Legends of Eris

Session 15
Deal with Cornelius (and Adventures in a Bag)

Session 15 – 1/28/2016
(Logged by Chris)

The explosion at Mechano’s base has caused collateral damage to neighboring buildings, and has drawn a lot of attention from nearby people.

Nobody was seriously injured, but they’re scared and hysterical.

Mechano’s neighbors gossip about him after the explosion. They become enraged and demand that Mechano pay for the damage to their property. Ajax buys the party some time to find the bomber, and the townspeople reluctantly let them go.

The party asks around the neighborhood for any information they can find on the bombing. Most have no idea, but one person saw a “strange fellow” approach Mechano’s lab… but then asks for a bribe to “jar his memory.” Lucia declares by her god that he must tell her everything he knows, for the sake of the town… but the man, seeing that she’s a priest, flees in fear.

Robutler has mentioned Cornelius meeting with Mechano previously. Mechano – with amnesia – doesn’t remember Cornelius, but the party remembers the shopkeeper Charlie Hooker mentioning him before, so they set out to meet him.

Robutler asks to stay in the base and tidy up, and Ajax, Mina, Tiny-Box Tim and the Minioids decide to stay with him.

Mechano and Lucia go to see Charlie Hooker. Everyone starts to stare at Lucia’s prosthetic arm. Charlie himself is suspicious of her too, and asks about her arm. Lucia asks about Cornelius. Charlie says he’s been hounding him for a long time, but that he’s always rejected his offers.

When Lucia raises the possibility of Cornelius bombing Mechano’s lab, Charlie seems surprised by the accusation. Charlie doesn’t know of anything, but suggests visiting Cornelius directly. He gives him directions to Cornelius’s headquarters.

They decide to go see Cornelius. His market is huge, fancy, and impressive. A young woman approaches them, and asks how she can help them. They set up an appointment to meet with Cornelius. The woman has them wait in a conference room. Lucia says she’s investigating the “incident” that occurred recently, and very openly states they’re here about the laboratory bombing. The attendant nervously excuses herself, to go get Cornelius.

Back at Mechano’s lab, Robutler is trying to assert himself as the leader of Mechano’s other robots. The Minioids don’t take him seriously at all, and instead just do whatever they want.

Meanwhile, Mina is studying Ajax’s emotional state carefully, out of concern for her. Ajax finds some old robot parts, and curiously looks at them. Mina asks about it, and Ajax explains what she found. Ajax wonders if Mechano could teach her to build something, and Mina is surprised by the very idea. Ajax sighs and calls herself a big dumb ox who just breaks stuff, but Mina reassures her that that’s not true.

Mina reminds Ajax that she kept her safe. Ajax still wants to build something, and she laments Mechano losing his memory. Mina suggests that he’s regaining some of it, and that working with him might jog his memories even more. Ajax likes the idea.

Ajax blames herself for the huge monster on their tail, but Mina reminds her that her own choices caused the sun to disappear. Ajax is reminded of the baby, and is curious about what it was.

Mina says that we can’t change the past, but that they can make the best out of what they currently have. Ajax agrees that she’s right, but still feels responsible. Ajax feels inspired to build a robot to protect people, and Mina agrees that it’s a good idea.

Mina suddenly asks if Mechano could build a sun, and Ajax isn’t sure. She has an idea, and rushes out of the building suddenly.

Ajax draws Robutler’s attention to the robot parts. Robutler notices his old book of ancient bard tales, but a Minioid steals it and runs off, much to Robutler’s dismay.

Mina heads to the library to visit Triscan.

After about two and a half hours, Cornelius, the young attendant, and four armed guards enter the room. He declares “It’s me! I’m Cornelius!”

Mechano swivels around in his chair to meet Cornelius, and asks “Oh! So you’re Cornelius?”

“What!? Playing coy with me, you bastard?!” Cornelius asks angrily.

Mechano explains that Robutler remembered him meeting with him, and asks if Cornelius knows anything about the explosion.

Cornelius asks why Mechano is here, and reminds him of the argument they had. Mechano doesn’t remember this disagreement at all, but apologizes for it. Cornelius gets increasingly frustrated.

Mechano then realizes that Cornelius wanted to partner up with him before, and – in an effort to extend his friendship and ease their conflict – happily obliges, which enrages and confuses Cornelius even more.

Cornelius asks if Mechano has really reconsidered, and he answers, “Of course! I’d much rather be friends than enemies!”

Cornelius asks who Lucia is, who introduces herself, before he immediately stops caring.

Cornelius pulls out a contract for Mechano to sign. The contract offers Cornelius’s services, such as market insurance, etc. It comes at a cost of profit percentages and a monthly quota.

Mechano happily signs the contract. Cornelius is very perplexed by this, but happily accepts it. But he then offers to help repair Mechano’s base. Mechano is so overcome with gratitude that he gives Cornelius a big hug; Cornelius then explains that it isn’t for free, and charges him 600 gold. Mechano only has 400 gold, which Cornelius accepts. The attendant accounts for the materials Mechano needs, and leaves him and Lucia to go.

Mina finds Triscan at the library. Triscan has been studying the sun, but hasn’t found anything. Triscan notices Mina’s bag of holding, and becomes interested in it. He offers to help her get what she needs out of it.

Triscan falls into the bag by accident. Mina’s dragged in too. They end up in a completely dark place.

Mina uses her grappling hook to try to escape the bag. She uses her lantern to illuminate the area, but it doesn’t work. Triscan tries to instead follow Mina’s voice. It doesn’t work.

Mina takes out the compass. It’s spinning wildly. She tells Triscan to wait here, and climbs up the rope. She ends up feeling pain suddenly and loses her grip on the rope. She sees utter blackness, but then sees stars off in the distance, all around her.

Meanwhile, Ajax is cleaning up the lab and sifting through mechanical parts. Mechano and Lucia arrive, and Mechano tells Ajax about his new “friend” Cornelius, who generously offered to rebuild the lab.

Ajax is livid, and asks Mechano how he could do such a thing.

Mechano: “Well, obviously Cornelius just wanted to be my friend really badly! …I mean, can you blame him?”

Robutler reenacts Cornelius storming out of Mechano’s lab, to remind his creator of the incident. Something starts to stir within Mechano’s mind.

Ajax frustratedly shouts “Alfred Mechano, listen to me!” and it reminds Mechano of his first name. Suddenly, he remembers the heated confrontation with Cornelius.

Mechano remembers angrily yelling at Cornelius, but blames himself for it, thinking he was rude. Ajax gets very frustrated.

A worker charges 50 Gold for the inspection, which Ajax reluctantly pays off. She insists Cornelius must be the bomber, but Mechano trusts him, genuinely wanting to believe that Cornelius is a good person.

Meanwhile, Mina meets a strange woman in the strange area she’s in. She asks who she is.

“I am… I don’t know what I am,” the woman says.

Mina says she lost a friend here, in the bag. The woman doesn’t seem to know what the bag is.

Mina grabs onto her, and finds that she’s a strange furry thing. She climbs on top of it to sit down.

“We can find your friend,” the woman says. “You’re in a place where lost things go. It takes a strong mind to escape this place. I’ve forgotten who I was. But it’s peaceful, and I like it here.”

Mina says she can’t stay. The woman asks who she is. Mina doesn’t know, but offers to give her a name instead. She names the woman Toriel.

Toriel is overjoyed to have a name, and flies forward to find Triscan. They do. Toriel takes them both to the exit to this strange world, and they start to finally regain the ability to see each other again. Toriel ends up looking kind of like a furry pink glowing narwhal, but with a cat-like face.

Toriel’s happy to have an identity now, and uses her will to get them out of the strange world they’re trapped in. She blasts a beam through the barrier, and Mina and Triscan escape, as Toriel asks them to remember her.

They end up back in the library. Triscan has a piece of a spear. Triscan apologizes for falling into the bag.

Mina invites Triscan to the bakery to talk to him. One of the books Triscan found were the Elvish Book of Fire Magic. Mina asks if Triscan’s ever heard of the Sacred Flame. He has.

She asks if it might have any connection to the Phoenix King. He’d never thought of that before, but wonders if there might be a relation.

Mina reminds him of the big orb from the underground tower. She says it was a piece of a star, and wonders if it might be possible to make an artificial sun on a smaller scale. Triscan wonders as well if it might work, looking through the ancient flames book. Mina leaves the book with him to investigate. Triscan heads back to the library to study the book.

Mina arrives at the bakery, and gets a decorated cake. She makes the cake with the message “For Toriel, From Mina” and drops it in the bag.

Mina returns to the lab, they get her up to speed on the situation.

Mechano agrees to help Ajax build a robot, and – after a few weeks – the lab is rebuilt by Cornelius’s workers.

Session 14
Return to Sun's Peak

Session 14 – 12/3/2015
Logged by: Ishnt

- As we enter Elora’s house, Lucia is being accosted by the ghouls. All three of them are piling onto her. Lucia tries to fight back, but she’s being overwhelmed… It takes a moment for Mina to realize what’s going on, but when she does, she tries to parley with the ghouls using the cake she bought as leverage. She shoves a slice into one of the ghoul’s mouths just as it’s about to bite Lucia! It’s enough to distract them, and Mina divides the cake among them. The ghouls are enamored with the cake, and focus on it instead. Ultimately, it’s enough to pacify them.

- Ajax tries to explain the situation to Elora, who is both horrified and impressed that we went to such lengths to save the ghouls. We ask if she can teach the ghouls the song to restrain the wild Timbermare, and she speaks to them in elvish. After the conversation, Elora confirms that she can indeed put them to this new task.

