Dr. Mechano's research assistant.


Robutler was created by Dr. Mechano to be his research assistant, long before the doctor ever met Mina and her friends. Ever since his activation, Robutler has loyally stood by Mechano’s side, doing whatever is needed of him.

While Robutler is ever-loyal to Mechano, he does recognize that sometimes his creator can be absentminded, shortsighted, or – less charitably – a little crazy at times. Because of this, Robutler often chimes in with helpful critiques of Mechano’s decisions – for his own good, of course.

An all-purpose minion, Robutler does everything from menial chores to delivering messages. His primary function, though, is assisting Mechano with his research and experiments, and he’s proven to be an invaluable resource to the doctor’s plans.

Robutler has typically stayed home at the lab, but after Mechano’s heated confrontation with Cornelius, the doctor insisted that they both get out of town as soon as possible, adding him to the party. While he’s not much of a fighter, Robutler can definitely assist Mechano and his allies in their adventures.

As of now, Robutler is the only member of the party (other than Mechano himself, of course) who is completely aware of Dr. Mechano’s aspirations for world conquest.



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