Legends of Eris

Session 12

The End of Dr. Mechano!?

Session 12 – 7/2/2015
(Logged by Chris)

The heroes head back up to the main chamber, and decide to check out the experimental chamber. The door has an insectoid-humanoid on it.

Upon opening it, a strong smell comes out. Mina and Mechano become sick from the odor. Lucia takes a -1 to spell-casting. Ajax is unbothered.

They arrive in a big chamber. There are big wooden slabs that are propped up by gears, pivoting on a fulcrom with a rolling wheel. Along the wall are bottles and viles. They see one of the insectoid creatures depicted on the door, sleeping.

The heroes quietly sneak over to the books on the other side of the room, careful not to wake the creature up. The books are old, and none of them are in the common tongue.
Mina examines the books and determines that the book is written in a very old language from the south. To read it, they must find a scholar of ancient cultures to decipher the words.

Ele’Forah determines that one of them is a book on old Elvin magic. It’s a book on creating creatures out of other creatures. They take some of the books.

The heroes then look at a shelf of vials. They find 3 Antitoxins and 4 Healing Potions. They’re divided among the party.

Mechano begins investigating the gears and machinery of the room. He notices that it’s not a normal gear system; He notices levers at the bottom where someone can operate the machine with their feet. He finds a hydraulic system and plans to salvage it later; Ajax carries it.

Mina finds a book on pyromancy, and takes it.

Ajax examines the monster tentatively. She accidentally wakes the creature.

Mechano and Robutler examine it, determining that it is a manticore, a fabricated creature made up of artificially-infused animal parts. They are designed to kill. They’re also generally made to serve someone. It’s weak to extreme cold. It has poison.

Ajax names the manticore Norm and orders it to pick up a table. The manticore throws itself at Ajax and attacks.

Mina empowers Ajax with her music. Ajax attacks the manticore with her hammer.

Mechano fires his Cryogenic Beam Cannon at the manticore. The extreme cold of the freeze ray starts to break off the creature’s armored plating.

Mina fires off her confetti-poppers to distract the beast, and it works! The creature is awestruck by the confetti.

Lucia takes advantage of the distraction, hacking and slashing the manticore. The manticore’s head is hacked off, spraying ooze everywhere.

Mina offers the creature to the zombies, and they’re like, “Yeah, sure, okay.”

Lucia notices the creature is covered in heavy plating, and has a huge poisonous stinger. She salvages the armor and stinger.

They exit the research facility and head into the next room, and head into the treasure room.

On the way, Mina asks Lucia about the Sacred Flame. All she knows is that it brought fire to the ancient people of the world, becoming smaller and smaller over time.

In the treasure room, they find a pile of gold in the center of the room. They hear something stirring within.

Shelves, vases, and chests are destroyed. There’s a dragon skeleton.

Mina examines the situation, and determines that something is waking up under the gold.

Lucia and Ajax go to attack whatever’s under the gold preemptively. Ajax slams her hammer into the creature.

It screeches, and a head peers out. With its last breath it says, “You fools, what have you done? That really hurt! Shit!”

The candle suddenly dwindles and goes dark.

A booming voice says, “Who are you?”

The voice and Ajax banter for a while, and they learn that the voice “regained” the temple after the death of the fire priestess.

It threatens to kill them and steal their gold.

Suddenly, a scream echoes through the entire cave.

Suddenly, gold coins are thrown everywhere and hit the team, dealing damage.

Mechano uses his Electric Beam Monocle to illuminate the area. They find the exit, and all flee. Ajax hits the wall and takes damage. Her shoulder breaks.

Lucia is badly injured on her way out. She feels cold. A monstrous roar can be heard.

Ajax leaps after the origin of the sound with her hammer. She breaks her ankle.

Mina sings her healing song for Lucia.

Mechano fires his Electric Beam Monocle again to illuminate the room. The two of them scramble up the stairs and out of the room.

They all flee the treasure room, and a loud shaking sound can be heard. Stone is torn apart.