- Elora asks if the party needs any help, and Ajax explains how we were banished from the village. Elora says we need to leave immediately, but she’ll offer whatever help she can. She says that she’ll meet us outside town in an hour.

- We head out of town and wait for Elora until she arrives, sweating profusely and carrying a large sack. She pulls several magical items from the sack…

- She gives us a bag of holding, but warns us that it can be difficult to retrieve items from it. She says that there are probably lost items in it, and if we need something we can search in the bag. Mina takes it.

- She also gives us a Cloak of Silent Stars, which can bend time and fate. We can “break the rules” by invoking the magic of the cloak, and use it to defy danger using unusual stats. However, if we use its magic, it will grow weaker until it no longer works. Mechano takes it. (Mechanically, the cloak allows the wearer to defy danger with any stat— but each stat will only work one time. It is possible to trade it to another party member, but the used up stats won’t return.)

- She gives us an empty wine bottle with a cork stopper in it. She says that once the bottle is unstopped, we will hear whispers from another plane that will tell us of a great danger and give advice on how to avoid it. The magic is known as The Echo. Lucia takes it. (Mechanically, it allows us to force a reroll. It works identically to the human Fighter racial ability, except that it can be used outside of battle and is a one-time only use.)

- She gives us a copper-like metal rod, about two and a half feet long, with an archaic-looking symbol— an obsidian cross. Set in the center of the cross is a button. When you press the button, the rod will freeze in place, even to the point that it will be suspended in midair. While it’s frozen, it’s sturdy enough that Elora can even stand on it. It’s called an Immovable Rod. Ajax takes it.

- She gives us one last item— the Lodestone Shield. It has magnetic properties, drawing swords and arrows to it. By using it, you can disarm enemies who use metallic weapons. Ajax takes it, but plans on giving it to Lucia as soon as she can use shields again.

- Elora explains to us that she stole the items from the museum. She says she may be banished for it, but she is grateful enough to us for helping ease her responsibilities to the Timbermare that she’s willing to accept that. Furthermore, she recognizes our heroism, and says that with the world in a time of crisis, they don’t belong in a museum gathering dust. Mechano protests, but the rest of the party thinks that it’s worth taking these items to aid in our quest (and leaving Shaar-nel’ton on bad terms also may have influenced the decision…). Even Lucia is hard pressed to feel bad about taking the items. Elora then leaves, saying she hopes we’ll meet again.

- It’s extremely dark and cold, so Ajax brings out her candle. It feels like it’s about to snow. We decide to head for Wilde’s Haven, and from there to Sun’s Peak. We head onward, Mina as quartermaster, Mechano as trailblazer, and Ajax as scout. Ajax sees nothing amiss while scouting, and our way is clear.

- As we travel, Mina sees that Lucia and Ajax are feeling down, and decides to sing a song to try to lighten the mood. She gives an incredibly inspiring performance, which at least cheers Lucia up, and empowers her for the coming battles. But something goes slightly wrong with the magic, though we can’t immediately tell what it is…

- Mechano is able to find the way to Wilde’s Haven. However, when Mina goes to prepare our meals, all of our rations are gone!

- Someone starts laughing in the darkness. Mina starts to laugh at the out of place display of mirth, but Ajax draws her weapon in anger. Ajax recognizes that it’s the shadow demon from the Fire Priestess’s temple. It taunts us, saying that we are young and naive, and really know nothing of demons. It explains that it is the one who stole our food. When we woke it up, it had been asleep for a very long time, and was extremely annoyed… So, to even the score, it decided to annoy us.

- Mina asks if we can at least have a little of our food back, but the demon refuses, and shouts “No!” Its yelling is enough to destroy an enormous tree. Though it refuses to give us our food back, it says that it has since calmed down from its annoyance at its sleep being disturbed, and is grateful to us for waking it up now— the world is in a time of great chaos, and the demon is glad to be here. So, it leaves, claiming it has done us a favor by sparing our lives. Ajax is frustrated that such a creature is loose in the world, and mutters that it’s her fault.

- We reach Wilde’s Haven, and the guards let us in. They tell us that men have been dying in the woods, and that war is ready to break out in the east. The queen’s younger brother has begun attacking towns. Though Wilde’s Haven has wanted to send men to help with the war effort, they can’t leave due to the monsters in the woods. Ajax asks if we can carry anything along to Sun’s Peak, since we’re heading in that direction, and the guard says to send word that they need supplies. The long winter is making things extremely hard, and food is becoming more scarce. Ajax asks if anyone has heard from Eriskay, but there’s no information— they’ve sent messengers, but no one can get that far.

- Mechano buys us some new rations. They’re more expensive than usual, due to the food shortage. However, he is very generous and buys a pack of five for each of us, since he has the most money. We then go to see Elmira. She’s surprised that we’re alive, although Mina notes that there’s some confusion about Mechano. Ajax says she thought he had died, but isn’t really sure.

Mechano: It must be a divine miracle!
Ajax: Oh no… he believes in the gods now!

- Elmira is despairing, thinking that she will die soon— and possibly her whole village will turn to cannibalism and be wiped out before long. Ajax wonders if we can take her to Sun’s Peak, but she says she’s too old to handle the road.

- Thinking about the food supply crisis, Mina wonders if Mechano could whip up an artificial sun as a stopgap measure, if we could get his memories back. Ajax tries reminding Mechano of the adventure we had in the Lost City, but he can’t recall anything, in spite of racking his brain. He thinks the idea of a huge tower underground is ludicrous, and despairs again that he doesn’t know who anyone is. Lucia is worried about the prospects of getting her arm replaced with Mechano in such a state.

- Elmira offers us a meal and a place to stay for the night— and while we accept the shelter, Mechano balks at the idea of taking a meal with the food situation as it is. He instead gives a ration to her. We all sit down to a meal, and afterward, Elmira heads to sleep.

- We think about what we can do to restore Mechano’s memories, and Mina thinks that maybe she can make a performance to remind him of the adventure we had in the cavern. She tells the story while infusing magic into it, and does an incredible job. It restores Mechano’s memory partially… in particular with regard to the gadgets he used, and remembers how to use his gadget toolbelt!

(Note: Once Mechano has remembered how to use all of his moves, his memories will be fully restored.)

- Mechano says he still feels like he’s hearing about someone else in the story… and seems a little unsure of the person he once was. Ajax and Mina reassure him, saying that they both liked him back then. Mechano then focuses on what he can remember— the gadgets— and remembers that he built them in his lab, in Sun’s Peak. But even in this exciting moment, we have stayed up very late, so, overcome with exhaustion, we fall asleep on the ground where we’re sitting.

- The next “day”, we complete our journey back to Sun’s Peak. We head for Mechano’s lab, still intact, and Mechano is happy as he realizes he recognizes it. However, he frowns as he begins to think about why he built all of his inventions. He wonders if he was a bad guy, and Robutler assures him that he only had what was best for the world in mind. Ajax isn’t convinced that this is anything more than Robutler’s programming talking.

- Ajax is eager to see if there’s anything we can use in the lab, and so leads the way in. But when she opens the door, an explosion goes off! She tries to shut the door and bar it in place with her body and the Immovable Rod… and gets hit full force with the blast. She’s pretty hurt. Lucia has a vial of healing, and gives it to Ajax, restoring her.

Ajax: That was one of the stupidest things I ever did… That was worse than the time Mina and I got stuck in a cake for several hours!
Mina: I… thought we weren’t going to talk about that again…

- The lab is pretty thoroughly thrashed by the explosion, and a fire is breaking out. Mechano uses his cryogenic beam cannon to put out the fire, but even though he’s able to extinguish it, the explosion has already destroyed almost everything.

- Though Mechano immediately realizes that the bomb was meant for him, he can’t remember who could possibly want to kill him… but Robutler remembers Cornelius. He tries to remind Mechano, and gives a detailed description, which does nothing to jog Mechano’s memory. However, when Robutler mentions that Cornelius is a gnome, Ajax gets an idea— we need to go see Charlie Hooker, the armorer who hates short people. Mina is particularly unhappy with this plan.

- Before we leave, we give the lab one last examination. In the burnt-out room, Mechano finds an open drawer with a photograph in it. Mechano and Robutler are there, and some humans, elves, and a faerie standing amidst (probably ill-gotten) treasure. They’re Mechano’s old gang of ne’er-do-wells, and Mechano remembers that he used to wear disguises in their capers. He looks at his disguise kit and decides to try it out. Mechano finds a regal-looking cape and a cheap but convincing crown, and remembers a time he impersonated a prince. He laughs at the memory as it comes back to him, and remembers how to use his disguise kit.

Session 13
Immolated Memories

Session 13 – 8/20/2015

-Mina goes to find a Buckler to supplement her defense. Without any trouble, she finds one at a local armorsmith. Mechano, meanwhile, buys a disguise kit.

-The team reunites at their friend’s home and choose to rest a while and level up.

Mina: Ajax! You’re all bloodied up! What happened?!
Mechano: Revenge!
Ajax: You might say the pyromancer had a BLOW-OUT sale!
Mechano: Ooo! I like that one!
Ajax: Thanks, I was saving it!

-Mina sings her healing song for Mechano, which heals him entirely. Mina pries but Mechano offers up only vague response. Ajax explains that Mechano died in the battle, but mysteriously rose again. Mina tries to think over how it happened, even checking Mechano’s pulse. Though he has a pulse, he’s weirdly warm.

Mina: Are you sick?
Mechano: And the people say I’m cold-blooded!

-Mina asks if Lucia can feel Alora yet. Lucia admits she can’t, yet.

