Ajax Fairdenhart

An honest farm hand, who took up a fighter mantle.


Name: Ajax Fairdenhart
Race: Human (Re-roll a single damage roll)
Class: Fighter
Gender: Female
Looks: Gentle Eyes, Wild Hair/Sun hat, Tanned Skin, Built Body
Alignment: NG
Flaw: Inability to lie, even if under duress
Carry: 12+Str
Damage: d10
Exp: 5
Level: 7

HP: 28/28

Str: 18 (3)
Dex: 9 (0)
Con: 18 (3)
Int: 9 (0) *
Wis: 13 (1)
Cha: 12 (0)

Starting Moves

Bend Bars/Lift Gates
Armored – Ignore Clumsy tag on armors
Signature Weapon – Family Axe. Close range. Huge (Adds messy and forceful) and Sharp (2 piercing). Looks ancient. Weight 2
Steel Hide – Natural +2 to Armor
Merciless – When I deal damage, I can deal +1d4 damage.
Multiclass Dabbler – Barkskin – Any time my feet touch the ground, I gain +1 Armor.
Scent of Blood – When I deal damage against a target I’ve previously damaged, I gain an additional +1d4 damage dealt.
Multiclass Initiate – Construct Companion – Guard – Robucket – Gain +1 ongoing when I Defend.

Items (Carry: 15)

333 Coins
3 Rations (Weight 1)
Bandages (3 Uses)
Antitoxin (1 Uses)
Scale Armor (Armor 2, Weight 3)
Shield (Armor 1, Weight 2) (Bagged)
White Candle
Onyx Comet (Warhammer) – Close Range. Weight 1.
Ornate Chest – Weight 1 (Bagged)
Silver Ring
Fire Priestess’ Ring
1200 coins (1 weight) (Bagged)
Machine Parts (2 Weight)
Books (2 weight worth) (Bagged)
The Immovable Rod
Lodestone Shield – Can disarm metal weapons when defending (Armor: 1, Weight: 1)


1) Mina and I had a good talk. She always keeps such a strong, positive view of the world. Somehow, even without the sun being in the sky, the world seems a little less dark now.
2) Oh gods above, I am going to kill Mechano. He just signed a contract with the man who is very likely our enemy! Ugh. He agreed to help me with my pet project, which is great, and I think this will help us but… honestly. I can’t wait to have the old Mechano back.
3) Lucia is a fantastic warrior, my peer if not my better in combat. Otherwise, she’s a sheep. She has no stage presence, and refused to stop Mechano from being a danged fool. Now I feel like I need to babysit her when we’re NOT in danger!
4) The Timbermare has been corrupted, twisted into something awful! I don’t know what happened, but it attacked us… I have to find out what happened and make it right. I also need to learn what the Timbermare’s Oath said…


Once a proud line of warriors in the times of the chaotic past, the family has since settled down into the humble farming life once peace reigned again. But as these things often go, there was no means by which they could ignore the oncoming trouble ahead, try as they might. With talks of the quiet hamlet surrendering and aligning with one of the factions to ease their own concerns, and her close friend, Mina, having ventured off alone, Ajax dug out the family heirloom axe and shield and took off after her, quick as her feet could carry her.

Family Tree

Alderick Fairdenhart – Ancestor

Marilyn Fairdenhart – Paternal Grandmother
Alvin Fairdenhart – Paternal Grandfather (Deceased)

Rosalind Silvermane – Maternal Grandmother (Deceased)
Ajani Silvermane – Maternal Grandfather (Deceased)

Chili Pepper – Great uncle of dubious canon-status

Garruk Fairdenhart – Father (Deceased)
Shandra Fairdenhart – Mother (Deceased)

Len Fairdenhart – Older brother
Kendra Fairdenhart – Younger sister

Ajax Fairdenhart

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