of us look for a blacksmith. At his lab, Mechano finds a letter from Cornelius. It’s a contract for joining forces. Mechano is still suspicious of Cornelius, so he’s not sure what to do. He then heads off to buy parts for a new mechanical suit. It’s clumsy— he hasn’t perfected the balancing mechanism yet. He also replaces the pyromatic explosion flasks he traded to Ignasius.

- At the blacksmith, Lucia repairs her shield and boots. Mina finds an absolutely beautiful dueling rapier. It has a shimmering emerald sheen to the blade, and the handle is carved from a tree branch, polished to perfection. There’s a silver pommel with leaves wrapping about it. The cross guard is made of very strong steel, with a vine pattern giving an elaborate fabric look. It’s of elven make, and Mina loves it. She buys it immediately. Ajax and Lucia look for interesting stuff, but find nothing they want to buy.

Session 4
Battle for Princess Kumari

Session 4 – 1/7/2015
(Logged by: Jeff)

- As soon as they arrived out the broken door, they’re accosted by the priests of the Phoenix King.
- Mina distracts them with a glorious party popper, confetti display (and does!)
- Due to Lucia being a paladin, the confused priest in regal splendor fails to comprehend, , that the team aren’t aligned with the cultists. The priest asks who they are and what they’re doing. He then turns his attention on Mina.

Priest: You can’t be Princess Kumari! Who are you?
Mina: I’m… hoping one of my friends will shoot you in the back…

- Mechano fires on him, injuring him.
- The priests rush the party, after a blow from Mechano’s beam monocle.
- Ajax bisects a priest in one blow, ignores the counter attack, which deflects off her armor.
- Mina grabs at the regal priest by the throat and restrains him.
Priest: You’ll rue the day you choked me!
- The red crystal atop the regal priest’s staff explodes, injuring Mina (and the priest himself). – From where the gem once was, a massive, red demon fetal creature forms. It bursts into flames, rapidly growing into a larger, snarling form, like a large hog.
- Lucia defends Mechano from the hail of fire.
- The priest rants about the Phoenix King, about his servants and followers at his beckon call.
- Mina spouts lore: the Phoenix King rode large boars, as opposed to horses, and the boar himself became inseparable from the king’s legend. The monster they faced is a cruel, twisted dark iteration of the same kind of pig. It is an icon of the Phoenix King, but only worshipped in this form by cultists and subsects.
- Mechano blasts the pig with his steam gloves, in mortal terror. Without realizing it, he separates Mina and the regal priest. The priest runs toward a wooden post where a figure is bound captive.
- Mina attempts to give chase, and Lucia rushes to her aid. The beast swings for Mina, nearly cleaving her with its claws, but Go’zal intercepts, reducing the impact.
- Lucia follows up, distracting the beast. Both Ajax and Go’zal rush the beast, slashing into it, taking off one of its arms. A black ichor gushes from the wound, rather than blood.
- The regal priest and Mina arrive at the sacrificial pillar, alongside a smaller sacrificial pillar which has a teddy bear strapped to it. (Those monsters).
- Mina leashes an arrow at the priest, which distracts him from acting, then calls Mechano’s name for help. He grunts, then rushes for her, taking his chance.
- Ajax demands Lucia and Go’zal aid Mina and Mechano, slashing the boar again, dealing damage.

Ajax: Y’all go on ahead! I’m used to ropin’ doggies like this!

- Lucia rushes past the boar monster’s severed arm bounces around, trying to clutch Lucia, but she easily repels it.
- Mechano fires his beam monocle again at the priest, causing a branch of lightning-like energy strikes Mechano. He hears voices in his head, causing him to attack Lucia with his steam gloves, but Lucia easily shields herself from this.

Lucia: Have you gone mad?! … Mad-der?!
Mechano: Well, maybe, I haven’t been screened in a while!

