Princess Kumari

Daughter of Queen Aruna, and half-sister of Mina


Queen Aruna’s daughter. Few people know about her because she is an illegitimate child, born of a union between Aruna and an elven wanderer named Daelwyn. After the child was conceived, Aruna told Daelwyn that their love couldn’t be, and he traveled to Eriskay where he settled down. Daelwyn went on to have another daughter, Mina, who looks almost identical to Princess Kumari.

Princess Kumari has gone missing. Upon learning of her relationship to her half-sister, Mina determined that she would find her and bring her back. Ajax decided to accompany Mina for her protection, and Lucia decided to accompany her to protect both Mina and Kumari. Later, Dr. Mechano heard of this plight, and seeing an opportunity to gain political power, decided he would accompany the group on the rescue mission as well.

After traveling to the Lost City of the Cronos, from whence Lucia felt Princess Kumari’s pull, the party found the reason for her disappearance. She had been kidnapped by cultists— and these cultists were none other than the Church of A’Shamasa, the Phoenix King himself. According to the cultists, the Phoenix King will not revive on his own. A blood sacrifice is necessary, and they planned to use Princess Kumari as the centerpiece of their ritual.

Upon reaching the top of the tower, the party found Princess Kumari bound to a pillar, along with her stuffed bear. Battling against both the cultists and a summoned demon, they attempted to rescue the princess. Though the team fought fiercely, the leader of the priests was able to survive their onslaught long enough to plunge his dagger into the princess’s arm. He believed the blood on the ground would be enough to activate the ritual. However, this drew no response.

The panicked priest then realized the prophecy referred to another— Mina. He turned his attention to her, and managed to draw her blood, beginning a bizarre sequence of events. The orb illuminating the city began to behave erratically, and, rather than A’Shamasa, a baby instead fell from the orb. Ajax freed the unconscious Princess Kumari at this time, and the team fled from the tower.


Princess Kumari

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