Legends of Eris

Session 8

Monster Party

Session 8 – 2/18/2015
(Logged by: Ishnt)

- We start gathering materials for the party. Ajax buys a cask of elven wine. For party favors, we’re able to find multi-colored vines to use as streamers, and vibrant flower petals from plants known as the Flowers of the Undying to use as confetti. For fuel, we learn the elves use crystals with magical pyromatic energy. For food, Mina gets tons of pastries. Ajax looks for meat, but all she can find is fish. The fishmonger is trying to downplay rumors about the river’s corruption, to protect his livelihood. The only other animal in the area are elk, which the elves do not eat. They are highly revered, and are used in place of horses in this region.

- Aside: The bastard son of the King Raenar is the leader of the Moose Riders. During mating season, the moose become more aggressive.

- Mina leads the great party… and it’s highly successful! The event is amazing, and we meet practically everyone, including the Elder Council, the leaders of the village.

- Among the townsfolk, we meet a strange elf clad in black robes, his hood up at all times. He’s aloof and untalkative, keeping to himself… very much the opposite of Mina. However, he takes interest in the wine, and introduces himself to her, away from the rest of the party. His name is Eleforah. Mina tells him of our quest to save the Timbermare, and our intention to seek out the faeries. This, combined with the potency of the wine, manages to get him to admit his origin. Once upon a time, he lived in Avalon, the realm of the faeries, and he knows its secrets and ways. He says he’ll accompany us there if we’re foolish enough to go, but he has a price.

- Mina tries to persuade him to join up for less coin, but suddenly ogres! (?!)

- The ogre climbs up a tree and grabs Mina. She demands an explanation, and the ogre bellows “Sweet meat!” The crushing power of his hand deals great damage. Eleforah draws a scimitar, and Mina sings loudly, both to empower the mysterious elf and to alert the rest of the party. Ajax, hearing the song and immediately recognizing trouble, leads the charge.

- The ogre starts to climb down the tree, Mina still in his grasp. But before the others can reach them, two more ogres jump up and start attacking the townspeople, wielding trees as clubs.

Mechano: I don’t know if you realized, but this party is invitation only!

- The party splits, with Ajax and Eleforah running after Mina, while Mechano and Lucia battle the ogres threatening the townspeople. Ajax leaps toward the ogre with her hammer at the ready, hoping the force of gravity will help her to drive it into the beast. Her blow connects as she lands on the ogre’s shoulders, smashing his spine and killing him instantly. As he falls, Ajax slams her hammer into the tree to stop from falling, while Mina grabs hold with her arms. Although they are safe, the hand of the falling ogre drags down Mina’s bow.

- Mechano brings out his new Cryogenic Beam Cannon and levels it against one of the ogres. The strike connects, and the ogre is encased in ice, immobilizing it. Lucia bears down on the ogre with a tremendous attack, smashing it into fragments. Bloody remains of the ogre sprinkle down like snow.

Lucia: If that wasn’t so violent, I’d say we have a possible future in the entertainment business…
Mechano: Possible? No, I’m taking this on the road!

- The remaining ogre tears an elf in half. Hoping to catch him off-guard, Ajax rushes him in the back. However, he notices the attack coming, and counterattacks, pushing Ajax over the railing. Leveraging her strength, she tries to bring the ogre down with her, and both of them fall.

- Eleforah, tossing off his cloak, dives after Ajax and tosses a grappling hook to her. The hook smacks her in the face, but she manages to grab hold. With a fancy twirling maneuver, Eleforah pulls her up. The final ogre falls to its doom, petulantly screaming “I hate you!”

- It turns out the elf who was torn in half was actually a mannequin!

- Eleforah again offers his services to the party, at full price. We agree to hire him, splitting the cost four ways.

- With the town safe, we return to the giant party. Mina makes good on her promise to Robutler to perform in a play with him… and Mechano lets the Minioids join in, too. Robutler knows all the classics— and, incidentally, so does Mina. Bards learn them as a matter of course, and her mentor, Alan, had taught them to her. They decide to put on a play about the very first royal knights, who protected the kingdom in its infancy. Mina knows, however, that such plays aren’t appropriate entertainment for a modern audience… so she decides to turn it into a musical! In fact, she turns many of the classical poems in the play into raps.

- The play was highly improvised, still very very rough, but it still went over well enough. A noble elf in fancy clothing, impressed by the modern take on a classic, tells Mina about the “Roving Ravers”, a group of bards who are focused on innovation and bucking tradition. They were last seen heading back to Wilde’s Haven. Although they do roam around, their schedule is predictable, and the elf gives Mina a piece of paper with a tour list. After Mina thanks him, he introduces himself as Brad.

- Mechano visits the local pyromancer to procure more crystals. The pyromancer is (somewhat creepily) delighted to find another “friend of fire”, and offers to sell the crystals to him at 30 coins a piece. Mechano tries to barter for lower prices, but the pyromancer needs assurance that he’ll be careful with the things. Mechano does a terrible job pretending he’s good with safety. He does, however, amuse him, and is able to buy two crystals for 20 coins… But as the elf is giving him the crystals, he grasps Mechano’s hand and slams it to the table, and starts speaking an incantation. He puts a geas on Mechano— the Pyromatic Curse. The pyromancer tells Mechano that he must retrieve the Sacred Flame that lies hidden in the forest, and that he will surely die in a fiery conflagration if he does not complete this task. Enraged, Mechano vows revenge on the shopkeeper.

- Knowing nothing of this, Ajax and Mina go down to retrieve Mina’s bow. They easily find the ogre corpse, which is being picked at by scavengers.

Ajax: Hey, Mina, I guess you could say that one was ogre-killed!
Mina: …I think maybe we should leave the puns to Mechano.

- Mechano begs Lucia to save him from the curse. Lucia says she is unable to lift the curse herself, but dedicates herself to helping him find the Sacred Flame in order to fulfill its terms. She swears an oath that she will do this, and gains protection from fire and an unwavering sense of direction toward the Flame. She also takes a vow of hospitality, requiring her to provide comfort to those in need, regardless of who they are.

Mechano: Robutler, if I don’t make it through this… I want you to be my pallbearer, so you can let me down one last time.

- Mina finds her bow, but the string is snapped. She also finds a bag, and inside, she finds (aside from refuse and meat), a chest. Inside, she finds platinum coins worth 1,000 gold! It was definitely stolen. The chest itself is very ornate, and is worth 200 coins in and of itself. It has a similar design to the hilt of Mina’s sword, with vines and plants in silver binding— very Celtic-esque design. But in spite of the elven design, the box is made of stone…

- Ajax is able to identify the stone as coming from mountains north of the forest, where the orcs live. Mina considers sending a letter to Go’Zal to see if she knows anything, but doubts that she can convey such a complex concept given Go’Zal’s rudimentary reading skills. So instead, she draws a comic depicting the events of finding the chest, including a detailed drawing of the chest itself.



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