- Mina is able to discern the nature of the orb’s energy on Mechano. She then sings her song of clarity, which brings Mechano to his senses.
- Lucia brandishes her blade, ready to attack the priest – and takes note of the orb above ready to attack again. She braves the storm, rushing in, driving her blade into his torso. Surprisingly, he survives this and stabs the princess anyway, in the arm (?!).
- Blood pours forth from Kumari’s wound, to the stone below. The thoughts of worshiping the Phoenix King pour into Lucia’s mind. Lucia then rushes Mina!
- Ajax FINALLY delivers a killing blow, cleaving the boar monster in half, as the black goo bursts forth, briefly blinding Ajax. For a moment, she briefly is filled with bloodlust, before quickly bringing herself back to her senses.
- Mina then sings her Song of Clarity for Lucia, which frees her from the spell.
- Mechano takes the chance to examine the orb: What’s wrong with it/how might I fix it? The orb is part of a star with great atomic potential – but upon closer inspection, it’s much more. It is a small, corrupted fragment of some greater whole. What’s been done most recently with/to this? It’s laid dormant a long time. Magic(?) has been used to bring it back to power.
- Kumari calls out for her bear. The priest declares the ritual has completed… and nothing happens. Priest begins to read prophecy: “Born of two worlds, girl with pink hair…”
- Mina readies her bow to try to shoot him before he notices her.
- The priest points to Mina, “You! You must be the one!”
- Mina is hit by the priest’s thrown knife, which causes her blood to fall to the ground – the orb goes berserk and begins blasting random lightning bolts around the area. Lucia blocks it with her sword (WUT) and Mechano uses his magnetic boots as a lightning rod. Mina and Ajax suffer a hit and are stunned by what they see (put mildly).
- A baby falls from the sky, who Mina catches.
- Ajax goes berserk, slashing at Lucia, who parries against the strike. But, Lucia’s shield is smashed to pieces and Lucia is injured.

Priest: A baby? That wasn’t supposed to happen!
Mechano: That’s what they ALL say!

- The orb becomes erratic, brightening and dimming over and over. Mechano advises a hasty retreat.
- Mina sings the Song of Clarity, which reverberates all the way around the area, freeing Ajax.
- Ajax breaks the chain and both Kumari and the bear are freed, and Ajax hefts the unconscious princess over her shoulder. The team agrees to return the way they came.
- The regal priest escapes alongside them, with no seeming intention of attack. At the bottom, where they battled the beetles, the floor melted away and revealed something resembling computer screens.
- Mechano takes the baby and ends up hovering down to the lower floor. Ajax hands the princess to Lucia and goes after him. Mina, Go’zal, and Lucia successfully leap across and follow the stairway.
- Ajax encounters a small, smiling, talking box, which she takes with her. Ajax asks it for a way out, and it replies, showing her an exit. Out of that room, the team reunites.
- In the stairwell, the team asks Tiny Box Tim for the fastest escape route, where they leg it. At the door, the cultists are opening the doors, the regal priest moving on ahead.
- Outside, the team sees a massive hole overtop the tower and the orb, the moon and stars shining down over them. The team heads back to the safe house and collects Triscan and they agree to escape.
- En route out, they meet with the Magmin and Ignasius again. He barters the passage for the cost of Mechano’s rifle and 2/3 of the ammo. Mechano agrees, and the team sets up camp a while away.

Session 3
Infiltrating the Tower

Dungeon World Session #3
(Logged by Chris)

Lowest Attribute: XP Bonus

The heroes are taking refuge in an old, abandoned underground house after narrowly escaping from the Magmin. They are ready to make camp in their temporary hideout in order to get some rest after their fierce battle.

Mina goes up to Ajax to thank her for her protection. During the conversation, Mina notices Ajax’s burns from the Magmin encounter, which Ajax brushes off as no big deal. Mina suggests the group camp out for the night.

Mina and Ajax look around the old building. Mina notices that some things have already been taken away by some mysterious other party. She and Ajax do manage to find a basement to the building, and feels that it would be a safe hideout for the night.

Ajax finds a man in the basement, afraid and curled into a ball. The old man panics, but Ajax and Mina reassure him that he’s safe. The man introduces himself as Triscan, and asks for something to eat.

He originally came from Sun’s Peak, and was sent to excavate the mine. Dr. Mechano learns that Triscan was sent here by Cornelius, the same entrepreneur that hired him.

He also informs us that underground cultists have captured Princess Kumari and are planning to sacrifice her.

However, the Magmin outside pose too much of a threat to make a direct assault on the tower right now. The team decides to make camp and wait for the commotion outside to die down.

Ajax lights her white candle, illuminating the basement. It burns brighter than any candle she’s ever seen, and issues a comforting warmth. Mina asks Mechano about the mysterious voice he heard outside; He denies having heard anything, while Mina explains that the voice said it could save her family, expressing doubt and confusion over the experience. Triscan, meanwhile, explains that it’s likely the voice of the cultists’ dark god, and begs the party to escape rather than trudging forward. Triscan also explains that the cultists worship A’Shamasa, much to the surprise of the party.

