Legends of Eris

Session 6

Trouble in the Wilde Woods

Session 6 – 1/26/2015
(Logged by Chris)

Bonus Attributes:

Mina: Constitution
Ajax: Intelligence
Lucia: Intelligence
Mechano: Strength

Mina’s Shopping Adventures
Mina performs for the celebration and is granted 50 coins in return. She heads back to Bjarni’s Bazaar, and asks him about where she might find a bag of holding. When she arrives, the young clerk is manning the counter instead of Bjarni; She asks about the bag of holding, and the clerk simply responds that they have bags and they do hold things. Mina explains that that isn’t what she’s looking for, and describes it as a bag that can hold anything with infinite space. The clerk remarks that it’d be great to have one; He could carry as many cakes as he wanted! Mina agrees, and thanks the clerk for his help.

Next, Mina returns to the armory and buys a hunter’s bow. She finds a nice bow made from wildwood oak. It reminds Mina of her father, who was a woodworker in the Wildwood Forest. She pays 100 coins for it, and then asks if the bow is elven-made, and the shopkeep says he isn’t sure but believes it is. It was originally purchased by an elf merchant, who was sponsored by a man named Cornelius. He doesn’t trust Cornelius because he is too short. Mina also sells her old bow for 8 coins. The armorer gives his name: Charlie Hooker, and Mina thanks him and leaves, slightly offended.

Arise, Mechanical Suit!
Meanwhile, Mechano is back at his laboratory, testing out his mechanical suit, which has horrible balance issues. He trips over himself repeatedly, causing his assistant Robutler to question his designs. Mechano snaps back that his designs are perfect, and that obviously the parts he bought in town are flawed. He remembers Queen Aruna owes him a favor, and heads to the castle – but first sends Robutler with a letter to Cornelius, inviting the gnome to his lab.

Mechano is met with Aruna’s young head artificer, Grel Baskin. Grel leads Mechano to the castle workshop, where Mechano begins taking parts to upgrade his mechanical suit.

Lucia and the Temple of Rah’Ama
Elsewhere, a woman approaches Lucia. She wears a robe bearing the mark of Rah’Ama, a sheathed sword. The woman looks at Lucia and says, “You are the champion who saved the princess…” Lucia is humble and unsure how to address her. The woman introduces herself as Freya. She says Lucia has the mark of the sacrificial guard upon her, and leads Lucia away to a quieter part of the town, into the temple of Rah’Ama.

Two people are in the temple, praying. She says, “Lucia, you should take something from the altar. You have sacrificed yourself, so you must take something. You have a choice… If you are in need of material things, take the coin; Of food, take the bread; But if you need something else, pray and receive something much deeper.” Freya leaves.

Lucia prays, not quite sure what to do. She zones out, taking in the sounds of the chanting. She feels a powerful warmth. She feels a burning on her arm. She sees the dragon tattoo that was placed upon her arm a week ago.

Someone calls Lucia’s name in the darkness of her mind. It’s a deep, soothing, relaxing voice. It repeats Lucia’s name. Lucia asks what the voice wants, and it answers, “You have chosen the same path that I chose in my mortal life. You’ve taken upon yourself two tasks – You have saved those who need protection by sacrificing yourself in battle. You also took upon the dragon tattoo, and with it, a great burden. Laid before you are choices – They determine where to go, what to experience, how much we understand ourselves. By your own choices, you’ve taken the same path as I. I open to you, the divine power that I can bestow upon you. But I talk to you through the veil of death, for even I am still doomed to the same failures only to rise again… Would you die countless times in every lifetime, to conintue down the path of sacrifice?” Lucia says that of course she would. She learns the dragon represents the double-edged sword; It directs great power outside, and within. The power bestows her with the power of warriors of legend, but she risks a piece of herself. Lucia takes on the mantle, rising as a leader and a figure of the path that Rah’Ama set out to do. She vows to sacrifice herself for the sake of the weak.

When she comes to, she realizes much time has passed, and seeks to find the others. Freya emerges and asks what Lucia has taken with her; Lucia responds, “I’ve taken upon some of Rah’Ama’s strength.” Freya says that she’s always had it, but just had to realize it. She gives Lucia a book, saying that these are some of the rites and prayers of the temple.

Lucia learns Bless, Magic Weapon, and Cure Light Wounds.

Rendezvous at the Castle
Lucia meets Mina and Ajax back at the castle. She catches them up on what she experienced. Mina sings Lucia a song about Rah’Ama.

Mechano soon emerges from the workshop and meets with the three of them, showing off his new suit. The group parts ways again as Mina goes to see her sister.

Mina and Kumari
Mina goes to see Princess Kumari. Mina asks Kumari about the old king, Raenar. Kumari remembers that at the time, the royal family was united. Mina asks about Kumari’s uncles. Kumari only knew one of them – Aran. She remembers him as a nice man, who wanted to show her things and let her see the world. She laments the feud, and her grandfather’s death.

Mina asks if Kumari knows anything about her father or other sisters; She does, thanks to Goomie. Kumari mentions in passing that Goomie knew where their father came from originally, which piques Mina’s interest. Their father comes from a far-away place; He was royalty, but rejected his royal life to live as an ordinary man.