-The team turns their attention back to the ghouls, who are getting hungry. The team decides to rest the night and recover a bit. That night, Mechano has horrific nightmares of his life’s ambitions burning away before his eyes – his lab, his robots, and other accomplishments. When he awakens, he has no memory of who he is, or where he is. At first, they think he’s simply confused, then Ajax attempts to console him.

Ajax: I’m Ajax, that’s Mina, and the sleeping lump on the floor is Lucia.
Mechano: Oh. Well, thank you, Ajax!
Ajax: OH GODS! He thanked me! He really doesn’t have any idea of who he is!!

-Mina attempts to dispell any enchantments on Mechano using a song. It isn’t an enchantment, per se, but there is some magical influence over him. Mina asks if he has a small stone anywhere on him. Mechano digs around for tools, parts, wigs, clothing items, etc. He finds a small, broken, obsidian/gray ball. Mina examines it. The orb was the thing that used to contain the Fire Priestess, and used to be a vibrant orange-red. Remembering Elder Brad’s words, she reasons that Mechano’s death disenchanted the orb. Robutler presents the documentation of everything he’s written about Mechano and explains he planned to sell it for money.

Mechano: Selling someone out for money?! That’s not right!
Ajax: This amnesia is bad!

-Mechano laments that he was not a good person and mentions he might not want to return to his former self. Ajax and Mina are at a loss as authorities beat on the door. Ajax and Mina answer and the guards accuse Ajax and Mechano of assaulting the pyromancer. Ajax tries (poorly) to lie her way out, gaining them no ground. Ajax advises Mina and Lucia stay behind, but Mina protests, saying she wants to go with them. Ajax and Mechano go into the barracks and Mina must wait outside. Lucia stays behind to keep eyes on the ghouls and to eventually speak with Elder Brad.

-Elven society is like a monarchy, and those with power make the rules. The law is to be shaped to their present needs. Mechano is unable to answer, and Ajax is honest about the curse and the shake-down. The guards tell them that they’ll be on trial the next day, but none of them know much about how the justice system in this particular town go. Mina is able to come up with a few options, like death and exile being the most likely, possibly a heavy fine. The courts are run by tribunal, and the decisions are handed down by majority vote, not unanimity. In the olden days, it had to be unanimous but due to the differing personalities, that took too much time. There are five elders, including Elder Brad. Elder Josh, Elder Tina, Elder Emily, and Elder Greg. Mina goes to speak to Elder Brad first, but Brad explains he can only speak with the other elders before the trial. Mina tries to protest, trying to invoke both her favor with Brad and her royal lineage, neither working very well.

-Meanwhile, Lucia goes fishing for the ghouls. With a spear and one arm. Somehow, she does shockingly well. She sates the ghoul hunger for another day.

-Mina speaks to the witness, the Geomancer, and a fruit salesman. The two witnesses saw Ajax and Mechano enter the shop and after some commotion, the fruit salesman snuck near the window to see what happened. He saw that someone was yelling at him, a large dog-creature, goading him by trying to steal all his fruit from his stand. Once in his shop, he heard a loud explosion from the Pyromancer store, seeing the dog creatures make a run for it. The Geomancer knows the Pyromancer, due to running in similar circles. He admits the Pyromancer is a hot head, but hasn’t cursed anyone before. Mina asks if he has that potential, and the Geomancer explains some schools of magic lend themselves to that than others. The Pyromancer has escalated fights before with other townsfolk.

-Mina assesses the best escape routes. The catwalks above would be slower, but might be easier, versus running headlong into the forest. Mina then spreads some pro-Mechano/Ajax propaganda around time.

-Lucia goes fishing, with much less success this time.

-The judges investigate Mina’s explanation of the curse. Mechano indeed has such a mark on his soul. Mina makes it a point to remind them of the good Ajax, Mechano, and she had done – the ogre attack, the party, etc. The Pryomancer retorts, claiming the curse was done in good cause. The elders reply saying that doesn’t change that the shop was ransacked. Eventually, the judges decide that exile is the best choice, due to their good works before.

-On the way out, Mina buys some items.

-Meanwhile, Lucia arrives right in time for Alora to be attacked by the ghouls. Lucia has presence of mind to invoke her divine authority, causing them to back off from Alora, but then they rush Lucia instead. She nearly has her armor torn apart, so she resolves to destroy them once and for all. Alora begins prying hastily about why the ghouls are there, but Lucia shouts her down and claims she’ll explain later. She is engaged in a grapple before breaking free. After the ghoul speaks, apologizing for their primal outburst, Lucia hesitates only for a moment. She tries to attack, but it’s a major whiff. She has her mechanical arm broken and loses her sword. Lucia decides the only thing to do is run for it.

-Elder Brad consoles the rest of the group, explaining that he was the nay vote in the 4-1 vote. He explains that he is concerned about the Pyromancer’s authority based on the old laws. Mina asks if she can invoke her favor, but since they only have half an hour, no one can think of anything in particular.

Mechano: We really should make an apology basket for that poor Pyromancer!
Ajax: Mechano, you need to stop talkin’ ‘til your memory’s back…

-Meanwhile, Lucia tries to flee, but the ghouls block them in! Just then, the team returns and opens the door…

Session 12
The End of Dr. Mechano!?

Session 12 – 7/2/2015
(Logged by Chris)

The heroes head back up to the main chamber, and decide to check out the experimental chamber. The door has an insectoid-humanoid on it.

Upon opening it, a strong smell comes out. Mina and Mechano become sick from the odor. Lucia takes a -1 to spell-casting. Ajax is unbothered.

They arrive in a big chamber. There are big wooden slabs that are propped up by gears, pivoting on a fulcrom with a rolling wheel. Along the wall are bottles and viles. They see one of the insectoid creatures depicted on the door, sleeping.

The heroes quietly sneak over to the books on the other side of the room, careful not to wake the creature up. The books are old, and none of them are in the common tongue.
Mina examines the books and determines that the book is written in a very old language from the south. To read it, they must find a scholar of ancient cultures to decipher the words.

Ele’Forah determines that one of them is a book on old Elvin magic. It’s a book on creating creatures out of other creatures. They take some of the books.

The heroes then look at a shelf of vials. They find 3 Antitoxins and 4 Healing Potions. They’re divided among the party.

Mechano begins investigating the gears and machinery of the room. He notices that it’s not a normal gear system; He notices levers at the bottom where someone can operate the machine with their feet. He finds a hydraulic system and plans to salvage it later; Ajax carries it.

Mina finds a book on pyromancy, and takes it.

Ajax examines the monster tentatively. She accidentally wakes the creature.

Mechano and Robutler examine it, determining that it is a manticore, a fabricated creature made up of artificially-infused animal parts. They are designed to kill. They’re also generally made to serve someone. It’s weak to extreme cold. It has poison.

Ajax names the manticore Norm and orders it to pick up a table. The manticore throws itself at Ajax and attacks.

Mina empowers Ajax with her music. Ajax attacks the manticore with her hammer.

Mechano fires his Cryogenic Beam Cannon at the manticore. The extreme cold of the freeze ray starts to break off the creature’s armored plating.

Mina fires off her confetti-poppers to distract the beast, and it works! The creature is awestruck by the confetti.

Lucia takes advantage of the distraction, hacking and slashing the manticore. The manticore’s head is hacked off, spraying ooze everywhere.

Mina offers the creature to the zombies, and they’re like, “Yeah, sure, okay.”

Lucia notices the creature is covered in heavy plating, and has a huge poisonous stinger. She salvages the armor and stinger.

They exit the research facility and head into the next room, and head into the treasure room.

On the way, Mina asks Lucia about the Sacred Flame. All she knows is that it brought fire to the ancient people of the world, becoming smaller and smaller over time.

In the treasure room, they find a pile of gold in the center of the room. They hear something stirring within.

Shelves, vases, and chests are destroyed. There’s a dragon skeleton.

Mina examines the situation, and determines that something is waking up under the gold.

Lucia and Ajax go to attack whatever’s under the gold preemptively. Ajax slams her hammer into the creature.

It screeches, and a head peers out. With its last breath it says, “You fools, what have you done? That really hurt! Shit!”

The candle suddenly dwindles and goes dark.

A booming voice says, “Who are you?”

The voice and Ajax banter for a while, and they learn that the voice “regained” the temple after the death of the fire priestess.

It threatens to kill them and steal their gold.

Suddenly, a scream echoes through the entire cave.

Suddenly, gold coins are thrown everywhere and hit the team, dealing damage.

Mechano uses his Electric Beam Monocle to illuminate the area. They find the exit, and all flee. Ajax hits the wall and takes damage. Her shoulder breaks.

Lucia is badly injured on her way out. She feels cold. A monstrous roar can be heard.

Ajax leaps after the origin of the sound with her hammer. She breaks her ankle.

Mina sings her healing song for Lucia.

Mechano fires his Electric Beam Monocle again to illuminate the room. The two of them scramble up the stairs and out of the room.

They all flee the treasure room, and a loud shaking sound can be heard. Stone is torn apart.

They decide to abandon the third room of the temple and flee the entire building. The candle illuminates again.

They decide to head back to the Elvin City. Mina gives Ajax two healing potions, healing her broken bones.

They undertake a perilous journey back to town.
Quartermaster: Mina
Scout: Ajax
Lucia: Trailblazer

The evil city’s name is Shaar-nel’ton.

Lucia goes to the temple to seek aid for her missing arm. An old elvin woman is there. She asks how she can help them.

The healer is unfamiliar with regeneration, and can’t help.

Ajax shows the healer the fire priestess’s ring, and asks about it. The healer asks for money, and Ajax refuses. The healer exits, leaving a child with the group.

