Legends of Eris

Session 15

Deal with Cornelius (and Adventures in a Bag)

Session 15 – 1/28/2016
(Logged by Chris)

The explosion at Mechano’s base has caused collateral damage to neighboring buildings, and has drawn a lot of attention from nearby people.

Nobody was seriously injured, but they’re scared and hysterical.

Mechano’s neighbors gossip about him after the explosion. They become enraged and demand that Mechano pay for the damage to their property. Ajax buys the party some time to find the bomber, and the townspeople reluctantly let them go.

The party asks around the neighborhood for any information they can find on the bombing. Most have no idea, but one person saw a “strange fellow” approach Mechano’s lab… but then asks for a bribe to “jar his memory.” Lucia declares by her god that he must tell her everything he knows, for the sake of the town… but the man, seeing that she’s a priest, flees in fear.

Robutler has mentioned Cornelius meeting with Mechano previously. Mechano – with amnesia – doesn’t remember Cornelius, but the party remembers the shopkeeper Charlie Hooker mentioning him before, so they set out to meet him.

Robutler asks to stay in the base and tidy up, and Ajax, Mina, Tiny-Box Tim and the Minioids decide to stay with him.

Mechano and Lucia go to see Charlie Hooker. Everyone starts to stare at Lucia’s prosthetic arm. Charlie himself is suspicious of her too, and asks about her arm. Lucia asks about Cornelius. Charlie says he’s been hounding him for a long time, but that he’s always rejected his offers.

When Lucia raises the possibility of Cornelius bombing Mechano’s lab, Charlie seems surprised by the accusation. Charlie doesn’t know of anything, but suggests visiting Cornelius directly. He gives him directions to Cornelius’s headquarters.

They decide to go see Cornelius. His market is huge, fancy, and impressive. A young woman approaches them, and asks how she can help them. They set up an appointment to meet with Cornelius. The woman has them wait in a conference room. Lucia says she’s investigating the “incident” that occurred recently, and very openly states they’re here about the laboratory bombing. The attendant nervously excuses herself, to go get Cornelius.

Back at Mechano’s lab, Robutler is trying to assert himself as the leader of Mechano’s other robots. The Minioids don’t take him seriously at all, and instead just do whatever they want.

Meanwhile, Mina is studying Ajax’s emotional state carefully, out of concern for her. Ajax finds some old robot parts, and curiously looks at them. Mina asks about it, and Ajax explains what she found. Ajax wonders if Mechano could teach her to build something, and Mina is surprised by the very idea. Ajax sighs and calls herself a big dumb ox who just breaks stuff, but Mina reassures her that that’s not true.

Mina reminds Ajax that she kept her safe. Ajax still wants to build something, and she laments Mechano losing his memory. Mina suggests that he’s regaining some of it, and that working with him might jog his memories even more. Ajax likes the idea.

Ajax blames herself for the huge monster on their tail, but Mina reminds her that her own choices caused the sun to disappear. Ajax is reminded of the baby, and is curious about what it was.

Mina says that we can’t change the past, but that they can make the best out of what they currently have. Ajax agrees that she’s right, but still feels responsible. Ajax feels inspired to build a robot to protect people, and Mina agrees that it’s a good idea.

Mina suddenly asks if Mechano could build a sun, and Ajax isn’t sure. She has an idea, and rushes out of the building suddenly.

Ajax draws Robutler’s attention to the robot parts. Robutler notices his old book of ancient bard tales, but a Minioid steals it and runs off, much to Robutler’s dismay.

Mina heads to the library to visit Triscan.

After about two and a half hours, Cornelius, the young attendant, and four armed guards enter the room. He declares “It’s me! I’m Cornelius!”

Mechano swivels around in his chair to meet Cornelius, and asks “Oh! So you’re Cornelius?”

“What!? Playing coy with me, you bastard?!” Cornelius asks angrily.

Mechano explains that Robutler remembered him meeting with him, and asks if Cornelius knows anything about the explosion.

Cornelius asks why Mechano is here, and reminds him of the argument they had. Mechano doesn’t remember this disagreement at all, but apologizes for it. Cornelius gets increasingly frustrated.

Mechano then realizes that Cornelius wanted to partner up with him before, and – in an effort to extend his friendship and ease their conflict – happily obliges, which enrages and confuses Cornelius even more.

Cornelius asks if Mechano has really reconsidered, and he answers, “Of course! I’d much rather be friends than enemies!”

