Inventor with an interest in lost technology


A mysterious gnome inventor who lives in Sun’s Peak. He entered into the fireworks celebration in preparation for the festival, but came in second place to Dr. Mechano.

Following the fireworks celebration, Cornelius approached Mechano with an offer. According to Cornelius, the Phoenix King did not actually fall in Sun’s Peak, but instead in the lands to the south, where dwarves now dwell. Supposedly, many civilizations were built up around this site, and many of them had advanced technology, the likes of which have been forgotten to the world. Cornelius wishes to obtain some of this lost technology, speculating that there could be powerful weapons yet to be unearthed. He made an offer of payment for the retrieval of something from the ruins, which Mechano accepted.

Upon traveling to the south and discovering the Lost City of the Chronos, the party encountered a man named Triscan, who claimed he had also been sent by Cornelius. Triscan was terrified and clearly unprepared for the hordes of Magmin and cultists who waited for him in the city. Furthermore, as Mechano was exploring the tower where the cultists planned to perform a dark ritual, he found that the rifles the cultists carried were branded with the words “Cornelius Incorporated.”

After the heroes returned to Sun’s Peak, they sought the appraisal services of the alchemist Bjarni, who was sponsored by – and obligated to sing the praises of – Cornelious. Mechano continued to grow even more suspicious of Cornelious, before finally getting a letter from the entrepreneur when he returned to his lab. In the letter, Cornelious asked if Mechano would consider partnering up with his business.



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