The kid tells the group a lot of obvious information, but then tells them something important: that some of the townsfolk wish to hunt down the Phoenix King.

The kid knows about the fire priestess, and has no idea what the ring is.

They return to Elorah’s apartment to begin plan B: Mechano begins to operate on Lucia. Mechano jury-rigs an extremely-basic robotic arm for Lucia.

The team rests and levels up.

Mina takes the ghouls to the temple to get the lyrics to the Timbermare song. But no one knows the lyrics.

Lucia prays, and gets an unwavering sense of direction to Elorah and piercing lies. Ra’hama demands the observance of daily holy services. She heads to the temple to observe.

Mina goes to see Elder Brad.

Mechano, accompanied by Ajax, goes to confront the pyromancer who cursed him. The Minioids rush in and start trashing the Pyromancer’s store.

The Pyromancer fights back with fireballs. Mechano throws an exploding crystal at him, but it does no damage. Ajax attacks as well, breaking his ribs and knocking him to the floor. The Pyromancer gives some cryptic threats, but lies on the ground. Mechano kicks him and leaves. The Minioids managed to steal three exploding crystals and a magic wand.

Mina speaks with Brad, who looks at the rings. The Silver Ring is identified as being from a time when the elves followed the Fire Priestess.

Lucia, meanwhile, is praying at the temple. She’s met by a man there, who says she doesn’t look like a normal follower of the faith. He says it is very kind of her to pay respects to their gods. She explains that she’s on a quest.

Mechano and Ajax are attacked by dogs wielding knives. Mechano falls, and Ajax – in a rage attacks back. Mechano blacks out, as everything becomes hazy.

Mechano hears a voice. It says Mechano’s soul has been tainted. He says that he can’t drag Mechano to the other side because of the flame power he’s received. He warns Mechano that he has no idea what will happen if he returns to the world.

Mechano revives, and blasts the dogs with fire, destroying one while the other escapes. Ajax hugs Mechano and is shocked to see him alive. The two go on their way with their loot in tow.

Mina continues talking to Brad, and reports the Pyromancer’s illegal cursing activity. She asks about the Fire Priestess, and learns that the goal of pyromancy is reckless abandon, no longer controlling the fire but running wild with it. The final goal should have been the perfect incarnation of flame, which should have brought forth knowledge and wisdom untold – instead, the orb became a powerful source of magic. Over time, the Fire Priestess lost her mind, losing sight of her goal, and spread fire for fire’s sake, and to rend the world to ash and rebirth it as something pure again. Her acolytes eventually turned on her, and eventually destroyed her – supposedly.

The acolytes became the ghouls that the team recruited, who cursed themselves to keep their former leader bound for all time.

The silver rings are apparently not magical, but since they are historic and ornate, they probably have some street level value. Mina asks about museums in the town, and Elder Brad agrees to purchase the silver ring off her. Mina trades it away for a favor, which she agrees to return for eventually in the future. Mina then presents the Priestess’ ring, reminding him of the story where it was pertinent. Brad confirms there is some kind of enchantment, but is unsure what kind. Mina asks if there is anyone who could separate the ring from the magic that imbues it. Brad explains he can do that personally. Mina then pries to see if the ring’s magic could be moved to a weapon or some other item and utilized safely.

Session 11
The Death of the Fire Priestess

Session 11 – 6/26/2015
(Logged by Ishnt)

- We hear dripping from the corridor, now that things have quieted down. As we listen, we feel as though we hear an eerie choir that we can’t quite focus on. It soon fades away.

- Ajax takes the lead as we continue on, while Robutler goes on about sediment. We hear the choir again. Mina concentrates, and understands that it’s an ancient elvish song. She can’t understand the words, but she recognizes the style of music. However, she can’t tell if there are any magical properties in the music.

- We come upon a wooden door barred by cold iron. Mina knows that it’s used frequently in cemeteries and weaponry. It’s said to have protective properties against faeries, ghosts, and demons. (Side note: Elves are highly evolved faeries, but because they’re mortal, they’re not vulnerable to the stuff. This is especially true for Mina, being half-human.) Eleforah checks the door for traps. After a little while, he declares that he can’t find any. Ajax, with an incredible display of controlled strength, knocks down the door without making too much noise.

- We enter an enormous room with a lava pit at the bottom. The room is incredibly dark, but we can see some important details thanks to Ajax’s candle. There’s a great wooden bridge over the lava, with a pair of islands on either side. There are crane-like stone birds on the islands. They’re elegant-looking statues with flowers on their heads and wispy wings.

Mechano: Ahh, Robutler, this makes me nostalgic. It reminds me of our old lair, back before we moved to Sun’s Peak!

- Ajax decides to cross the bridge first, while we stay back with our weapons ready. As she approaches one of the bridge’s support columns, she sees that there are runes engraved on them. When she steps onto the column, the script begins to glow, and the light then spreads to the entire column. Ajax hears cracking, and the statues start to come to life. Mina, in a panic, immediately looses an arrow at one of the statues. It strikes true, but doesn’t seem to do much, as the stone continues to be shed. They become flowing red creatures, and turn their gazes on us. They ask in unison “Friend or foe?”

- Mina asks who they are, but they don’t seem particularly interested in her. “We are the Guardians of the Flame, and you must prove to us that you are followers of the Sacred Fire.” Ajax explains Mechano’s predicament, and says that he must get the flame out of him. Mechano claims he has the power of the fire burning within him, and that as their ally, he must be let past. Flame erupts from their eyes, and they say that he is cursed, and must prove himself as a follower of the flame.

- Mechano throws a pyromatic explosion flask at the ground to show his mastery of flame, but the birds aren’t impressed. They rocket into the air and begin to become agitated. Mechano then uses all of his charges to power up his flame, tossing down explosion flask after explosion flask. The birds calm down and begin to treat him as a friend, but ask him again to prove with his words that he follows the flame. Mechano starts to talk about all the flame he’s worked with, including the fireworks he’s famous for. The birds want to see the fireworks.

- Mechano pulls the colorful fire crystals (from the elf city) and rifle ammunition (from the ancient city) from his pack. As he is working on the fireworks, the heat of his surroundings begins to catch up with him, and he feels the curse coming forth, stronger than before. He feels the pain of burning, but manages to finish his fireworks. The display is glorious. The birds are in awe, and say that they haven’t seen the multicolored flame in ages, which they call “the truest of flames”. They agree at last to lead Mechano to the flame.

- The birds fly down to the ledge of the cliff and present their backs to us. They have stone on their backs, from the nape of their necks to their tails, that we can climb onto, and we do. Mechano, Mina, and Lucia ride on one bird. Ajax, Eleforah, and Robutler ride on the other. As we settle in, we notice that on their heads are beautiful flowers— blue on one, and green on the other. Ajax looks the flowers over, and remembers stories about the flowers of the phoenix. All phoenixes have flowers that grow on them. Phoenixes are symbols of life, but they are also creatures of destruction. The more things the phoenix has destroyed, the more flowers they have. They are powerful and magical.

- The phoenixes take to the air, zooming forward and startling all the riders. They take us past the bridge and into an inner sanctum. Within, there’s a blue screen encasing the back wall. Protruding from it is another wall of blue. They seem as though they are made of water, and they flow and drip. The great wall of water stretches 50 feet high, while the smaller wall seems to be holding something we can’t quite make out from this distance. A grand staircase leads up to the center wall, and pools of magma are on either side. At the top of the staircase are humanoid figures, and while we can’t make out any details, we can hear them singing. They are the choir we heard before.

- Mechano asks who the people are, and the phoenixes reply that they are followers of the Sacred Flame. They say that it is time for him to join his people. Mechano begins to ascend the staircase. All the people are in grey, ragged robes, and they kneel, facing the wall of water, as they chant the song. Mechano sees that inside the wall is a feminine figure holding a stone. He can’t quite make out any other details through the water’s distortion.

- Mina focuses on the music and tries to learn the song. She can’t understand the words, but she does understand the music. It’s a song of protection against fire. Mina sings the song and focuses it on Mechano, trying to mitigate the effect of the curse— and it’s effective. A magical water barrier forms around Mechano.

- Mechano turns to the woman in the wall and addresses her, asking what the deal with the stone is. One of the acolytes— a female zombie— looks up to Mechano. The acolyte says that Mechano must not speak with her, and must join in the chanting, in order to keep her at bay. Mechano asks who it is that they’re trying to keep contained. A different acolyte identifies her as the Fire Priestess, and says that if she escapes, she will destroy the world. Mechano says that he’d rather fight the priestess, but the acolytes say that the priestess will take their minds and force them to destroy him if they ever stopped singing.

- Mechano tries to reach through the barrier and grab the stone. He sees the woman more clearly now. She is holding the stone above her head with one hand, and pointing with the other, an expression of fury on her face. Mechano takes the stone and puts jerky in her hand. The stone is a beautiful, perfect sphere that reflects light. Within, glimpses of fire can be seen. But as Mechano looks up, he sees that the chanters are horrified.

Mechano: It’s okay! I don’t think she noticed.

- As Mechano exits the water, he falls to his knees, unable to let go of the stone. He finds himself lost in the sensation of fire. The stone explodes in his face, burning him severely. However, at the same time, the explosion seems to draw flame from him. The curse is pulled from him, but as he tries to recover, he’s blown down the stairs by a second explosion. He survives— but barely. Mina quickly forces a potion down his throat to keep him alive. As he clambers to his feet, he notices that little flames have appeared, floating above his hands, but they don’t seem to harm him.

Lucia: We need to get you to a medical doctor! You’re burning up!