Before lying down for the night, Mina talks to Go’Zhal. She explains that courage is about doing what you must do even if you’re afraid, and that there’s no shame in being afraid of death. She tells her a story about her and Ajax’s ancestors, which inspires Go’Zhal to rethink her position a bit. She says that she won’t understand some things unless she lives through it herself, and Mina responds that because of that, she should live a long time.

The party goes to bed. While keeping watch, Lucia hears a strange noise coming from upstairs. A deep dark voice shouts, “Lucia, you cannot find her! She is mine!” Then, her sense of direction toward Princess Kumari fades away and she can no longer detect where she is.

Party except Mechano levels up. Mina learns Healing Song, Ajax learns Ironhide, and Lucia learns Smite.
Lucia tells the party about the mysterious voice, and Mina sings a song to try to free her mind of its enchantment. It doesn’t work.

Triscan accompanies the party and shares his knowledge of the Magmin. They agree to leave him in the basement while they go to the tower. Mina leaves him with a sword just to be safe.

Upon leaving the house, the team as surrounded by Magmin.

Mechano tries to make peace with the Magmin, but fumbles his translation and insults and enrages them instead.

The leader of the Magmin, Ignasio, introduces himself. He confronts Mechano, and asks who he is. He says that this group is different from the cultists. He offers them a trade; Mechano gives him his Pyromatic Explosion Flasks, and Ignasius gives Mechano Vials of Healing.

The team approaches the tower, an imposingly tall building. They feel an intense heat and smell what seems like burning flesh, and hear a throbbing sound from within the glowing orb atop the tower. Thinking the front door is probably boobytrapped, they look for an alternate entrance to the tower.

They find a ventilation system to crawl through instead.

In the vent, Mechano gets sick from the noxious smell. Mina can’t bear the smell and goes through a nearby opening instead, as the party follows her.

They arrive in a boiler room full of machinery.

Battle (Insane Cultist):
Inside, they find a cultist, who aims a gun at them. He orders the party to stand back as he alerts the others.

Mechano fakes an eye injury, before shooting him with his Electric Beam Monocle, which hits him square in the chest and causes him to drop his gun.

Ajax uses the opportunity to bull rush the guard.

He’s sent over the railing, and a crack can be heard as he hits the ground.
Battle Over

The party sees a doorway out of the boiler room, and exits through it. It leads to a staircase leading upward into another room.

In the next room, the group sees four people sitting around a table. It’s an ornate chamber with statues of unidentified humanoids. It’s a large room.

Mechano jury-rigs the fallen guard’s rifle with some conveyer treads to create a rudimentary gunner-robot.

Mina tries to discern whether any of the guards are more important or have a higher rank than the others while Mechano is cobbling his creation together. She sees that one of the them is the priest she met earlier in town.

Battle (Cultists + Priest):
Mechano sends his gunner robot into the room and blasts one of the guards with his newly-modified machine gun. It blasts the three other men, but the priest dodges and hides behind a table. Mechano’s robot shorts out and explodes, much to his emotional strife.

Mina rushes into the cloud of smoke from the explosion to apprehend the priest.

She grabs the priest but begins coughing from the smoke. She tries pulling the priest out, but he whips around and hits her in the face with his rifle, breaking free of Mina’s grip.

Ajax has had enough and rushes the table, swinging her ax at it. She inhales smoke and gets sick, but smashes through the table anyway. The priest yells in fear as Ajax crashes through, releasing a hand from the ax and swings at him to knock him down.

Ajax grabs the priest, who continually thrashes about and hits her in the struggle.

Mechano blows the smoke out of the room with his Steam Propulsion Gloves.

Lucia reasons with the priest, using her authority. The priest calms down, and again panics when he sees Mina, mistaking her for Princess Kumari. Mina slaps him in anger.
Battle Over

The priest begs forgiveness, saying he was only following orders. Lucia says that his punishment will be meager as long as he cooperates, and asks for the princess’s whereabouts. The priest lets them know she’s at the top of the tower. She is going to be sacrificed. The priests believe that this is necessary for the Phoenix King’s resurrection. The ritual will happen today, as the solstice has already begun.

