Legends of Eris

Session 10

Lucia Disarmed

Session 10 – 4/30/2015
(Logged by Jeff)

The Battle of Fails

- The party finds themselves amidst the Fire Priestess’ room. After discerning the different rooms’ purposes, the party agrees to descend the well, due in part to Lucia’s divine guidance.

- Mina takes a grappling hook from her adventure pack and locks the hook into place. Mina climbs down first. As she goes down she admires the shining fungus and takes some with her. Mechano uses his hover boots to head down. Ajax follows after on the rope, followed by Lucia.

- The new area is a natural, underground cavern, not worked by human hands. Ajax takes out her white candle, illuminating the cave. They hear natural sounds of legs and wings.

- Mina brandishes her instrument and weapons defensively. They notice there aren’t proper corridors or chambers. Mina assesses the situation. She notices some of the stones along the wall are false. Mechano studies the false rock on the wall.

- It’s a large boulder that protrudes from the rock face, but blends in well except for a seam that connects it to the rest. It makes a hollow, metal sound when struck. It’s a door – obvs. Mechano notices an inscription along the seam once he looks long enough. It’s a message to the finder, which says “Beyond this is Hellish Fire & Abominations to fill your nights with Nightmares”.

- Ajax is unable to find a means to open the door, so she decides to just smash it – and does! The door gives out under her blow and crumbles. Some stone from above to falls from above as a result, but not enough to fill the pathway – just enough to make noise.

- As the party progresses, they are hit by fire! Lucia is immune, Ajax is barely scathed, Mechano took minor damage, but Mina suffered badly from the blow. Eleforah laughs, commenting he could’ve stopped that trap. Ajax sheepishly admits fault as Lucia turns to heal Mina, which heals about half the fire damage. Lucia apologizes, but Mina is happy just for the effort.

- As they pause, they hear a loud growling from nearby, echoing through the tunnel.

Mina: Ajax, did you forget to eat before we came here?
Ajax: Not me. I’m full.

- Mina and Mechano fire wildly into the dark, hoping to hit something. There’s a brief calm and a chance to see – opposite them is a humanoid figure. They think they hit it but it doesn’t make any sound.

- Lucia invokes her prayers for guidance, seeking out what’s evil. She hears her own voice call to her, pointing toward evil energies from further ahead.

- Mina sends a volley of arrows sailing down at where the figure was. One hits and they hear feet moving toward them. They hear nails running against the wall of the cave as it approaches faster. As it enters the light, they see it’s an undead type, with flesh hanging off its body. The only part still intact is the stomach, which is hanging and gooey. Its arms are lanky, but its nails are huge and talon-like. Its face looks like it once was elven, but not so much anymore.

- As it rushes them, Ajax and Mina take a hit, which they weather.

- Robutler casts doubt on the identity of the undead being the Fire Priestess.

Mechano: Most of us don’t look so hot when we’re dead, but, hey, what do I know?

- They then hear another moan from the hall. The immediate zombie raises its claws, menacingly.

- Ajax carefully aims, then smashes the zombie’s hands, destroying the zombie’s hand as it swings at her – then the hammer travels forward, smashing and popping the zombie’s gut, which bursts and drops the zombie. They then notice three more zombies approaching.

- Mechano releases his Miniods on the zombies. The zombies pause and try to eat them, only to find they aren’t worth the effort. But they are overwhelmed and knocked down. Mina readies arrows and lets arrows fly, aiming for their stomachs. This time, it doesn’t do much of anything, other than causing a black ichor to pour from their bodies.

- Ajax rushes the zombie, trying to take advantage of her momentum, but this zombie actually anticipates her move and dodges! Lucia follows after, striking for the other, only to realize how quick the undead actually are. It grabs Lucia’s arm and bites Lucia’s arm off at the elbow! The zombie then consumes the severed limb as Lucia’s sword falls to the ground.

Mechano: Oh no! Lucia’s been DISARMED!!!
Ajax: DOC!!!
Lucia: Glares

- Ajax, seeing this, loses her cool and spins around, trying to bash both zombies in her fury. She deals mild damage, freeing Lucia’s arm from the zombie’s mouth.

- Mina invokes her songs – Fairy Jig & Healing Song – to staunch Lucia’s bleeding and reinvigorate her.

- Mechano fires his Cryogenic Beam Cannon at the third zombie, which rises from the floor and rushes. Mechano freezes the zombie in place. The zombie glares at him.

Ajax: Look! Mechano put him… ON ICE!
Mechano: Ahhhh! dual finger-point

- Lucia charges, tossing down her shield and reclaims her sword, to rush the zombie. She simply cleaves the zombie down the middle, blowing it clear in half.

Mechano: Man, these new skills are costing us an ARM and a LEG!

- Ajax rushes the other zombie, then slams her hammer down on it, crushing it utterly.
Mina launches an arrow, nicking its leg. Mechano fires his electric beam monocle, doing minor damage.

Ajax: Who’s up for some CRUSHED ICE?!
Mechano: That’s a COOL idea, Ajax!!!

- Ajax swings down, but the zombie steps back just in time, her hammer takes the ice off its body.

Ajax: Oh, C’MON!!! It was just a stupid joke!!!

- The zombie reels back and… laughs! Ajax’s jaw drops in shock, before growling, then slugging the zombie in the face with her off-hand so hard it caves in its skull, dropping it, winning the battle.

Mechano: Here, Ajax, we can bandage you up now.
Ajax: Thanks, I could use a hand.
Lucia: No, I’m the one who could use a hand.
Mechano: HAHA! See, Lucia? You’re getting in on the fun now!

- Mechano offers to take Lucia back, but Ajax reminds him he might explode if they do that. Lucia argues that she made a quest, so she’d stay and fight for his sake.

Lucia: I made a promise to save you!
Mechano: You’re… you’re CRAZY! But you’re MY kind of crazy! I like you!
Ajax: See, Doc? This is what “friendship” is like.
Mechano: Friendship is when people help me for nothing! I like it!!!

- Elforah comes over and examines the silver rings, found on the zombie’s hands. The bands read “We should all return to the source – the fire at the end of time”. The party obtains four silver rings.



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