- Mina examines the flames and thinks about it. She thinks that it’s residue of the Sacred Flame, left over from touching the orb. It’s some kind of fire magic that Mechano may be able to manipulate.

- The wall of water floats away, and the chanters scream. The priestess’s expression becomes confused, and we can see her clearly now. She seems to be a beautiful woman with bright red hair, an obsidian necklace, and a flowing black gown— at first. But her flesh and gown begin to rot before our eyes. The priestess screams in elvish, then floats forward, touching down on the ground. She asks “Who is the one who released me?” Mechano steps forward and tells her that he did. The priestess says that she will wed him, and that together, they will turn the world into a burning star.

Mechano: Er… I’m flattered, really, but… I’m way too young for you! You know that, right?

- The priestess tries to put a ring on Mechano’s finger, but Ajax steps in grabs her arm, forcing it away. However, in the same motion, the priestess forces the ring onto Ajax’s finger. She admires Ajax’s strength, and says that she, instead of Mechano, will be her betrothed.

- Mechano steps forward and thrusts his hands forward, hoping to use the power of the flames against her. Using his willpower, he manages to overcome the mental strain from the force of the power, and a column of flame bursts from his hands, blasting the priestess away. Wasting no time, Ajax pulls the ring off and puts it in her pouch. Mina empowers her with her song, then Ajax springs forward with her hammer, bringing it down on the priestess.

- Lucia goes in for a strike with her sword to bring the priestess down, and with an enormously mighty blow, cleaves her in two. The chanters, who look as though they were about to attack us, stop in their tracks. They look down at their hands. “She’s gone…” There is some initial confusion, with Lucia and Mechano thinking that the zombies are about to attack us, but Ajax says that she thinks they’re friendly.

- The zombies are confused, and Ajax explains what’s happened. The zombies then tell us their story. “We cursed ourselves to stay alive so that we could keep her at bay. You’ve freed us… Is there anything we can offer you?” Ajax asks what they have, and they present her with a key. They say that the key will unlock the doors on the upper levels and disable any traps within the temple.

- Mechano asks what the zombies will do next. They don’t know what to do. They say that the song kept them nourished, but now they have nothing to sing for. Mina suggests that they go out to see the world, but they doubt that society will accept ghouls. Aside from that, they also say that they require the flesh of the living, and if they do not eat, their hunger overtakes them. Mina wonders if there is something else they might sing for, and Ajax remembers the song that kept the corrupted Timbermare contained. She says that they could put themselves to a new purpose, singing that song until we find a way to lift their curse. They are hesitant because they aren’t certain they can contain their hunger. They say that it may be better to kill them now, but Ajax insists that they follow her plan.

Session 10
Lucia Disarmed

Session 10 – 4/30/2015
(Logged by Jeff)

The Battle of Fails

- The party finds themselves amidst the Fire Priestess’ room. After discerning the different rooms’ purposes, the party agrees to descend the well, due in part to Lucia’s divine guidance.

- Mina takes a grappling hook from her adventure pack and locks the hook into place. Mina climbs down first. As she goes down she admires the shining fungus and takes some with her. Mechano uses his hover boots to head down. Ajax follows after on the rope, followed by Lucia.

- The new area is a natural, underground cavern, not worked by human hands. Ajax takes out her white candle, illuminating the cave. They hear natural sounds of legs and wings.

- Mina brandishes her instrument and weapons defensively. They notice there aren’t proper corridors or chambers. Mina assesses the situation. She notices some of the stones along the wall are false. Mechano studies the false rock on the wall.

- It’s a large boulder that protrudes from the rock face, but blends in well except for a seam that connects it to the rest. It makes a hollow, metal sound when struck. It’s a door – obvs. Mechano notices an inscription along the seam once he looks long enough. It’s a message to the finder, which says “Beyond this is Hellish Fire & Abominations to fill your nights with Nightmares”.

- Ajax is unable to find a means to open the door, so she decides to just smash it – and does! The door gives out under her blow and crumbles. Some stone from above to falls from above as a result, but not enough to fill the pathway – just enough to make noise.

- As the party progresses, they are hit by fire! Lucia is immune, Ajax is barely scathed, Mechano took minor damage, but Mina suffered badly from the blow. Eleforah laughs, commenting he could’ve stopped that trap. Ajax sheepishly admits fault as Lucia turns to heal Mina, which heals about half the fire damage. Lucia apologizes, but Mina is happy just for the effort.

- As they pause, they hear a loud growling from nearby, echoing through the tunnel.

Mina: Ajax, did you forget to eat before we came here?
Ajax: Not me. I’m full.

- Mina and Mechano fire wildly into the dark, hoping to hit something. There’s a brief calm and a chance to see – opposite them is a humanoid figure. They think they hit it but it doesn’t make any sound.

- Lucia invokes her prayers for guidance, seeking out what’s evil. She hears her own voice call to her, pointing toward evil energies from further ahead.

- Mina sends a volley of arrows sailing down at where the figure was. One hits and they hear feet moving toward them. They hear nails running against the wall of the cave as it approaches faster. As it enters the light, they see it’s an undead type, with flesh hanging off its body. The only part still intact is the stomach, which is hanging and gooey. Its arms are lanky, but its nails are huge and talon-like. Its face looks like it once was elven, but not so much anymore.

- As it rushes them, Ajax and Mina take a hit, which they weather.

- Robutler casts doubt on the identity of the undead being the Fire Priestess.

Mechano: Most of us don’t look so hot when we’re dead, but, hey, what do I know?

- They then hear another moan from the hall. The immediate zombie raises its claws, menacingly.

- Ajax carefully aims, then smashes the zombie’s hands, destroying the zombie’s hand as it swings at her – then the hammer travels forward, smashing and popping the zombie’s gut, which bursts and drops the zombie. They then notice three more zombies approaching.

- Mechano releases his Miniods on the zombies. The zombies pause and try to eat them, only to find they aren’t worth the effort. But they are overwhelmed and knocked down. Mina readies arrows and lets arrows fly, aiming for their stomachs. This time, it doesn’t do much of anything, other than causing a black ichor to pour from their bodies.

- Ajax rushes the zombie, trying to take advantage of her momentum, but this zombie actually anticipates her move and dodges! Lucia follows after, striking for the other, only to realize how quick the undead actually are. It grabs Lucia’s arm and bites Lucia’s arm off at the elbow! The zombie then consumes the severed limb as Lucia’s sword falls to the ground.

Mechano: Oh no! Lucia’s been DISARMED!!!
Ajax: DOC!!!
Lucia: Glares

- Ajax, seeing this, loses her cool and spins around, trying to bash both zombies in her fury. She deals mild damage, freeing Lucia’s arm from the zombie’s mouth.

- Mina invokes her songs – Fairy Jig & Healing Song – to staunch Lucia’s bleeding and reinvigorate her.

- Mechano fires his Cryogenic Beam Cannon at the third zombie, which rises from the floor and rushes. Mechano freezes the zombie in place. The zombie glares at him.

Ajax: Look! Mechano put him… ON ICE!
Mechano: Ahhhh! dual finger-point

- Lucia charges, tossing down her shield and reclaims her sword, to rush the zombie. She simply cleaves the zombie down the middle, blowing it clear in half.

Mechano: Man, these new skills are costing us an ARM and a LEG!

- Ajax rushes the other zombie, then slams her hammer down on it, crushing it utterly.
Mina launches an arrow, nicking its leg. Mechano fires his electric beam monocle, doing minor damage.

Ajax: Who’s up for some CRUSHED ICE?!
Mechano: That’s a COOL idea, Ajax!!!

- Ajax swings down, but the zombie steps back just in time, her hammer takes the ice off its body.

Ajax: Oh, C’MON!!! It was just a stupid joke!!!

- The zombie reels back and… laughs! Ajax’s jaw drops in shock, before growling, then slugging the zombie in the face with her off-hand so hard it caves in its skull, dropping it, winning the battle.

Mechano: Here, Ajax, we can bandage you up now.
Ajax: Thanks, I could use a hand.
Lucia: No, I’m the one who could use a hand.
Mechano: HAHA! See, Lucia? You’re getting in on the fun now!

- Mechano offers to take Lucia back, but Ajax reminds him he might explode if they do that. Lucia argues that she made a quest, so she’d stay and fight for his sake.

Lucia: I made a promise to save you!
Mechano: You’re… you’re CRAZY! But you’re MY kind of crazy! I like you!
Ajax: See, Doc? This is what “friendship” is like.
Mechano: Friendship is when people help me for nothing! I like it!!!

- Elforah comes over and examines the silver rings, found on the zombie’s hands. The bands read “We should all return to the source – the fire at the end of time”. The party obtains four silver rings.

Session 9
Tomb of the Sacred Flame

Session 9 – 3/4/2015
(Logged by: Chris)

Mina – Strength
Ajax – Intelligence
Lucia – Dexterity
Mechano – Charisma

- Mina goes to Elder Brad. He is instructing some other, younger elves about something. She asks him about the engraving on her sword. He tells her that it is from the southern elves, from the Ember Forest, beyond the scorched valley. She also learns that the southern elves trade with the orcs to the north.

- Aside: Orcs are Khorzir, and largely take offense to the term “orc”.

- Brad asks what was in the box specifically. Mina tells him about the coins, and shows him one. He doesn’t recognize where the coins might have originally come from. The stamp on the coin is unfamiliar, and perhaps not even from Eris.

- Mina doesn’t know anything about the coins either. But she knows of a library to the south, deep within the desert. She reasons that perhaps it could shed some light on these coins.