They decide to abandon the third room of the temple and flee the entire building. The candle illuminates again.

They decide to head back to the Elvin City. Mina gives Ajax two healing potions, healing her broken bones.

They undertake a perilous journey back to town.
Quartermaster: Mina
Scout: Ajax
Lucia: Trailblazer

The evil city’s name is Shaar-nel’ton.

Lucia goes to the temple to seek aid for her missing arm. An old elvin woman is there. She asks how she can help them.

The healer is unfamiliar with regeneration, and can’t help.

Ajax shows the healer the fire priestess’s ring, and asks about it. The healer asks for money, and Ajax refuses. The healer exits, leaving a child with the group.

The kid tells the group a lot of obvious information, but then tells them something important: that some of the townsfolk wish to hunt down the Phoenix King.

The kid knows about the fire priestess, and has no idea what the ring is.

They return to Elorah’s apartment to begin plan B: Mechano begins to operate on Lucia. Mechano jury-rigs an extremely-basic robotic arm for Lucia.

The team rests and levels up.

Mina takes the ghouls to the temple to get the lyrics to the Timbermare song. But no one knows the lyrics.

Lucia prays, and gets an unwavering sense of direction to Elorah and piercing lies. Ra’hama demands the observance of daily holy services. She heads to the temple to observe.

Mina goes to see Elder Brad.

Mechano, accompanied by Ajax, goes to confront the pyromancer who cursed him. The Minioids rush in and start trashing the Pyromancer’s store.

The Pyromancer fights back with fireballs. Mechano throws an exploding crystal at him, but it does no damage. Ajax attacks as well, breaking his ribs and knocking him to the floor. The Pyromancer gives some cryptic threats, but lies on the ground. Mechano kicks him and leaves. The Minioids managed to steal three exploding crystals and a magic wand.

Mina speaks with Brad, who looks at the rings. The Silver Ring is identified as being from a time when the elves followed the Fire Priestess.

Lucia, meanwhile, is praying at the temple. She’s met by a man there, who says she doesn’t look like a normal follower of the faith. He says it is very kind of her to pay respects to their gods. She explains that she’s on a quest.

Mechano and Ajax are attacked by dogs wielding knives. Mechano falls, and Ajax – in a rage attacks back. Mechano blacks out, as everything becomes hazy.

Mechano hears a voice. It says Mechano’s soul has been tainted. He says that he can’t drag Mechano to the other side because of the flame power he’s received. He warns Mechano that he has no idea what will happen if he returns to the world.

Mechano revives, and blasts the dogs with fire, destroying one while the other escapes. Ajax hugs Mechano and is shocked to see him alive. The two go on their way with their loot in tow.

Mina continues talking to Brad, and reports the Pyromancer’s illegal cursing activity. She asks about the Fire Priestess, and learns that the goal of pyromancy is reckless abandon, no longer controlling the fire but running wild with it. The final goal should have been the perfect incarnation of flame, which should have brought forth knowledge and wisdom untold – instead, the orb became a powerful source of magic. Over time, the Fire Priestess lost her mind, losing sight of her goal, and spread fire for fire’s sake, and to rend the world to ash and rebirth it as something pure again. Her acolytes eventually turned on her, and eventually destroyed her – supposedly.

The acolytes became the ghouls that the team recruited, who cursed themselves to keep their former leader bound for all time.

The silver rings are apparently not magical, but since they are historic and ornate, they probably have some street level value. Mina asks about museums in the town, and Elder Brad agrees to purchase the silver ring off her. Mina trades it away for a favor, which she agrees to return for eventually in the future. Mina then presents the Priestess’ ring, reminding him of the story where it was pertinent. Brad confirms there is some kind of enchantment, but is unsure what kind. Mina asks if there is anyone who could separate the ring from the magic that imbues it. Brad explains he can do that personally. Mina then pries to see if the ring’s magic could be moved to a weapon or some other item and utilized safely.



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