The priest is afraid of his fellow cultists branding him a traitor, and his god tormenting him, so Lucia uses her leverage over the priest to convince him to help. To convince the priest, she heals him of his battle wounds, restoring him to strength and convincing him to temporarily join their party.

The priest tells us his name: Garin.

The team loots the corpses of the other guards, taking golden necklaces, a gun, and ammo. Mechano arms himself with the gun.

Garin leads the team to another staircase, getting them past the other guards. There are windows nearby, filled with lights, wires, etc.

Garin asks the team to let him distract the guards for them, but Lucia feels he’s lying so that he can escape and confronts him about it. Lucia makes Garin swear an oath in the name of the Phoenix King to not betray them, but he’s clearly insincere. So Ajax just threatens him instead, changing his mind after breaking his wrist.

Garin distracts the other cultists and the team makes it into the next room.

They arrive at a locked door, and Mechano examines it. The door is covered in prints of golden beetles.

Mina pulls out her Party Lockpicks and picks the lock, opening the door.

Battle (Golden Beetle Horde):
The prints of the beetles on the door start glowing, burning with a blinding light. The shapes themselves become physical tangible creatures that begin to grow on the door and fall onto the floor and breathe fire at the team.

Ajax swings her ax at the beetles and does some damage.

Mina sings her Song of Battle to power up Mechano before his attack to charge up its power.

Mechano aims his Electric Beam Monocle at the Golden Beetle, causing it to explode with electrical energy.

Lucia hacks and slashes at another Golden Beetle. Lucia then wades into the horde of beetles, cleaving right through the next beetle, seeing flames inside of it before she flings it off her sword.

Mina reaches into her rations and throws bags of water at the beetles. It causes the beetles to scream and back off.

Mechano notices the beetles are weak against water, and he also notices the door is the spawn point for the beetles. He finds a water pipe behind a wall panel and shoots it with the rifle. It lets out a burst of water that hits the beetles, but knocks Mechano over into the fray. While Mechano is shooting, he notices that the stock of the rifle says “Cornelius Incorporated”.

Ajax pulls Mechano out of the horde of beetles, letting her guard down and getting burned in the process. Mechano yells for them to destroy the door.

Lucia runs toward the door but takes damage along the way from the beetles.

Mina plays her Song of Healing for Lucia, healing her of the damage she sustained from the horde of beetles.

Lucia begins dismantling the door while the team holds off the beetles.

Ajax rushes through the beetles and takes a lot of damage, but crashes through the door with her axe, knocking it off its hinges and chopping it to bits. The beetles stop spawning, and the ones that have appeared already melt into magma.

Ajax is in danger of being overtaken by the magma, but Dr. Mechano engages his Magnetic Field Boots and runs over the magma and grabs Ajax, pulling her out of the way.

Guards rush the team from outside of the room.

Session 2
Into the Lost City

Session 2 – December 22, 2014
(Logged by: Ishnt)

- Ajax heard a rumbling when she moved the boulder. Possibly significant?

- Mina plays the Song of Healing— a soothing song that was taught to her by a wandering bard named Alan who visited Eriskay. It heals Lucia’s wounds successfully.

- Ajax throws a stone down the pit to test the depth— the drop is only about ten feet. Mina takes a brightly colored lantern out of her adventurer’s kit and hands it to Mechano, who uses his hover boots to float down. He finds an arched hallway concealing a staircase leading deeper into the valley, along with a ladder that the party uses to climb down.

- On the arch above the staircase, there’s an unusual script. Mechano looks at it and recognizes the script as belonging to a great race of inventors. They were the Chronos civilization, and they were trying to figure out how to master the flow of time. Mechano considers time travel impossible, but he found the theories interesting— he looked into it himself at one point in the past. The architecture is extremely old, but there’s been recent activity. It appears visitors have been studying the ruins.

- We head down the staircase— it’s narrow, so we go single-file. Order: Ajax, Mina, Lucia, Mechano, Go’Zal. It’s a spiral staircase, and still dark as pitch. We walk for a straight hour with little change. As we walk, we start to notice that the staircase has a lot of cracks in it, making us uneasy. However, we come upon a large arched doorway. We see a bright light beyond the doorway— a huge cityscape illuminated by an enormous orb. The orb sits atop a tower in the center of the city, about 2 km away…

- Mechano has heard tales of magical light sources, but this is something of a different order. It’s a piece of a star contained within an orb. There are lights on within the tower.