- Ajax recalls the tales of her ancestor Aldrick. The region is filled with bizarre creatures; distorted travesties of wildlife that seemed somehow corrupted or twisted. He was frequently accosted by monsters that almost stole his life, and nearly pulled down into the sand over and over. One night, Aldrick awoke from a nightmare. In the nightmare, he became convinced that the sand itself may not have been sand, but rather the ground-up bones of every creature that died there. Aldrick then left in terror and became a farmer, hoping to bring more verdancy to the world.

- As Mina and Ajax head to meet up with the others, they meet an old woman. She is talking to the sky. “It has happened! What is befallen us?” She says death is coming, and that “what has not come will never come now.”

Ajax: Boy, and I thought we were done with crazy cultists…

- Mina frowns and asks Ajax how long it’s been since the eclipse started. Ajax realizes it’s been over a week. They remember that the sun is only supposed to be gone for a week. They walk past the doomsayer and continue on. As they pass, the doomsayer stares directly at them, but says nothing.

- Mechano fills Mina and Ajax in on his curse, and frantically rushes them to help find the Sacred Flame in order to prevent him from becoming a human bomb. Ajax offers Mechano reassurance that he’ll be alright.

Ajax: Take it easy, Doc. Your safety comes first.
Mechano: Of course it does! That’s always been top priority!

- Mechano dresses the party’s wounds with bandages, insisting that they have no time to sleep.

- Mina gets a new bow-string on the way out of town.

- Lucia places a hand on Mechano’s shoulder and traces the location of the Sacred Flame, to the southwest.

- Eleforah arrives and is told they might have to postpone their journey to the faerie society. He says he’ll tag along for a higher price. Mechano turns on the charm and tries to win him over with crocodile tears; It doesn’t turn.

- Mechano keels over and takes 2 damage suddenly. Eleforah is unmoved and still wants 50 more coins. Mechano reluctantly forks them over.

- They stop by the cartographer to get a map. Though they are unable to read its text, they still feel it will be useful. He warns them to watch out for fairies and monsters in the center of the woods.

- They go on a perilous journey into the forest. Lucia notices her intuition starts to feel misleading. However, she overcomes it in about eight hours, and eventually leads the party to a cave. There is a mysterious whistling sound that comes from the cave, in a great gale.

Mechano: Well, the place has nice acoustics at least.
Mina: Yeah… I could sing a song here.
Mechano: A song? Oh, yes, great! Why don’t we all grab instruments and put on a show! I can even provide the pyrotechnics when I explode!

- Lucia urges Mechano to calm down, which he reluctantly does.

- Mina sings her Healing Song and Song of Battle. It empowers Lucia.

- They go into the cave, and it gets smaller as they go into it, sloping downward. There are bats everywhere. They eventually find a door.

- On the door is a script in Elven. Eleforah translates: It says that this is the tomb of the great priestess Shamshala, the guardian of the Sacred Flame. She swore herself to protect it, beyond even death.

- Robutler chimes in. Shamshala was an ancient elven priestess who was one of the most powerful pyromancers of the elven tribes long ago. She started the curse of the pyromancer. She was from the Ember Forest, which burned down long ago. She started going on a rampage, cursing all who had the power of fire, making the sacred flame within the dungeon complex. Shamshala became obsessed with the protection of fire. She had to escape the curse of death, so that she could “save” the world. She began experimenting with necromantic powers to stop her own aging. She made herself horribly unnatural, driving herself to madness. Robutler says that Shamshala is weak to fire.

Mechano: Excellent! We have plenty of fire!
Ajax: I’ll say! We’ll just throw you at her!
Mechano: Hey!
Ajax: Just kiddin’, Doc! Simmer down. Heh, simmer.

- They go to open the door. Ajax is about to bust it down, when Eleforah offers to look over the door for traps. He disarms the door, and they head through.

- In the chamber, they see glowing, illuminated fungus. A pool is in the middle of the chamber. At the end of the chamber are three doors. On the doors are emblems of a leaf, a dragon, and a bizarre hornet-like creature. Mina discerns realities, and hears chilling moaning from one of the doorways, but she can’t tell which one. It sounds like the howl of the wind at the mouth of the cave. Unnatural entities could be inhabiting this place.

- She investigates the doors and asks Eleforah to translate the script on each one; He concludes that each door has a riddle. The center door (leaf) was the ceremonial chamber of Shamshala. Another door (dragon) is a treasure room. The last room (hornet) was an experimental chamber where she researched her spells.

- Mina notices the well, and sees that it’s illuminated from the bottom. She notices that the water doesn’t feel any different. She sticks her head in, and notices she can breathe in the pool; It isn’t water at all. They decide to search for the flame at the bottom of the well.

Session 8
Monster Party

Session 8 – 2/18/2015
(Logged by: Ishnt)

- We start gathering materials for the party. Ajax buys a cask of elven wine. For party favors, we’re able to find multi-colored vines to use as streamers, and vibrant flower petals from plants known as the Flowers of the Undying to use as confetti. For fuel, we learn the elves use crystals with magical pyromatic energy. For food, Mina gets tons of pastries. Ajax looks for meat, but all she can find is fish. The fishmonger is trying to downplay rumors about the river’s corruption, to protect his livelihood. The only other animal in the area are elk, which the elves do not eat. They are highly revered, and are used in place of horses in this region.

- Aside: The bastard son of the King Raenar is the leader of the Moose Riders. During mating season, the moose become more aggressive.

- Mina leads the great party… and it’s highly successful! The event is amazing, and we meet practically everyone, including the Elder Council, the leaders of the village.

- Among the townsfolk, we meet a strange elf clad in black robes, his hood up at all times. He’s aloof and untalkative, keeping to himself… very much the opposite of Mina. However, he takes interest in the wine, and introduces himself to her, away from the rest of the party. His name is Eleforah. Mina tells him of our quest to save the Timbermare, and our intention to seek out the faeries. This, combined with the potency of the wine, manages to get him to admit his origin. Once upon a time, he lived in Avalon, the realm of the faeries, and he knows its secrets and ways. He says he’ll accompany us there if we’re foolish enough to go, but he has a price.

- Mina tries to persuade him to join up for less coin, but suddenly ogres! (?!)

- The ogre climbs up a tree and grabs Mina. She demands an explanation, and the ogre bellows “Sweet meat!” The crushing power of his hand deals great damage. Eleforah draws a scimitar, and Mina sings loudly, both to empower the mysterious elf and to alert the rest of the party. Ajax, hearing the song and immediately recognizing trouble, leads the charge.

- The ogre starts to climb down the tree, Mina still in his grasp. But before the others can reach them, two more ogres jump up and start attacking the townspeople, wielding trees as clubs.

Mechano: I don’t know if you realized, but this party is invitation only!

- The party splits, with Ajax and Eleforah running after Mina, while Mechano and Lucia battle the ogres threatening the townspeople. Ajax leaps toward the ogre with her hammer at the ready, hoping the force of gravity will help her to drive it into the beast. Her blow connects as she lands on the ogre’s shoulders, smashing his spine and killing him instantly. As he falls, Ajax slams her hammer into the tree to stop from falling, while Mina grabs hold with her arms. Although they are safe, the hand of the falling ogre drags down Mina’s bow.

- Mechano brings out his new Cryogenic Beam Cannon and levels it against one of the ogres. The strike connects, and the ogre is encased in ice, immobilizing it. Lucia bears down on the ogre with a tremendous attack, smashing it into fragments. Bloody remains of the ogre sprinkle down like snow.

Lucia: If that wasn’t so violent, I’d say we have a possible future in the entertainment business…
Mechano: Possible? No, I’m taking this on the road!

- The remaining ogre tears an elf in half. Hoping to catch him off-guard, Ajax rushes him in the back. However, he notices the attack coming, and counterattacks, pushing Ajax over the railing. Leveraging her strength, she tries to bring the ogre down with her, and both of them fall.

- Eleforah, tossing off his cloak, dives after Ajax and tosses a grappling hook to her. The hook smacks her in the face, but she manages to grab hold. With a fancy twirling maneuver, Eleforah pulls her up. The final ogre falls to its doom, petulantly screaming “I hate you!”

- It turns out the elf who was torn in half was actually a mannequin!

- Eleforah again offers his services to the party, at full price. We agree to hire him, splitting the cost four ways.

- With the town safe, we return to the giant party. Mina makes good on her promise to Robutler to perform in a play with him… and Mechano lets the Minioids join in, too. Robutler knows all the classics— and, incidentally, so does Mina. Bards learn them as a matter of course, and her mentor, Alan, had taught them to her. They decide to put on a play about the very first royal knights, who protected the kingdom in its infancy. Mina knows, however, that such plays aren’t appropriate entertainment for a modern audience… so she decides to turn it into a musical! In fact, she turns many of the classical poems in the play into raps.

- The play was highly improvised, still very very rough, but it still went over well enough. A noble elf in fancy clothing, impressed by the modern take on a classic, tells Mina about the “Roving Ravers”, a group of bards who are focused on innovation and bucking tradition. They were last seen heading back to Wilde’s Haven. Although they do roam around, their schedule is predictable, and the elf gives Mina a piece of paper with a tour list. After Mina thanks him, he introduces himself as Brad.

- Mechano visits the local pyromancer to procure more crystals. The pyromancer is (somewhat creepily) delighted to find another “friend of fire”, and offers to sell the crystals to him at 30 coins a piece. Mechano tries to barter for lower prices, but the pyromancer needs assurance that he’ll be careful with the things. Mechano does a terrible job pretending he’s good with safety. He does, however, amuse him, and is able to buy two crystals for 20 coins… But as the elf is giving him the crystals, he grasps Mechano’s hand and slams it to the table, and starts speaking an incantation. He puts a geas on Mechano— the Pyromatic Curse. The pyromancer tells Mechano that he must retrieve the Sacred Flame that lies hidden in the forest, and that he will surely die in a fiery conflagration if he does not complete this task. Enraged, Mechano vows revenge on the shopkeeper.