Mechano vs. Cornelius
Mechano returns to his lab to meet Cornelius. Cornelius arrives with two beautiful women on each arm. He leaves them in Mechano’s common room to be entertained by Robutler, while he and Mechano talk in private.

Mechano bluffs to Cornelius about finding a time machine, and lies about the cultists betraying him. He tries to con Cornelius out of 1,000 coins for “excavation purposes,” but fails, merely getting the 150 coins from their prior arrangement.

Cornelius then offers Mechano a contract to be his partner, but Mechano arrogantly refuses, stating that he’ll accept Cornelius as a customer, but not as a partner, and certainly not as a boss. Cornelius thinks Mechano is joking at first, but then realizes he’s serious. He loses his jolly demeanor and vaguely threatens him, before Mechano yells at him to leave. Cornelius snees at him, leaving with his two associates, who’ve been bored out of their minds by Robutler’s classic poetry-reading. Mechano shouts at him to never come back. Mechano realizes that not only is a very powerful businessman angry with him, but that he’ll likely be furious once he finds out that he (unsuccessfully) tried to con him. He remarks to Robutler that they may have to pack up everything and leave town… again.

Trouble in the Wilde Woods!
Meanwhile, Mina and Kumari are still hanging out when Kumari seems to hear Goomie talking. She shows Mina a map of the kingdom and says that something is going on in the Wilde Woods. Kumari admonishes her to be careful, and Mina says that she has Ajax- but then remembers how beaten up she was during her last adventure. Nevertheless, Ajax’s ancestor was on good terms with the forest, and feels confident in it.

The next day, Mina meets with Ajax, Lucia, and Mechano (who has brought along Robutler), and tells them the bear says they need to go to Wilde’s Haven. Mechano looks nervous and is constantly looking over his shoulder for Cornelius’s goons. Robutler is introduced to the party, and is very cordial and polite in his introductions.

Ajax: Guess he got his manners from his mom’s side of the family.
Robutler: Oh, I was created in a lab by Dr. Mechano. I have no mother.
Ajax: …I know. It was a joke.

They head out. Ajax remembers a traumatic experience from her childhood, remembering the shadowy wolf monsters that inhabit the dark. When she was only a child, she was attacked by monsters on the road to Sun’s Peak, and her parents suffered fatal wounds protecting her. The party reaches the torchlit town of Wilde’s Haven.

Wilde’s Haven is less noisy and crowded than Sun’s Peak. There are more guards than the last time Mina was here though. The elders and warriors seem more tense. Mina can’t tell exactly what the source of tension is.

Elmira’s Request
Mina meets with an old woman who she has met before, and asks her what she knows about the forest. She’s the cranky old lady, Elmira. Her mood perks up considerably once she realizes it’s Mina though, and she invites her and her friends inside. Elmira casually mentions monsters in the woods, which makes Ajax uncomfortable. Animals have been going berserk, attacking people for no good reason. The fairies may be responsible. She gets tea and cakes for the party, but then asks if they could fetch a particular weed from the forest for her.

Elmira: You’re all such strapping young ladies, and sir, and… thing?
Ajax: Come on, don’t say that about the doctor!
Mechano: Hey!

The weed is known as wackilus, or more commonly, pixie leaf. It grows in moose urine, and gives off the foulest odor. However, it has healing properties, and she offers to reward the party for finding it.

Mina asks about the Timbermare, and Elmira asks how they know of such a thing. Ajax brings up that she descends from Sir Alderick, who made an oath with the forest spirit.

Elmira (about the Timbermare): I didn’t even think it was real, but I knew it was real!

Elmira asks what led to them seeking out the forest spirit, and Mina mentions that a bear told her of the disturbances in the woods.

Elmira: A bear told you to? Mina, you have the craziest adventures!
Ajax and Mechano (in unision): You don’t know the half of it.

The team heads into the woods. On this perilous journey, Mina is quartermaster, Ajax is scout, and Lucia is trailblazer.

The team gets lost. Mina pulls out a compass. But then the group hears howling. It’s the wolves.

BATTLE: Shadow Wolves
Mechano uses up a charge, revving up his mechanical suit to make a loud piercing noise back at the wolves.

The wolf asks, “Who are you?” Mina shoots back, “Who are you?”

The voices speak in unison and saying they call upon all the elements, but tonight they call upon the element of night.

Suddenly, the shadowy wolves attack Ajax, who raises her shield.

Ajax drops her candle and blocks. She’s pushed back.

Two of the wolves go for the candle.

Mina sees how shaken Ajax is, and sings her Song of Battle and Fairy Jig to bolster her.

Lucia hacks and slashes at the wolves who are going after the candle. She kicks them out of the way toward Ajax.

Mechano throws down one of his Pyromatic Explosion Flasks, creating a big explosion that engulfs the wolves in flames.

Seizing the opportunity, Ajax shrieks loudly and brings down her ax. She cleaves it in half, and hits the next one with the same swing, cleaving its head right off.

Lucia tries to set up another attack, but is caught off guard by the wolves utilizing teamwork, and takes a blow.

Ajax sees that the wolves are trying to leave the vicinity of the circle. She tries to pursue, but they escape into the darkness.



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