Legends of Eris

Session 13

Immolated Memories

Session 13 – 8/20/2015

-Mina goes to find a Buckler to supplement her defense. Without any trouble, she finds one at a local armorsmith. Mechano, meanwhile, buys a disguise kit.

-The team reunites at their friend’s home and choose to rest a while and level up.

Mina: Ajax! You’re all bloodied up! What happened?!
Mechano: Revenge!
Ajax: You might say the pyromancer had a BLOW-OUT sale!
Mechano: Ooo! I like that one!
Ajax: Thanks, I was saving it!

-Mina sings her healing song for Mechano, which heals him entirely. Mina pries but Mechano offers up only vague response. Ajax explains that Mechano died in the battle, but mysteriously rose again. Mina tries to think over how it happened, even checking Mechano’s pulse. Though he has a pulse, he’s weirdly warm.

Mina: Are you sick?
Mechano: And the people say I’m cold-blooded!

-Mina asks if Lucia can feel Alora yet. Lucia admits she can’t, yet.

-The team turns their attention back to the ghouls, who are getting hungry. The team decides to rest the night and recover a bit. That night, Mechano has horrific nightmares of his life’s ambitions burning away before his eyes – his lab, his robots, and other accomplishments. When he awakens, he has no memory of who he is, or where he is. At first, they think he’s simply confused, then Ajax attempts to console him.

Ajax: I’m Ajax, that’s Mina, and the sleeping lump on the floor is Lucia.
Mechano: Oh. Well, thank you, Ajax!
Ajax: OH GODS! He thanked me! He really doesn’t have any idea of who he is!!

-Mina attempts to dispell any enchantments on Mechano using a song. It isn’t an enchantment, per se, but there is some magical influence over him. Mina asks if he has a small stone anywhere on him. Mechano digs around for tools, parts, wigs, clothing items, etc. He finds a small, broken, obsidian/gray ball. Mina examines it. The orb was the thing that used to contain the Fire Priestess, and used to be a vibrant orange-red. Remembering Elder Brad’s words, she reasons that Mechano’s death disenchanted the orb. Robutler presents the documentation of everything he’s written about Mechano and explains he planned to sell it for money.

Mechano: Selling someone out for money?! That’s not right!
Ajax: This amnesia is bad!

-Mechano laments that he was not a good person and mentions he might not want to return to his former self. Ajax and Mina are at a loss as authorities beat on the door. Ajax and Mina answer and the guards accuse Ajax and Mechano of assaulting the pyromancer. Ajax tries (poorly) to lie her way out, gaining them no ground. Ajax advises Mina and Lucia stay behind, but Mina protests, saying she wants to go with them. Ajax and Mechano go into the barracks and Mina must wait outside. Lucia stays behind to keep eyes on the ghouls and to eventually speak with Elder Brad.

-Elven society is like a monarchy, and those with power make the rules. The law is to be shaped to their present needs. Mechano is unable to answer, and Ajax is honest about the curse and the shake-down. The guards tell them that they’ll be on trial the next day, but none of them know much about how the justice system in this particular town go. Mina is able to come up with a few options, like death and exile being the most likely, possibly a heavy fine. The courts are run by tribunal, and the decisions are handed down by majority vote, not unanimity. In the olden days, it had to be unanimous but due to the differing personalities, that took too much time. There are five elders, including Elder Brad. Elder Josh, Elder Tina, Elder Emily, and Elder Greg. Mina goes to speak to Elder Brad first, but Brad explains he can only speak with the other elders before the trial. Mina tries to protest, trying to invoke both her favor with Brad and her royal lineage, neither working very well.

-Meanwhile, Lucia goes fishing for the ghouls. With a spear and one arm. Somehow, she does shockingly well. She sates the ghoul hunger for another day.

-Mina speaks to the witness, the Geomancer, and a fruit salesman. The two witnesses saw Ajax and Mechano enter the shop and after some commotion, the fruit salesman snuck near the window to see what happened. He saw that someone was yelling at him, a large dog-creature, goading him by trying to steal all his fruit from his stand. Once in his shop, he heard a loud explosion from the Pyromancer store, seeing the dog creatures make a run for it. The Geomancer knows the Pyromancer, due to running in similar circles. He admits the Pyromancer is a hot head, but hasn’t cursed anyone before. Mina asks if he has that potential, and the Geomancer explains some schools of magic lend themselves to that than others. The Pyromancer has escalated fights before with other townsfolk.

-Mina assesses the best escape routes. The catwalks above would be slower, but might be easier, versus running headlong into the forest. Mina then spreads some pro-Mechano/Ajax propaganda around time.

-Lucia goes fishing, with much less success this time.

-The judges investigate Mina’s explanation of the curse. Mechano indeed has such a mark on his soul. Mina makes it a point to remind them of the good Ajax, Mechano, and she had done – the ogre attack, the party, etc. The Pryomancer retorts, claiming the curse was done in good cause. The elders reply saying that doesn’t change that the shop was ransacked. Eventually, the judges decide that exile is the best choice, due to their good works before.

-On the way out, Mina buys some items.

-Meanwhile, Lucia arrives right in time for Alora to be attacked by the ghouls. Lucia has presence of mind to invoke her divine authority, causing them to back off from Alora, but then they rush Lucia instead. She nearly has her armor torn apart, so she resolves to destroy them once and for all. Alora begins prying hastily about why the ghouls are there, but Lucia shouts her down and claims she’ll explain later. She is engaged in a grapple before breaking free. After the ghoul speaks, apologizing for their primal outburst, Lucia hesitates only for a moment. She tries to attack, but it’s a major whiff. She has her mechanical arm broken and loses her sword. Lucia decides the only thing to do is run for it.

-Elder Brad consoles the rest of the group, explaining that he was the nay vote in the 4-1 vote. He explains that he is concerned about the Pyromancer’s authority based on the old laws. Mina asks if she can invoke her favor, but since they only have half an hour, no one can think of anything in particular.

Mechano: We really should make an apology basket for that poor Pyromancer!
Ajax: Mechano, you need to stop talkin’ ‘til your memory’s back…

-Meanwhile, Lucia tries to flee, but the ghouls block them in! Just then, the team returns and opens the door…



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