- Knowing nothing of this, Ajax and Mina go down to retrieve Mina’s bow. They easily find the ogre corpse, which is being picked at by scavengers.

Ajax: Hey, Mina, I guess you could say that one was ogre-killed!
Mina: …I think maybe we should leave the puns to Mechano.

- Mechano begs Lucia to save him from the curse. Lucia says she is unable to lift the curse herself, but dedicates herself to helping him find the Sacred Flame in order to fulfill its terms. She swears an oath that she will do this, and gains protection from fire and an unwavering sense of direction toward the Flame. She also takes a vow of hospitality, requiring her to provide comfort to those in need, regardless of who they are.

Mechano: Robutler, if I don’t make it through this… I want you to be my pallbearer, so you can let me down one last time.

- Mina finds her bow, but the string is snapped. She also finds a bag, and inside, she finds (aside from refuse and meat), a chest. Inside, she finds platinum coins worth 1,000 gold! It was definitely stolen. The chest itself is very ornate, and is worth 200 coins in and of itself. It has a similar design to the hilt of Mina’s sword, with vines and plants in silver binding— very Celtic-esque design. But in spite of the elven design, the box is made of stone…

- Ajax is able to identify the stone as coming from mountains north of the forest, where the orcs live. Mina considers sending a letter to Go’Zal to see if she knows anything, but doubts that she can convey such a complex concept given Go’Zal’s rudimentary reading skills. So instead, she draws a comic depicting the events of finding the chest, including a detailed drawing of the chest itself.

Session 7
Mystery of the Broken Oath

Session 7 – 2/4/2015
(Logged by: Jeff)

- Mina rushes to comfort Ajax, who is shaken, but steadfast. Lucia voices concern too, but Ajax insists to move on with their mission.

- The party resumes east, not needing to use rations. All goes well to the river.

- They arrive at the enormous waterfall, The Riverrun Falls, where Alderick met the Timbermare 700 years ago. They wonder aloud how to meet the Timbermare, with Ajax explaining it came to Alderick. Mechano consults Robutler for ideas.

- One way to summon the Timbermare is to earn its ire (which Mina and Ajax consider a terrible idea). The Timbermare is a deity-like entity, worshiped by local druids and naturalists. Legend holds it’s essence is tied to the forest, some argue it’s tied to all forests. The Timbermare’s presence makes the Wilde Wood unable to be tamed.

- Another way to summon it is from a bond to the Timbermare itself – the only means of which we have is Ajax’s family axe.
Mechano pries how Robutler even knew this. Robutler admits he reads lots of books, and study large database. Mina invites him to star in a play with her, Mechano groans in disapproval.

- Mechano jokes about defiling the forest with the axe. Ajax disagrees. She presents the axe to the falls, causing nothing to happen. Robutler eggs her on and she tries to speak.

Ajax: In the name of Alderick… I, uh… invoke the, um, oath… made… by… um… you.
Mechano: Great wordsmanship there.
Lucia: You’re fine. It was a spirited attempt.

- The wooden handle of the axe bursts, the wooden splinters and bits shatter, injuring her mildly as the axe head falls to the ground.

- Mina shouts at the axe blade, saying that it’d best have a good explanation for what happened. Mechano rushes to Ajax and helps bandaging her up.

- A massive shape, all black, emerges from the falls as a weird, unnatural light envelopes the area and roars in a deep, gutteral sound.

Mechano: Ready your weapons, everyone!
Ajax: I’d love to; I have a slight PROBLEM with that!
Mechano: Oh… yeah…

- The form splashes into the water, sending the water level rising up around them.

- Mechano attempts to surf over the water using his hover boots. And does!

- Lucia invokes her enchant weapon spell, imbuing the blade with magical power, then slashes the water. It works, cutting a path through the water, the sword’s aura pushes the water away from her.

- Mina foolishly tries to hold her ground against the water.

Ajax: Why are you doin’ that?!

(Note from Mina: That was so totally not an in character response! The real reason is because I panicked and couldn’t think of anything else to do!)

- Mina does this somehow. But though she keeps her footing, she sees Tiny Box Tim swept away!

- Mina dives after him, leaping into the water – deeply breathing in the water. She suffers a bit, but manages to retrieve Tim. The water in her mouth tastes putrid and awful.

- Ajax gets swept up into the waves and gets pulled closer to the river. Ajax notices how disgusting the water is. Drawn in close to the huge, black monster, she panics and tries to punch it. She does so with tremendous force as black goo splatters all over her, causing her severe pain, burning into her skin. She’s then kicked back by the beast, rolling onto the shoreline. She rises from the ground and the beast speaks, demanding to know how she knew about the axe. Ajax insists her lineage stems from Alderick in defiance of its terrifying form.

- The monster roars, challenging Ajax’s family’s failure to protect the forest. Ajax realizes in horror that she’s looking at the Timbermare. The monster freaks out and falls back into the river, screaming and roaring.

- A woman rushes the party, screaming for them to follow after her. Ajax protests, but soon gives in. The stranger begins to sing to the Corrupted Timbermare, which begins to quiet its wrath. Mina studies the song and remembers its melody, but the words are in a language she doesn’t recognize. The beast sinks back into the waterfall.

- Ajax demands answers, explaining she is of Alderick’s line. They take the time to study the woman, clad in camouflage. She’s very thin, with short hair. She’s of elvish descent.

- Mina pries about the song. The woman explains it is a fairy song, which soothes the Corrupted Timbermare’s agony. Mechano asks if she can control it.

- The elf, Elora, introduces herself as guardian of the wood. Elora explains something vile has happened in the forest. The fairies are turning against their comrades. A dark change is coming. Ajax volunteers to assist, due to her blood ties.

- Elora challenges Ajax’s legitimacy, so Ajax presents the axe-head. Elora explains that the Timbermare’s anger has become self-consuming.

Mechano: So, it’s just throwing a giant TIMBER-tantrum?!

- Elora explains the axe’s two pieces come from two different places. The axe handle was grown, not built, as were elven cities in the region. Elora offers her aid, but explains that they’d need to enlist the aid of the fairies, who haven’t been helpful to their allies as of late. The party agrees to seek them out, despite the fact it may not be easy.

Mechano: Never take anything a fairy says at face value! Funny enough, the one thing they aren’t is FAIR.

- Mina presents her fairy sheet music. After explaining where she got it from, Elora realizes Mina’s elven heritage. The party learns of the Sakura Elves, who often have pink hair and a strong oral tradition. Mina admits that her father didn’t speak much of his past.

- Elora explains of a giant tree in the forest, which leads to where the fairies live. It is said that the original tree was from whence the forest came. Ajax asks Mechano to consult Robutler, causing him to realize his robot assistant was missing since the fight. Robutler was hanging from a nearby tree branch, unharmed.

- The Mother Trees exist all around the world – every forest has one. The fairies planted them ages ago. Robutler explains fairies have terrible senses of direction and attention spans – and need landmarks to navigate. Robutler explains that they could seek out particular pattern that would point them to the Great Tree.

- Elora seems alarmed by Robutler. She mentions that having gadgets may be a bad idea. Mechano and Ajax protest, insisting their items come with them, intelligent and otherwise. After a very bizarre topic Tiny Box Tim sings. … Yeah, that happens.

- Mina asks about a weapon, in absence of Ajax’s axe. Elora then invites them to her homestead, claiming it’s only for Mina’s sake.

Mechano: Yeah, Ajax, you should probably rest. You don’t look so good.
Ajax: Yeah. Not gonna lie: that was the most painful thing to happen to me since… the last painful thing that happened to me. (Stupid beetles.)
Mechano: And you got some injuries too!

- Elora pries about Ajax’s candle. Ajax responds honestly and Elora mentions she has a strong tie to the planet and forests. Ajax doesn’t fully understand as no one in the family properly remembers what the Timbermare’s Oath is, specifically.

- Mina asks about Daelwyn. Elora mentions it sounds familiar, but she doesn’t know why. Mina mentions that he was some kind of royalty, but it doesn’t jog her memory.

- The town they arrive at seem grown, not built. The trees, branches and roots are entwined, forming roofs, walkways and paths. The lanterns give off a pure light, not like fire burning. Elora explains that she brings trustworthy people here, but any harm that befell on the town would be her responsibility.

- Ajax sets off to find a new weapon and armor. Ajax speaks to the local watch about new armor. The armor is out of her price range (again). She pries about weaponry. She finds a beautiful warhammer with a black head, colored rings and a long, steel shaft.

- The party goes to the town square, constructed where many, many trees lock together, but it has an open-air canopy. They decide to throw a very large party to get the people to them. Mechano is unable to find any gunpowder for fireworks. Mina finds kegs of elven wine at the winery. There, they make friendly with the winery keep and obtain a keg. They begin budgeting for the party…

Session 6
Trouble in the Wilde Woods

Session 6 – 1/26/2015
(Logged by Chris)

Bonus Attributes:

Mina: Constitution
Ajax: Intelligence
Lucia: Intelligence
Mechano: Strength

Mina’s Shopping Adventures
Mina performs for the celebration and is granted 50 coins in return. She heads back to Bjarni’s Bazaar, and asks him about where she might find a bag of holding. When she arrives, the young clerk is manning the counter instead of Bjarni; She asks about the bag of holding, and the clerk simply responds that they have bags and they do hold things. Mina explains that that isn’t what she’s looking for, and describes it as a bag that can hold anything with infinite space. The clerk remarks that it’d be great to have one; He could carry as many cakes as he wanted! Mina agrees, and thanks the clerk for his help.

