Tiny-Box Tim

Mysterious creation of the Chronos.


“Tiny-Box Tim” is the moniker given by Ajax to a mysterious ancient automaton found in the lost city of the Chronos. While escaping the crumbling tower after rescuing Princess Kumari from cultists, Ajax and Dr. Mechano stumbled upon a strange entity that appeared to be a talking box, with a simple display screen for a face. The box gave the two directions to escape the collapsing structure, and they were able to meet up with the rest of the party and escape.

Later, after returning to the surface, Dr. Mechano asked the box about itself. It revealed that it was created by a man named Jankorra over 2,000 years ago, which Mechano recognized as the era of the Chronos civilization. Tim mentioned that “bad things” happened to the Chronos, but seemed uncomfortable talking about the details. Mechano, curious about the ancient society, began pondering how to get more information out of the talking box.

Tiny-Box Tim is currently being carried by Ajax.


Tiny-Box Tim

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