Dr. Mechano

A mad scientist with ambitions for world conquest.


mechanopose_Ba.gif Dr. Alfred Mechano is a reclusive genius from Sun’s Peak, and joins the heroes after witnessing Mina’s amazing musical abilities, hoping to use her power of song to his advantage. He also really wants to take over the world, and thinks himself better suited to ruling than any of the powers that be. For the time being, at least, his skills with machinery make him a valuable ally to the team… But can he be trusted?

Race: Human
Class: Artificer
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Flaw: His enormous ego; It’s easy to manipulate him with insults or flattery.

Level: 4
Exp to next level: 1/11
Coins: 543
Load: 12/14
Damage: d8
HP: 17/17
Strength: 9 (0)
Dexterity: 16 (2)
Constitution: 13 (1)
Intelligence: 18 (3)
Wisdom: 12 (0)
Charisma: 8 (-1)


More info: Mechano’s Inventions

Gadget Belt

  • Electric Beam Monocle (Piercing +2, Weight +1)
  • Clockwork Field Robots (Forceful, Weight +1)
  • Pyromatic Explosion Flasks (Element: Fire, Weight +1, Near)
  • Magnetic Field Boots (Alternate Movement: Hover, Weight +1)
  • Cryogenic Beam Cannon (Element: Ice, Weight +1)
  • Ectoplasmic Diffusion Device (Alternate Movement: Ethereal, Weight +1)

Field Test
When you use one of your gadgets to get out of a tight spot, describe what it does and roll +INT. On a hit, it works as expected, but choose 1. On a 7-9, choose 2 instead:
- The gadget’s effects won’t last long – you’ll need to hurry to take advantage of it.
- The gadget draws unwanted attention or puts someone in a spot.
- The gadget is damaged. You can repair it, but it will take some time and concentration.
- The gadget drains your reserves – spend 1 charge.

Jury Rig
When you quickly fix, repurpose, or fabricate a device on the spot, describe what you’re doing with it and roll INT. On a 10, it’ll hold together just as long as you need it to. On a 7-9, choose one:
- It’ll work, but not for long. You’ll need to hurry to take advantage of it.
- It works, but there’s a weird quirk or complication to it.
- It’ll work, but it needs some juice. Spend 1 charge.

Let Me See That
When you take a few moments to handle or examine something interesting, ask the GM two of the following questions. The GM must answer truthfully.
- What does this do?
- Who made this?
- What’s wrong with this, and how might I fix it?
- What has been done most recently with this, or to this?

Carrying Harness: Learned at Level 2
Increases Load by 5. You can never drop anything or be disarmed without your consent.

Construct a Companion (Type: Research): Learned at Level 3
Main Article: Robutler
You take +1 ongoing to Spout Lore.

Gadgeteer: Learned at Level 4
Add 2 more gadgets to your gadget belt. When you have less than six gadgets or want to replace one of your existing gadgets for any reason, you can make a replacement by spending an hour or so in a workshop.

Gadget Belt (6 weight)
Toolkit (1 weight)
Mechanical Suit (2 armor, 3 weight)
Rations (9 uses, 2 weight)
Vial of Healing (1 use, 0 weight)
Bandages (12 uses, 0 weight)
Anti-toxin (1 use, 0 weight)

Current Load: 12/14


  • Mina: Mina thinks of me as a friend, does she? I don’t know what to think of that… Er, wait, yes I do! This is excellent! Now to just bide my time, lay low, and continue gaining the party’s trust.
  • Ajax: Ajax thinks of me as a friend too? What is this, an adventure or a cheesy Saturday-morning children’s theater show? Mmph, I suppose she is a useful ally, though, so I’m glad she trusts me… er, for as long as I need her to! Oh ho ho!
  • Lucia: Lucia’s powers don’t make any sense to me, but they apparently work… somehow. I can’t figure her out…
  • Mechano’s Robots: Looks like bringing Robutler along proved to be useful after all! Of course, that’s mostly thanks to MY genius programming.

A brilliant but utterly mad scientist, Dr. Mechano makes his living by selling his inventions and offering repair work in his hometown of Sun’s Peak. Though he’s regarded as little more than an eccentric recluse by the townsfolk, Mechano secretly harbors lofty ambitions of conquering his city, the kingdom, and eventually the entire world. Of course, these plans are typically on the back-burner, and the doctor primarily finds his time occupied with inventing new ways to earn money – through both legitimate and not-so-legitimate means.

The doctor’s greatest strength is his intellect and skill with machines. He carries a veritable arsenal of gadgets, and can even jury-rig new inventions on the spot. Among these inventions, he can construct robotic assistants to aid him in research, defense, and general grunt-work. His skill with machinery allows him to examine and use other machines that he comes across as well.

Above all, Dr. Mechano is extremely arrogant and self-assured of his own brilliance. He views himself as the smartest, strongest, and certainly handsomest person in all the land, and in his own eyes can do no wrong. Worse yet, he’s rude, impatient, and horribly self-centered – all while genuinely viewing himself as he very picture of a suave, cultured gentleman. Because of this, his own hubris often gets the best of him, which can lead him to make – and stubbornly stick to – detrimental decisions. He also gives off a generally suspicious vibe, so he’s not typically very effective at hiding his true shady intentions or fooling others.

Mechano is a skeptic, and views the Phoenix King’s purported abilities as unproven and therefore unscientific. Though he believes in magic, monsters, and even the existence of gods, he is adamant that everything is subject to the natural laws of science, and that the Phoenix King’s supposed control over the sun is utterly preposterous.

Seeing the civil war as a potential power vacuum in the kingdom, Mechano begins plotting for ways to use the situation to his advantage. Only time will tell where the doctor ends up over the course of his adventures.


Theme song: “Dr. Mechano’s Theme” – Dr. Mechano: Supervillain Superstar OST

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