Cornelius asks who Lucia is, who introduces herself, before he immediately stops caring.

Cornelius pulls out a contract for Mechano to sign. The contract offers Cornelius’s services, such as market insurance, etc. It comes at a cost of profit percentages and a monthly quota.

Mechano happily signs the contract. Cornelius is very perplexed by this, but happily accepts it. But he then offers to help repair Mechano’s base. Mechano is so overcome with gratitude that he gives Cornelius a big hug; Cornelius then explains that it isn’t for free, and charges him 600 gold. Mechano only has 400 gold, which Cornelius accepts. The attendant accounts for the materials Mechano needs, and leaves him and Lucia to go.

Mina finds Triscan at the library. Triscan has been studying the sun, but hasn’t found anything. Triscan notices Mina’s bag of holding, and becomes interested in it. He offers to help her get what she needs out of it.

Triscan falls into the bag by accident. Mina’s dragged in too. They end up in a completely dark place.

Mina uses her grappling hook to try to escape the bag. She uses her lantern to illuminate the area, but it doesn’t work. Triscan tries to instead follow Mina’s voice. It doesn’t work.

Mina takes out the compass. It’s spinning wildly. She tells Triscan to wait here, and climbs up the rope. She ends up feeling pain suddenly and loses her grip on the rope. She sees utter blackness, but then sees stars off in the distance, all around her.

Meanwhile, Ajax is cleaning up the lab and sifting through mechanical parts. Mechano and Lucia arrive, and Mechano tells Ajax about his new “friend” Cornelius, who generously offered to rebuild the lab.

Ajax is livid, and asks Mechano how he could do such a thing.

Mechano: “Well, obviously Cornelius just wanted to be my friend really badly! …I mean, can you blame him?”

Robutler reenacts Cornelius storming out of Mechano’s lab, to remind his creator of the incident. Something starts to stir within Mechano’s mind.

Ajax frustratedly shouts “Alfred Mechano, listen to me!” and it reminds Mechano of his first name. Suddenly, he remembers the heated confrontation with Cornelius.

Mechano remembers angrily yelling at Cornelius, but blames himself for it, thinking he was rude. Ajax gets very frustrated.

A worker charges 50 Gold for the inspection, which Ajax reluctantly pays off. She insists Cornelius must be the bomber, but Mechano trusts him, genuinely wanting to believe that Cornelius is a good person.

Meanwhile, Mina meets a strange woman in the strange area she’s in. She asks who she is.

“I am… I don’t know what I am,” the woman says.

Mina says she lost a friend here, in the bag. The woman doesn’t seem to know what the bag is.

Mina grabs onto her, and finds that she’s a strange furry thing. She climbs on top of it to sit down.

“We can find your friend,” the woman says. “You’re in a place where lost things go. It takes a strong mind to escape this place. I’ve forgotten who I was. But it’s peaceful, and I like it here.”

Mina says she can’t stay. The woman asks who she is. Mina doesn’t know, but offers to give her a name instead. She names the woman Toriel.

Toriel is overjoyed to have a name, and flies forward to find Triscan. They do. Toriel takes them both to the exit to this strange world, and they start to finally regain the ability to see each other again. Toriel ends up looking kind of like a furry pink glowing narwhal, but with a cat-like face.

Toriel’s happy to have an identity now, and uses her will to get them out of the strange world they’re trapped in. She blasts a beam through the barrier, and Mina and Triscan escape, as Toriel asks them to remember her.

They end up back in the library. Triscan has a piece of a spear. Triscan apologizes for falling into the bag.

Mina invites Triscan to the bakery to talk to him. One of the books Triscan found were the Elvish Book of Fire Magic. Mina asks if Triscan’s ever heard of the Sacred Flame. He has.

She asks if it might have any connection to the Phoenix King. He’d never thought of that before, but wonders if there might be a relation.

Mina reminds him of the big orb from the underground tower. She says it was a piece of a star, and wonders if it might be possible to make an artificial sun on a smaller scale. Triscan wonders as well if it might work, looking through the ancient flames book. Mina leaves the book with him to investigate. Triscan heads back to the library to study the book.

Mina arrives at the bakery, and gets a decorated cake. She makes the cake with the message “For Toriel, From Mina” and drops it in the bag.

Mina returns to the lab, they get her up to speed on the situation.

Mechano agrees to help Ajax build a robot, and – after a few weeks – the lab is rebuilt by Cornelius’s workers.



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