- Lucia feels the pull of Princess Kumari in the tower at the center of the city complex.

- We head down the staircase, but it crumbles. Mechano reacts quickly and is able to float down safely. Mina isn’t quite as fast— she uses a grappling hook from her adventurer’s kit, but it’s lost in the process. Lucia and Ajax aren’t able to react in time and are hurt in the fall, but their armor protects them. Mechano bandages Lucia up. Go’Zal is upset about Lucia getting hurt— she blames herself, but Lucia assures her that she isn’t to blame. We notice that the staircase is destroyed in the fall— unsure how we’ll get out.

- We smell sulfur and smoke, but we continue onward. Between the buildings we see cobblestone streets, with signposts at the intersections. There are unlit lamp-posts. Very advanced civilization, by the looks of things.

- We find a creature with glowing eyes under a park bench. It spots us as we go past. Mina has heard about them: Magmin— creatures from below the Earth. It looks like a rocky gnome with glowing eyes. While Mina is musing about this, the party is caught off guard by volleys of fireballs. Mina in particular is unable to react, being too focused on trying to remember anything about the magmin, but Mechano and Ajax take the worst blows.

- A group of Magmin attack us. They shout at us, but it’s difficult to understand— archaic speech similar to the common tongue. While Mechano is trying to translate it, they attack again, and Ajax takes a nasty blow to defend him. Mechano understands that they are telling us to turn back— more of “our people” have been here.

- As Mechano attempts a translation, he hears a beckoning voice, promising him power if he comes to the tower. Mina, while trying to heal Ajax, hears the voice too. It claims to be able to save her family. Mina is scared by the voice, but Mechano is somewhat soothed by it.

- We try to flee from the Magmin, and they fire a parting shot at us. Mechano loses his bandages in the fireball volley. Mina trips and falls. Ajax and Lucia are hurt. Go’Zal grabs Mina and runs.

- We make our way into an abandoned building— looks like an old house. We get inside and try to rest up. Lucia heals Mechano. She almost fails, but remembering Mina’s faerie jig gives her the boost necessary to successfully heal him. Unfortunately, it still harms Lucia in the process.

Session 1
Four Heroes Gather

Session 1 – December 17, 2014
(Logged by: Jeff)

- Game begins

- Mina got faerie sheet music from crowd onlooker, after amazing performance.

- Ajax gets blue ocean gem/red tattoo/white candle from ancestral spirit. Chooses white candle. Has nightmare portent about world burning.

- Lucia challenged by psychic duelist; a fairy. Lucia came out on top. Dragon tattoo formed on left forearm.

- Mechano won in the fireworks competition for the capital’s attention. Queen offered favor. Mechano accepted a future request from the Queen (pending).

- Mina went off in search of both supporters and opponents of the Queen. The town, on the whole, supports her though. The local church is not necessarily, though. Church thinks the Phoenix King is the true king and he should “return.” Mina goes in to investigate. Mina is mistaken for Princess Kumari by one of the Priests due to hair and face.

- Mechano, following from behind, is met by a small boy. Gets a note from a small messenger boy, an invitation of some social standing.

- Guards arrive, bowing to Mina. There’s confusion about her identity. They eventually agree to go to the castle, on the condition Lucia and Ajax go too.

- The castle is massive, mountain-built, with a natural moat. The walls decorated with image of the Phoenix King’s story.

- The three meet with Queen Aruna. Even she mistakens Mina for Kumari. After she realizes her mistake, Mechano observing from afar, departs for his meeting. The others meet with the Queen privately, only accompanied by the older guard.

- The three learn about Mina’s half-sister, Kumari. The three vow to find and bring said Princess home

- Mechano meets with Cornelius. Cornelius barters with him after telling him about hidden, ancient secrets in the mountains, where the Phoenix King actually fell (not the city).

- The three set off to find Mechano, for insight about Lucia’s intuition about The South. Upon visiting, Mina sings a song from the fairy page – which enhances them – and the ink vanishes. Mechano joins the team.

- Through the mountains, we’re accosted by a spear-wielding madwoman, with the sigil of a boar, who challenges Ajax to combat, threatening her for trying to leave. After besting her, she throws in with them. An orc, name Go’Zal.

- Ajax removed a massive boulder, revealing a dark cave. The team began planning, and set up camp.

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