Leader of the Magmin excavating the Chronos ruins


A leader among the Magmin. Ignasius was leading his people to salvage lost technology from the Lost City of the Chronos. While there, his people were attacked by cultists of the Church of A’Shamasa, and several were killed. Following this, the Magmin attacked on sight any humanoids they found in the city, including Triscan, a simple anthropologist, and the party, who came to the city seeking Princess Kumari.

When Dr. Mechano attempted to communicate to a group of Magmin that the party was not hostile, he botched his translation and angered them. At this time, Ignasius stepped forth and revealed his ability to speak the common tongue. He offered a trade to Mechano: If he would share some advanced technology or secret with them, they would let the group pass by, to the tower where the cultists had made a fortress. Mechano countered by offering a trade. He would give them his pyromatic explosion flasks in exchange for something useful for battling the cultists. Ignasius agreed, and gave Vials of Healing to the party. Furthermore, he indicated that he respected Mechano’s skills with invention, and that as such, he would like to do business in the future, if he should survive.

After rescuing Princess Kumari, the heroes ran into Ignasius again. This time Mechano gave him one of the cultists’ rifles and some ammunition in exchange for safe passage back to the surface.

According to Ignasius, he has children back at home.



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