Deceptive priest of the Phoenix King


A priest in the Church of A’Shamasa, the Phoenix King. The party first encountered Garin in Sun’s Peak. Mina, looking to learn more about the Blood Feud, sought out opinions on Queen Aruna. While the majority of townsfolk seemed to support her, she encountered one priest who claimed that none of the old king’s heirs had a right to the throne. Garin told her that the A’Shamasa was the true king, and that he should return to rule. However, he was highly unnerved by Mina’s appearance, claiming that she must be the lost Princess Kumari. He then ran from the temple to alert the guards.

The party later encountered Garin among the cultists who had taken Kumari. After Mina recognized him, they dispatched the other priests around him with a jury-rigged gunner robot created by Dr. Mechano. Mina, angry at the deception, attempted to grab the priest, but was unable to restrain him until Ajax stepped in. Lucia then drew on her divine powers to order him to stand down and answer their questions. At this point, he surrendered.

Garin seemed terrified both of the reaction of his fellow clergy and of the wrath of his god if he should betray them, but the party reluctantly offered their assurance of protection in exchange for his help. He explained that the princess had been taken for use as a sacrifice in a ritual meant to revive the Phoenix King, and that the ritual would take place on that very day. Lucia then ordered him to lead them to the princess, and he agreed.

After leading the party to a doorway several stories up, Garin said that he would have to break from the party to distract some guards. Lucia’s ability to pierce through lies warned her that he was attempting to deceive them yet again. After some failed attempts to obtain an honest oath from him, Ajax intimidated Garin and broke his wrist. Finally agreeing that he would do as he said, Garin went to distract the guards while the party entered the doorway. However, he failed to tell them of a magical security system at the top of the stairwell, leaving them with one more complication to deal with.



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