Nebbishy anthropologist


An anthropologist from Sun’s Peak. Triscan is an unassuming, timid man of average stature. While anthropology is his primary field of study, he also dabbles in inventing. However, his inventions are not of particularly high quality, and he was unable to place in the Sun’s Peak fireworks competition.

The party encountered Triscan holed up in an abandoned house in the Lost City of the Chronos. He was terrified and hungry, so Ajax offered him food and drink. He explained that he had been sent to investigate the city by Cornelius, but was ambushed by Magmin and cultists.

He identified the cultists as belonging to the Church of A’Shamasa, the Phoenix King, and said that they had with them a pink-haired girl who looked much like Mina. Though he claimed the girl was likely already dead, the party refused to accept this, and were determined to head for the tower to rescue her. Triscan begged them to reconsider, and to instead escape from the city with him. Instead, the party promised to come back and rescue him after they had rescued Kumari. Mina loaned him her sword for his protection, and Ajax taught him some rudimentary swordplay before they left.



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