Next, Mina returns to the armory and buys a hunter’s bow. She finds a nice bow made from wildwood oak. It reminds Mina of her father, who was a woodworker in the Wildwood Forest. She pays 100 coins for it, and then asks if the bow is elven-made, and the shopkeep says he isn’t sure but believes it is. It was originally purchased by an elf merchant, who was sponsored by a man named Cornelius. He doesn’t trust Cornelius because he is too short. Mina also sells her old bow for 8 coins. The armorer gives his name: Charlie Hooker, and Mina thanks him and leaves, slightly offended.

Arise, Mechanical Suit!
Meanwhile, Mechano is back at his laboratory, testing out his mechanical suit, which has horrible balance issues. He trips over himself repeatedly, causing his assistant Robutler to question his designs. Mechano snaps back that his designs are perfect, and that obviously the parts he bought in town are flawed. He remembers Queen Aruna owes him a favor, and heads to the castle – but first sends Robutler with a letter to Cornelius, inviting the gnome to his lab.

Mechano is met with Aruna’s young head artificer, Grel Baskin. Grel leads Mechano to the castle workshop, where Mechano begins taking parts to upgrade his mechanical suit.

Lucia and the Temple of Rah’Ama
Elsewhere, a woman approaches Lucia. She wears a robe bearing the mark of Rah’Ama, a sheathed sword. The woman looks at Lucia and says, “You are the champion who saved the princess…” Lucia is humble and unsure how to address her. The woman introduces herself as Freya. She says Lucia has the mark of the sacrificial guard upon her, and leads Lucia away to a quieter part of the town, into the temple of Rah’Ama.

Two people are in the temple, praying. She says, “Lucia, you should take something from the altar. You have sacrificed yourself, so you must take something. You have a choice… If you are in need of material things, take the coin; Of food, take the bread; But if you need something else, pray and receive something much deeper.” Freya leaves.

Lucia prays, not quite sure what to do. She zones out, taking in the sounds of the chanting. She feels a powerful warmth. She feels a burning on her arm. She sees the dragon tattoo that was placed upon her arm a week ago.

Someone calls Lucia’s name in the darkness of her mind. It’s a deep, soothing, relaxing voice. It repeats Lucia’s name. Lucia asks what the voice wants, and it answers, “You have chosen the same path that I chose in my mortal life. You’ve taken upon yourself two tasks – You have saved those who need protection by sacrificing yourself in battle. You also took upon the dragon tattoo, and with it, a great burden. Laid before you are choices – They determine where to go, what to experience, how much we understand ourselves. By your own choices, you’ve taken the same path as I. I open to you, the divine power that I can bestow upon you. But I talk to you through the veil of death, for even I am still doomed to the same failures only to rise again… Would you die countless times in every lifetime, to conintue down the path of sacrifice?” Lucia says that of course she would. She learns the dragon represents the double-edged sword; It directs great power outside, and within. The power bestows her with the power of warriors of legend, but she risks a piece of herself. Lucia takes on the mantle, rising as a leader and a figure of the path that Rah’Ama set out to do. She vows to sacrifice herself for the sake of the weak.

When she comes to, she realizes much time has passed, and seeks to find the others. Freya emerges and asks what Lucia has taken with her; Lucia responds, “I’ve taken upon some of Rah’Ama’s strength.” Freya says that she’s always had it, but just had to realize it. She gives Lucia a book, saying that these are some of the rites and prayers of the temple.

Lucia learns Bless, Magic Weapon, and Cure Light Wounds.

Rendezvous at the Castle
Lucia meets Mina and Ajax back at the castle. She catches them up on what she experienced. Mina sings Lucia a song about Rah’Ama.

Mechano soon emerges from the workshop and meets with the three of them, showing off his new suit. The group parts ways again as Mina goes to see her sister.

Mina and Kumari
Mina goes to see Princess Kumari. Mina asks Kumari about the old king, Raenar. Kumari remembers that at the time, the royal family was united. Mina asks about Kumari’s uncles. Kumari only knew one of them – Aran. She remembers him as a nice man, who wanted to show her things and let her see the world. She laments the feud, and her grandfather’s death.

Mina asks if Kumari knows anything about her father or other sisters; She does, thanks to Goomie. Kumari mentions in passing that Goomie knew where their father came from originally, which piques Mina’s interest. Their father comes from a far-away place; He was royalty, but rejected his royal life to live as an ordinary man.

Mechano vs. Cornelius
Mechano returns to his lab to meet Cornelius. Cornelius arrives with two beautiful women on each arm. He leaves them in Mechano’s common room to be entertained by Robutler, while he and Mechano talk in private.

Mechano bluffs to Cornelius about finding a time machine, and lies about the cultists betraying him. He tries to con Cornelius out of 1,000 coins for “excavation purposes,” but fails, merely getting the 150 coins from their prior arrangement.

Cornelius then offers Mechano a contract to be his partner, but Mechano arrogantly refuses, stating that he’ll accept Cornelius as a customer, but not as a partner, and certainly not as a boss. Cornelius thinks Mechano is joking at first, but then realizes he’s serious. He loses his jolly demeanor and vaguely threatens him, before Mechano yells at him to leave. Cornelius snees at him, leaving with his two associates, who’ve been bored out of their minds by Robutler’s classic poetry-reading. Mechano shouts at him to never come back. Mechano realizes that not only is a very powerful businessman angry with him, but that he’ll likely be furious once he finds out that he (unsuccessfully) tried to con him. He remarks to Robutler that they may have to pack up everything and leave town… again.

Trouble in the Wilde Woods!
Meanwhile, Mina and Kumari are still hanging out when Kumari seems to hear Goomie talking. She shows Mina a map of the kingdom and says that something is going on in the Wilde Woods. Kumari admonishes her to be careful, and Mina says that she has Ajax- but then remembers how beaten up she was during her last adventure. Nevertheless, Ajax’s ancestor was on good terms with the forest, and feels confident in it.

The next day, Mina meets with Ajax, Lucia, and Mechano (who has brought along Robutler), and tells them the bear says they need to go to Wilde’s Haven. Mechano looks nervous and is constantly looking over his shoulder for Cornelius’s goons. Robutler is introduced to the party, and is very cordial and polite in his introductions.

Ajax: Guess he got his manners from his mom’s side of the family.
Robutler: Oh, I was created in a lab by Dr. Mechano. I have no mother.
Ajax: …I know. It was a joke.

They head out. Ajax remembers a traumatic experience from her childhood, remembering the shadowy wolf monsters that inhabit the dark. When she was only a child, she was attacked by monsters on the road to Sun’s Peak, and her parents suffered fatal wounds protecting her. The party reaches the torchlit town of Wilde’s Haven.

Wilde’s Haven is less noisy and crowded than Sun’s Peak. There are more guards than the last time Mina was here though. The elders and warriors seem more tense. Mina can’t tell exactly what the source of tension is.

Elmira’s Request
Mina meets with an old woman who she has met before, and asks her what she knows about the forest. She’s the cranky old lady, Elmira. Her mood perks up considerably once she realizes it’s Mina though, and she invites her and her friends inside. Elmira casually mentions monsters in the woods, which makes Ajax uncomfortable. Animals have been going berserk, attacking people for no good reason. The fairies may be responsible. She gets tea and cakes for the party, but then asks if they could fetch a particular weed from the forest for her.

Elmira: You’re all such strapping young ladies, and sir, and… thing?
Ajax: Come on, don’t say that about the doctor!
Mechano: Hey!

The weed is known as wackilus, or more commonly, pixie leaf. It grows in moose urine, and gives off the foulest odor. However, it has healing properties, and she offers to reward the party for finding it.

Mina asks about the Timbermare, and Elmira asks how they know of such a thing. Ajax brings up that she descends from Sir Alderick, who made an oath with the forest spirit.

Elmira (about the Timbermare): I didn’t even think it was real, but I knew it was real!

Elmira asks what led to them seeking out the forest spirit, and Mina mentions that a bear told her of the disturbances in the woods.

Elmira: A bear told you to? Mina, you have the craziest adventures!
Ajax and Mechano (in unision): You don’t know the half of it.

The team heads into the woods. On this perilous journey, Mina is quartermaster, Ajax is scout, and Lucia is trailblazer.

The team gets lost. Mina pulls out a compass. But then the group hears howling. It’s the wolves.

BATTLE: Shadow Wolves
Mechano uses up a charge, revving up his mechanical suit to make a loud piercing noise back at the wolves.

The wolf asks, “Who are you?” Mina shoots back, “Who are you?”

The voices speak in unison and saying they call upon all the elements, but tonight they call upon the element of night.

Suddenly, the shadowy wolves attack Ajax, who raises her shield.

Ajax drops her candle and blocks. She’s pushed back.

Two of the wolves go for the candle.

Mina sees how shaken Ajax is, and sings her Song of Battle and Fairy Jig to bolster her.

Lucia hacks and slashes at the wolves who are going after the candle. She kicks them out of the way toward Ajax.

Mechano throws down one of his Pyromatic Explosion Flasks, creating a big explosion that engulfs the wolves in flames.

Seizing the opportunity, Ajax shrieks loudly and brings down her ax. She cleaves it in half, and hits the next one with the same swing, cleaving its head right off.

Lucia tries to set up another attack, but is caught off guard by the wolves utilizing teamwork, and takes a blow.

Ajax sees that the wolves are trying to leave the vicinity of the circle. She tries to pursue, but they escape into the darkness.


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