Legends of Eris

Session 7

Mystery of the Broken Oath

Session 7 – 2/4/2015
(Logged by: Jeff)

- Mina rushes to comfort Ajax, who is shaken, but steadfast. Lucia voices concern too, but Ajax insists to move on with their mission.

- The party resumes east, not needing to use rations. All goes well to the river.

- They arrive at the enormous waterfall, The Riverrun Falls, where Alderick met the Timbermare 700 years ago. They wonder aloud how to meet the Timbermare, with Ajax explaining it came to Alderick. Mechano consults Robutler for ideas.

- One way to summon the Timbermare is to earn its ire (which Mina and Ajax consider a terrible idea). The Timbermare is a deity-like entity, worshiped by local druids and naturalists. Legend holds it’s essence is tied to the forest, some argue it’s tied to all forests. The Timbermare’s presence makes the Wilde Wood unable to be tamed.

- Another way to summon it is from a bond to the Timbermare itself – the only means of which we have is Ajax’s family axe.
Mechano pries how Robutler even knew this. Robutler admits he reads lots of books, and study large database. Mina invites him to star in a play with her, Mechano groans in disapproval.

- Mechano jokes about defiling the forest with the axe. Ajax disagrees. She presents the axe to the falls, causing nothing to happen. Robutler eggs her on and she tries to speak.

Ajax: In the name of Alderick… I, uh… invoke the, um, oath… made… by… um… you.
Mechano: Great wordsmanship there.
Lucia: You’re fine. It was a spirited attempt.

- The wooden handle of the axe bursts, the wooden splinters and bits shatter, injuring her mildly as the axe head falls to the ground.

- Mina shouts at the axe blade, saying that it’d best have a good explanation for what happened. Mechano rushes to Ajax and helps bandaging her up.

- A massive shape, all black, emerges from the falls as a weird, unnatural light envelopes the area and roars in a deep, gutteral sound.

Mechano: Ready your weapons, everyone!
Ajax: I’d love to; I have a slight PROBLEM with that!
Mechano: Oh… yeah…

- The form splashes into the water, sending the water level rising up around them.

- Mechano attempts to surf over the water using his hover boots. And does!

- Lucia invokes her enchant weapon spell, imbuing the blade with magical power, then slashes the water. It works, cutting a path through the water, the sword’s aura pushes the water away from her.

- Mina foolishly tries to hold her ground against the water.

Ajax: Why are you doin’ that?!

(Note from Mina: That was so totally not an in character response! The real reason is because I panicked and couldn’t think of anything else to do!)

- Mina does this somehow. But though she keeps her footing, she sees Tiny Box Tim swept away!

- Mina dives after him, leaping into the water – deeply breathing in the water. She suffers a bit, but manages to retrieve Tim. The water in her mouth tastes putrid and awful.

- Ajax gets swept up into the waves and gets pulled closer to the river. Ajax notices how disgusting the water is. Drawn in close to the huge, black monster, she panics and tries to punch it. She does so with tremendous force as black goo splatters all over her, causing her severe pain, burning into her skin. She’s then kicked back by the beast, rolling onto the shoreline. She rises from the ground and the beast speaks, demanding to know how she knew about the axe. Ajax insists her lineage stems from Alderick in defiance of its terrifying form.

- The monster roars, challenging Ajax’s family’s failure to protect the forest. Ajax realizes in horror that she’s looking at the Timbermare. The monster freaks out and falls back into the river, screaming and roaring.

- A woman rushes the party, screaming for them to follow after her. Ajax protests, but soon gives in. The stranger begins to sing to the Corrupted Timbermare, which begins to quiet its wrath. Mina studies the song and remembers its melody, but the words are in a language she doesn’t recognize. The beast sinks back into the waterfall.

- Ajax demands answers, explaining she is of Alderick’s line. They take the time to study the woman, clad in camouflage. She’s very thin, with short hair. She’s of elvish descent.

- Mina pries about the song. The woman explains it is a fairy song, which soothes the Corrupted Timbermare’s agony. Mechano asks if she can control it.

- The elf, Elora, introduces herself as guardian of the wood. Elora explains something vile has happened in the forest. The fairies are turning against their comrades. A dark change is coming. Ajax volunteers to assist, due to her blood ties.

- Elora challenges Ajax’s legitimacy, so Ajax presents the axe-head. Elora explains that the Timbermare’s anger has become self-consuming.

Mechano: So, it’s just throwing a giant TIMBER-tantrum?!

- Elora explains the axe’s two pieces come from two different places. The axe handle was grown, not built, as were elven cities in the region. Elora offers her aid, but explains that they’d need to enlist the aid of the fairies, who haven’t been helpful to their allies as of late. The party agrees to seek them out, despite the fact it may not be easy.

Mechano: Never take anything a fairy says at face value! Funny enough, the one thing they aren’t is FAIR.

- Mina presents her fairy sheet music. After explaining where she got it from, Elora realizes Mina’s elven heritage. The party learns of the Sakura Elves, who often have pink hair and a strong oral tradition. Mina admits that her father didn’t speak much of his past.

- Elora explains of a giant tree in the forest, which leads to where the fairies live. It is said that the original tree was from whence the forest came. Ajax asks Mechano to consult Robutler, causing him to realize his robot assistant was missing since the fight. Robutler was hanging from a nearby tree branch, unharmed.

- The Mother Trees exist all around the world – every forest has one. The fairies planted them ages ago. Robutler explains fairies have terrible senses of direction and attention spans – and need landmarks to navigate. Robutler explains that they could seek out particular pattern that would point them to the Great Tree.

- Elora seems alarmed by Robutler. She mentions that having gadgets may be a bad idea. Mechano and Ajax protest, insisting their items come with them, intelligent and otherwise. After a very bizarre topic Tiny Box Tim sings. … Yeah, that happens.

- Mina asks about a weapon, in absence of Ajax’s axe. Elora then invites them to her homestead, claiming it’s only for Mina’s sake.

Mechano: Yeah, Ajax, you should probably rest. You don’t look so good.
Ajax: Yeah. Not gonna lie: that was the most painful thing to happen to me since… the last painful thing that happened to me. (Stupid beetles.)
Mechano: And you got some injuries too!

- Elora pries about Ajax’s candle. Ajax responds honestly and Elora mentions she has a strong tie to the planet and forests. Ajax doesn’t fully understand as no one in the family properly remembers what the Timbermare’s Oath is, specifically.

- Mina asks about Daelwyn. Elora mentions it sounds familiar, but she doesn’t know why. Mina mentions that he was some kind of royalty, but it doesn’t jog her memory.

- The town they arrive at seem grown, not built. The trees, branches and roots are entwined, forming roofs, walkways and paths. The lanterns give off a pure light, not like fire burning. Elora explains that she brings trustworthy people here, but any harm that befell on the town would be her responsibility.

- Ajax sets off to find a new weapon and armor. Ajax speaks to the local watch about new armor. The armor is out of her price range (again). She pries about weaponry. She finds a beautiful warhammer with a black head, colored rings and a long, steel shaft.

- The party goes to the town square, constructed where many, many trees lock together, but it has an open-air canopy. They decide to throw a very large party to get the people to them. Mechano is unable to find any gunpowder for fireworks. Mina finds kegs of elven wine at the winery. There, they make friendly with the winery keep and obtain a keg. They begin budgeting for the party…



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